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First posted on June 17th 2002, last revised on November 28th 2013

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For the country's earlier history, see History of the Viceroyalty of Peru, History of the Viceroyalty of la Plata
1559-1825 . 1825-1839 . 1839-1879 . 1879-1918 . 1918-1945 . 1945-1964 . 1964-1985 . since 1985

Alto Peru, 1559-1825
In 1559, the Audiencia of Charcas was established, until 1776 subject to the Viceroyalty of Peru, since then to the Viceroyalty of La Plata. Early in the 19th century, the area remained under Spanish control, until Bolivar's independence fighters gained control of it in 1824, in the Battle of Ayacucho.

Bolivia, 1825-1839
The nation at first was dominated by foreign politicians - Simon Bolivar, after whom the republic was named, personally drafted the constitution. His fellow Venezuelan Gen. Sucre became the first president. Gen. Andres Santa Cruz in 1836 invaded Peru and took control of it, establishing a Bolivian-Peruvian Confederation. Chile percieved this as a threat and went to war against the young federation, defeating it in 1839 in the Battle of Yungay. The confederation was broken up.

Bolivia, 1840-1870
Bolivia geographically was divided in 4 regions - the central highland, the stretch of Atacama desert on the coast, its share in the Chaco and it's share in the lowlands of Amazonia. Communications were poor, best in the highland the mineral wealth of which had been exploited by the Spanish for centuries. Now the mineral wealth of the Atacama province was of importance. The mining concessions were given to Chileans.
A last Peruvian invasion was defeated in 1841, at last establishing Bolivian independence as a fact. Yet, the republic was not stabilized; frequently, coups d'etat were staged, although many of them failed. Bolivia became notorious for coups d'etat. Presidents tended to rule dictatorial, by decree. In 1867 a treaty was signed with Brazil, fixing the border between the two countries. The treaty allocated the territory of Acre to Bolivia.

Bolivia 1879-1918
In 1879, war broke out with Chile over Bolivia's Atacama province, the nitrate mineral sources of which were exploited by a Chilean company. Bolivia and its ally Peru were defeated, and Chile annexed the entire coastal province. Bolivia now had lost it's access to the Pacific Ocean, became landlocked.
The war had ruined the state finances, partially because dictator Daza, responsible for the war, when ousted, fled the country, taking much of the state treasury with him.
During the decades between 1820 and 1920, the country saw a succession of democratically elected governments, in which the conservative and liberal parties dominated. In Bolivian democracy, the Spanish-speaking minority dominated; the Indios speaking Quechua (or other languages) hardly participated in the process. The Conservatives ruled 1880-1899, the Liberals since 1899. Bolivia went through a period of (relative) political stability, economic development (extension of the railroad network) and moderate prosperity.
In 1899, Acre Free State was proclaimed, partially on Bolivian territory (Amazon rain forest, economically interesting because of rubber). In the Treaty of Petropolis 1903, Bolivia, Peru and Brazil agreed on partitioning Acre Free State. The larger share, with capital Acre, went to Brazil. In effect, Bolivia had lost most of it's northern Amazon rain forest claim, an area hitherto largely neglected. In 1904, Bolivia and Chile signed the Treaty of Friendship, in which Bolivia recognized the Chilean annexion of the Atacama province (1883).
In 1905, Bolivia's capital was moved from Sucre to La Paz; the nation's supreme court remained in Sucre. Tin mining boomed, profiting from an improved railroad network. Due to the opening of Bolivia's economy to foreign investment, much of Bolivia's industry was in foreign ownership.
Late in World War I, Bolivia joined the Entente, a decision without any impact on the outcome of the war, as the landlocked country did not dispatch any combat troops.

Bolivia 1918-1945
In 1920 Bolivia became one of the founding members of the League of Nations. After World War I, Bolivia hired a number of German officers as advisors to it's armed forces. The country's politics was now dominated by the Republican Party. It faced economically difficult times, which took a serious turn to the worse in the Great Depression.
Striving to gain a port on the Paraguay River (which would mean access to the Atlantic Ocean) as an outlet for the Bolivian Chaco's oil exploited by Standard Oil, Bolivia went to war with it's neighbour Paraguay in 1932 (the Chaco War). The Bolivian army was trained by Germans, among them Ernst Röhm.
Unexpectedly, Bolivia was defeated, as Bolivia's highland soldiers had a hard time getting accustomed to the lowland climate, the supply lines were too long and the Paraguayans felt more comfortable in the environment. In 1935 a truce was agreed upon; Bolivia had lost almost it's entire Chaco province. After the Chaco War, a new generation of politicians took power. The country's oil fields, owned by Standard Oil of New Jersey, were nationalized by president Jose David Toro in 1937. His successor German Busch Becerra established Latin America's first modern-style totalitarian dictatorship; of German ancestry, he had both Nazi and Marxist advisers and was anti international business, an isolationist and xenophobe. Unter him the country's first Labour Code was passed.
In 1943, during World War II, Bolivia declared war on the Axis powers.

