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First posted on June 17th 2002, last revised on November 28th 2013

History of Chile : Narrative . References : Online Secondary Sources . Online Primary Sources . Bibliographic and Print Sources

For the country's earlier history, see History of the Viceroyalty of Peru, History of the Viceroyalty of la Plata
Until 1826 . 1826-1870 . 1870-1918 . 1918-1945 . 1945-1973 . 1973-1989 . Since 1989

Colonial Chile, until 1826 . Chile was part of the Spanish Viceroyalty of Peru (capital Lima). When the Viceroyalty of the Rio de la Plata was carved out of the Viceroyalty of Peru in 1776, Central Chile remained part of the Viceroyalty of Peru, while parts of northern Chile were allocated to the new Viceroyalty of the Rio de la Plata. Southern Chile had never effectively come under Spanish rule; here the Mapuche lived in freedom.

1826-1870 . Chile's struggle for independence began in 1810. Spanish rule had temporarily been reestablished in 1814; then the independence fighters gained the upper hand in 1817/18. Independence was proclaimed by Bernard O'Higgins in 1818, the republic's first president (1818-1823). The Spanish held the island of Chiloe until 1826; with Chiloe's surrender, Chile's independence, militarily, finally was secured. Portugal was the first European government to recognize Chile's independence (1821); France followed in 1830, Spain in 1844.
Only days after the Battle of Rancagua (1817) Bernardo O'Higgins founded the Chilean Military Academy, and within short the young Chilean Republic had an army, and not much later a navy, which played a crucial role in defeating the Spanish. A constitution was passed in 1822. Slavery was abolished in 1823 (there were only a few thousand slaves in the country).
In an effort to reduce the hold of the Catholic church on Chilean society, the bishop of Santiago was banished twice (1817, 1824); property of religious orders was confiscated. The University of Chile (at Santiago) was founded in 1842 (the Univ. of San Felipe, founded in 1758, had been abolished in 1839).
In the 1840es, settlement in the area around Valdivia and Osorno was intensified, many of the settlers originating from Germany. The city of Punta Arenas on the Magellan Straits, opposing Fireland, was founded as a penal colony in 1843, a strategic outpost to justify Chile's claim on the Magellan Straits.
The Economy . The opening of Chile, and all of South America, to international trade had a number of consequences : The trade with Spain soon was reduced to insignificance, the cross-Andes trade declined, the export market of Peru (Chilean grain) was lost. Yet overall exports and imports increased, Great Britain being the most important partner, copper and silver among the leading export products. Port cities such as Valparaiso boomed.
Chile's economy continued to depend on exports. In order to encourage the development of a native Chilean industry, the administration pursued a protectionist (neo-mercantilist) policy, based on high import tariffs. Only in the 1850es was the neo-mercantilist economic philosophy challenged by advocates of a free trade policy. Import tariffs were the Chilean state's major source of revenue; taxation amounted to less, the vast majority of the population being poor, the best land still concentrated in the hands of a few families.
Chile's economy still had the structure of a colonial economy, being the supplier of agricultural products and minerals; the only industry to rise under neo-mercantilist protection was merchant shipping and trade. In colonial times, Lima had functioned as an entrepot for Chilean trade; now, Valparaiso had become an entrepot for Peruvian trade. All machinery had to be imported; engineers, medical doctors, specialist technicians working in Chile often were foreigners. The country depended on imports, especially from Britain, where most foreign loans were obtained.
Santiago de Chile became the capital, in a centralist republic, Concepcion, long a rival to Santiago, now was reduced to a provincial capital. The population of the city increased steadily.
Developments . In 1823 O'Higgins was compelled to resign and the initial period of dictatorship was thus terminated; O'Higgins went into exile to Peru, where he died in 1842.
New constitutions were passed in 1823, 1828 and 1833, the 1820es were a period of political instability, federalists and unitarians, conservatives and liberals arguing over the best system of government, scheming and intriguing. Yet, unlike other South American republics, Chile was spared protracted, full-scale civil war. The constitution of 1833 brought a period of political stability; it concentrated much power in the hand of the president; strangely the strongman of Chile at the time of the adaptation, Diego Portales, did not seek political office himself and ruled through others; the political stability was achieved by election engineering. Voting right was limited to holders of property, with an additional literacy qualification. When Andres de Santa Cruz established a Bolivian-Peruvian confederation (1836), Chile regarded this a threat. Relations with Peru had already been strained over trade issues, and the invasion of Chilean exile insurgents from Peruvian territory provided the casus belli; Chile defeated the combined Peruvian and Bolivian armies in the BATTLE OF YUNGAY (1839), forcing the confederation to be broken up.
In 1857, Chile's major parties - the Liberals (PL), Conservatives (PC) and Nationals (PN) were established.
In 1864-1866 the country found itself at war with Spain, yet the Spanish navy did not accomplish anything.

