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First posted on April 16th 2002, last revised on January 13th 2009

Ukraine since 1991

Ukraine 1985-1991 . USSR
Ukraine 1964-1985 . USSR
Ukraine 1956-1964 . USSR
Ukraine 1944-1956 . USSR
Ukraine 1941-1944 . USSR
Ukraine 1922-1941 . USSR
Ukraine 1917-1921

for earlier history, see Russian Empire

Russian Empire Governorates : Bessarabia, Chernigov, Ekaterinoslav, Kharkov, Kherson, Kiev, Podolia, Poltava, Taurida, Volhynia

The Cossacks, 19th Century
Potemkin's Villages
Ruthenia 1667-1795 .. The Cossacks, 17th and 18th Centuries
The Cossacks, 16th Century

see also : History of the Crimea

Historic Encyclopedias on Little Russians, 1854-1904, Cossacks 1809-1904, on Ukraine 1809-1920

Timelines : Blue / Golden Horde, Crimean Tatars, Russian Crimea
Historical Atlas : Blue / Golden Horde, Crimean Tatars

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Ukraine, hindsight
Ukraine, contemporary
detail, hindsight
detail, contemporary
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