Bolivia 1945-1964
Violence - coups d'etat, rioting mobs, assassinations - played an important role in Bolivian politics after 1945, overshadowing a continuous democratic process. The army continued to be a critical political factor.
With the economy deteriorating (declining exports; strained relations with the U.S.A.), the social problem became more and more acute, as numerous attempts to pursue an agrarian reform had not materialized and the nation's farmland was still owned by a small share of the population, Spanish speaking, while the large majority was landless. In 1952 the MNR (Nationalist Revolutionary Movement) seized power in a coup. A land reform was now implemented, forced labour finally abolished, some land distributed to 150,000 Indios. Universal suffrage was introduced, including women. The railways and mines were nationalized (the railways previously having been British-owned). In 1956 US company Gulf Oil began to invest in Bolivia (the nationalization of the oil industry in 1937 was an economic failure) and soon became the country's largest foreign-owned business.
In the eyes of many, the reforms did not go far enough. Radicals advocated a revolution with the aim of setting up a socialist system; they received help from the outside, especially Cuba, which sent Ernesto Che Guevara, who died in 1967. In foreign eyes, Bolivia's policy of nationalization, often at the expense of foreign ownership, ruined trust in Bolivia. Thus the country found it difficult to obtain loans badly needed. With exports continuing to be low, the consequence was hyperinflation. In 1952, the US Dollar was equal to 60 pesos, by 1956 it had fallen to 12.000 pesos. TIN was the dominant export product, Bolivia accounting for 25 % of world production.
In 1962 Bolivia broke off diplomatic relations with Chile; yet economic relations continued (Bolivia's exports and imports are facilitated mainly through the Chilean port of Arica). In 1964 Venezuela broke off diplomatic relations with Bolivia, in this way protesting the coup d'etat by General Barrientos. From 1964, military coups d'etat again played the dominant role in Bolivian politics.

Bolivia 1964-1985
Administration . A military coup in 1964 ended decades of democratically elected administrations; a military junta took over. Junta member Rene Barrientos held the presidency from 1966 to 1969, Juan Jose Torres 1970-1971, Hugo Banzer Suares 1971-1978, Luis Garcia Meza 1980-1981, Hernan Siles Zuazo 1982-1985. Frequently, changes in office were affected by coups, by the shifting support of political parties. Elections held in 1978, 1979 and 1980 failed to establish governments supported by a parliamentary majority.
Foreign Policy . Suspicions that the CIA was involved in the military coup of 1964 have not been confirmed. The growth of the drug economy in 1981-1982 has affected the country's international relations.
The Economy . Bolivia is among the poorest countries of Latin America, her population centers located on the Altiplano at an altitude which places severe restrictions on agricultural productions, the lower parts of Bolivia being covered by tropical rainforest and only thinly populated. Traditionally the backbone of Bolivia's economy is the mining industry. In 1964 Bolivia produced 150,000 metric tons of silver, in 1977 209,000, in 1985 111,000 (IHS p.348). In 1964 Bolivia produced 24,657 metric tons of tin, in 1977 33,740 metric tons, in 1985 16,136 metric tons (IHS p.349). Production of crude petrol rose from 428,000 metric tons in 1964 to 2.19 million metric tons in 1973, then declined to 917,000 metric tons in 1985 (IHS p.320), production of natural gas rose from 1 petajoule in 1971 to 85 petajoules in 1985 (IHS p.324).
When the military took power in 1964, prices roughly doubled per year; the inflation rate then was reduced, but remained at a worrying level, accelerating again in 1979, getting out of hand in 1982 (IHS pp.713-714).
Bolivia's exports depended on the output of the country's mines, where production was potentially threatened by actions taken by the labour unions. Under the Banzer administration, the labour unions pursued a moderate path, the output of the mining industry expanded, inflation was kept within limits. The frequent change of administrations after 1977 reflects the economic crisis caused by the decline to be observed in the output of the mining industry, in all products except for natural gas.
The brief Meza (1980-1981) administration is blamed for permitting the rapid expansion of the cultivation of coca, the production of cocaine.
Social History . Population estimates for Bolivia were 4.22 million in 1964, 5.47 million in 1974 and 5.89 million in 1985.

Bolivia since 1985
Administration . The presidency was held by Victor Paz Estenssoro 1985-1989, by Jaime Paz Zamora 1989-1993, by Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada 1993-1997, by Hugo Banzer 1997-2001, by Jorge Quiroga 2001-2002, by Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada 2002-2003, by Carlos Mesa 2003-2005, by Eduardo Rodriguez 2005-2006, by Evo Morales since 2006.
Foreign Policy . Bolivia was not among the founder nations of Mercosur. The country continued to depend on imports and exports through Chilean ports. The country's illegal drug economy affected relations with western countries pushing for energetic measures to suppress the trade.
Bolivia did not participate in the military coalitions liberating Kuwait in 1991, invading Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003. When President Morales came to power he announced that the country's gas industry was to be restructured; the matter was resolved in negotiations with neighbors Argentina and Brazil. FIFA's decision in 2007 to ban international games at an altitude over 2500 m caused President Morales to protest; FIFA's decision was modified, allowing such games to be held in many of the country's major cities.
The Economy . Bolivia is among the poorest countries of Latin America, her population centers located on the Altiplano at an altitude which places severe restrictions on agricultural productions, the lower parts of Bolivia being covered by tropical rainforest and only thinly populated. Traditionally the backbone of Bolivia's economy is the mining industry. In 1985 Bolivia prodiced 111,000 metric tons of silver, in 1998 404,000 tons (IHS p.348). In 1985 Bolivia produced 1985 16,136 metric tons of tin, in 1998 11,308 (IHS p.349). Production of crude petrol rose from 917,000 metric tons in 1985 to 1.49 million in 1997 (IHS p.320), production of natural gas rose from 85 petajoules in 1985 to 134 petajoules in 1997 (IHS p.324).
During late military rule, prices for tin, one of Bolivia's main export products, collapsed, and the country went through a period of hyperinflation. The regimes from Paz Estenssoro to Rodriguez pursued a neoliberal policy, hoping thus to improve the country's economy and solve the problems. Inflation decreased to less than 100 % by 1987, to less than 10 % by1997 (IHS p.714).
Social History . Population estimates for Bolivia were 5.89 million in 1985, 7.41 million in 1995 (Lahmeyer) and 9.11 million in 2007.

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