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Muscovy USSR
First posted on August 24th 2006, last revised on October 21st 2010

In 1547, Grand Duke Ivan of Muscovy, called the Great in Russia and the Terrible in the West, had himself crowned Czar (Tsar) of all the Russias. This marks the beginning of the Russian Empire.
Contemporary western sources, however, continue to use the term "Muscovy" up to the time of Peter the Great.

The Rurikid Dynasty ended with Peter the Great (1584) and was followed by the Time of Troubles, which ended with the coronation of Mikhail Romanov and the beginning of the Romanov Dynasty in 1613.
Peter the Great (1696-1725) opened up Russia to the west, built the new capital of St. Petersburg, established a mining and shipbuilding industry, a modern army and navy. Further progress was made under Elizabeth (1741-1762) and Catherine II. (1762-1796). Under Catherine II., Russia expanded considerably, gaining territory on the south coast (modern Ukraine) and in the Polish Partitions (modern Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine).
From the Napoleonic Wars Russia emerged as one of Europe's leading powers; the Russian Empire had huge size and population, a strong army - and a weak, backward economy, falling behind as other European economies underwent fast development during the early phase of the Industrial Revolution. During the Crimean War 1853-1856 Russia's backwardness became apparent. Czar Alexander II. implemented reforms such as the liberation of the serfs 1861, the introduction of regional autonomy (zemstvo).
In the later 19th century, Russia entered a period of strong economic development. At the same time, nationalism emerged, zealots among Russian patriots pushing for the Russification of the country's ethnic minorities, while ethnic minorities strove for increased autonomy or independence. Russia's Czars ruled autocratically; in the population the desire to participate in the political process rose, and when attempts to move toward a constitutional monarchy remained futile, resulted in Nihilism (Russian anarchist terrorism). The Russian defeat in the Russo-Japanese War 1905 caused the Revolution of 1905, laying open the political, economic and social dissatisfaction of many significant elements of the Empire's population. While a parliament (the Duma) was introduced in 1905 and political parties were permitted, this did not bring about a solution. Russia entered WW I hoping this would lead to the people rallying to the flag, distract from political unrest; but as the success hoped for did not materialize, as the war dragged on, as living conditions worsened, the February and October Revolutions of 1917 resulted in the termination of the Russian Empire.
Successor States : RSFSR, Belarus, Ukraine, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland

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For earlier history, see Grand Duchy of Muscovy, Kazan Khanate 1438-1552

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History of Regions of the Russian Empire : European Russia, Congress Poland, Finland, Lithuania, Siberia, Russian Central Asia

Governments and Oblasts : Arkhangelsk, Astrakhan, Baku, Bessarabia, Black Sea District, Chernigov, Cossacks of the Black Sea, Courland, Derbent / Dagestan, Don, Ekaterinoslav, Elizabetpol, Erivan, Estonia, Grodno, Kaluga, Kars, Kazan, Kharkov, Kherson, Kiev, Kostroma, Kovno, Kuban, Kursk, Kutais, Livland, Minsk, Mogilev, Moscow, Nizhni-Novgorod, Novgorod, Olonets, Oryol, Orenburg, Penza, Perm, Podolia, Poltava, Pskov, Ryazan, Samara, Sankt Petersburg, Saratov, Simbirsk, Smolensk, Stavropol, Taganrog, Tambov, Taurida, Terek, Tiflis, Tula, Tver, Ufa, Vyatka, Vilna, Vitebsk, Vladimir, Volhynia, Vologda, Voronezh, Yaroslavl

Students' Paper : Jung, Changwoo, A Comparison of the Mining and Metallurgic Industry in Germany, Japan, Russia, the U.S, and Chile 1850-1950 (2011)
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