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European Russia
First posted on April 10th 2008

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History and Administrative Division . Saratov Kray was established in 1934, carved out of the Lower Volga Oblast (Nizhevolskaya Oblast). In 1936 Saratov Kray was elevated to status of Saratov Oblast. Most of the territory of the Volga German ASSR was annexed in 1941; the administrative organization of the districts of the former Volga German ASSR dissolved and new district borders drawn; the present districts Krasnoarmeisk, Rovnoye, Engels, Piterka, Novouzensk, Alexandrov Gai, Stepnoe, Fyodorovka, Yershov, Dergachi, Gorny, Balakovo largely correspond to the territory of the Saratov Oblast share of the dissolved Volga German ASSR.
In 1954 Saratov Oblast ceded Romanovka, Turki, Ritishchevo, Arkadak, Balashov, Samoilovka, Kalininsk and Ekaterinovka Districts to newly created Balashov Oblast. When the latter was dissolved in 1957, the pre-1954 borders were reestablished; since 1957, Saratov Oblast saw no more border change. Saratov Oblast borders on Volgograd Oblast (until 1961 Stalingrad Oblast) in the south, on Voronezh and Tambov Oblast in the west, on Penza, Ulyanovsk and Samara Oblast in the north and on Orenburg Oblast and Kazakhstan in the east.

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