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Astrakhan Gubernia Stavropol Gubernia
First posted on September 16th 2010

The first Cossacks had moved into the region in 1520. By the end of the 16th century, the band of (independent) Terek Cossacks was strong enough to launch campaigns against the Ottoman Empire. In 1720 the Russian Empire established control over the Terek Cossacks. In the later 18th century, more Cossacks from the Don and Dnepr regions were moved into the area, and Russia began a policy of expansion. In 1860 the Terek Cossack Host was formed; in 1869 Terek Oblast, capital Vladikavkaz, as part of the Governorate General of the Caucasus.
In 1921 Terek Oblast was divided in Terek Governorate and the Mountain Republic (the latter existing since 1917, now transformed into a Communist entity). In 1922 the Chechen AO seceded and territory was ceded to Dagestan; in 1924 the remainder was partitioned into the North Ossetian AO and the Ingushetian AO.

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