1870-1918 . In 1879, Bolivian dictator Hilarion Daza raised the taxes to be paid by Chilean enterprises exploiting nitrate deposits in Bolivia's Atacama province, thus unilaterally breaking an agreement with Chile. Chile declared war over the issue (1879-1883) and easily defeated both the Bolivian army and the Peruvian army coming to Bolivia's assistance. Chile annexed Bolivia's Atacama province as well as Peru's Arica province, and occupying Peru's Tacna and Tarata (which it kept until 1929). In 1888, Chile annexed Easter Island.
In the 1880es, the Chilean army turned on the Mapuche and Araucanian Indians in Patagonia, establishing control over it's share of Patagonia; the Indian wars ended in 1883. In 1891 Chile went through a short civil war, an exception in the country's long history of peaceful democratic transition of power. In 1912 the Chilean Communist Party was founded, the oldest of her kind.
Chile, with a community of ca. 30.000 immigrants, remained neutral throughout World War I. In 1915, a squadron of German cruisers, in an attempt to return to Germany from the Pacific, was hunted by the British Navy off the Chilean coast. The Dresden sunk in battle off the Juan Fernandez Islands on March 14th 1915.
Until World War I, Chile was the world's leading supplier of Saltpetre (nitrates used both for the production of explosives, and as fertilizer). German industry and agriculture soon found itself cut off from Chilean supplies by the British Blockade. Chile pursued a course of neutrality; in Chile, political sentiment favoured Germany.
During the war, demand for Chilean exports (nitrates, copper etc.) increased. Yet German wartime Esatzstoffforschung (replacement material research) lead to the invention of synthetical fertilizer and thus in the long turn was to cause a decline in Chilean exports.

1918-1945 . President Arturo Alessandri Palma (1920-1924) was the first member pf the Radical Party in that office; he separated church and state, introduced income tax, pushed through social reforms and issued a labour code. Under one of his successors, Ibanez, the Chilean government borrowed huge amounts of money from foreign banks, piling up a huge debt, which would be a legacy for generations of Chileans.
Chile passed a new constitution in 1925, which lasted until 1973. The 1920es and early 1930es were marked by a severe political crisis, reflecting the economic crisis; cabinets were shortlived, the year 1932 saw 6 presidents, one of them in office twice. Chile's exports, especially those of Saltpetre, declined, partially due to the worldwide economic crisis, partially due to German wartime research which had lead to the invention of synthetic gunpowder and fertilizer, thus reducing the demand for this Chilean export product.
In 1929 the provinces of Tacna and Tarata, which Chile had held since 1883, were returned to Peru and relations to this neighbour country were finally normalized.
After a 1931 "Socialist Republic of Chile" had lasted only 12 days, the Popular Front, consisting of Radicals, Socialists and Communists, won the election of 1938, Radical Aguirre Cerda becoming president (1938-1944). An earthquake in 1939 killed c. 25,000. During World War II, Chile broke up diplomatic relations with Germany, Italy and Japan in 1943 and declared war on Japan in 1945, without dispatching combat forces. There were several small Nazi parties in Chile.
In 1945 the Nobel Prize for Literature was awarded to Chilean poet Gabriela Mistral.

1945-1973 . Chile seems somewhat run-down at the edges, dispirited by inflation and, in a peculiar way, short on vitality, but it has a keen intellectual urbanity and sophistication. The electorate is urbane and responsible. The army plays no role whatever in political life. There has been no revolution since the early 1930's. .. Gunther 1964b p.257
In 1949 voting right was granted to women.
President VIDELA, who ruled 1946-1948 with the support of the communists, outlawed his former coalition partner in 1948. During the 1950es and 1960es the country experienced growing inflation and a number of attempts for social reform. The Communist Party was legalized again in 1958. The large gap betweem landholding oligarchy and landless peasantry continued to be a major problem in Chilean society. In an unusual pastoral letter, Cardinal Raul Silva Henriquez, Primate of Chile, in 1961 urged land reform - and donated 50,000 acres of church-oened farmland to poor tenants. The hope for a deeper going reform brought to power in 1970 the Popular Unity coalition in 1970, lead by president Salvador Allende Goossens. Under his administration Chile attempted to introduce a socialist system.
In 1973, a coup d'etat ended the socialist experiment. Allende was shot while working at his desk. Thousands of socialists and communists, as well as persons suspected to be socialists or communists, were arrested, held prisoner in Santiago's soccer stadium, mostly never to be heard of again. Many Chileans fled the country, seeking asylum elsewhere, some of them in the socialist countries of Eastern Europe. The CIA actively supported the coup.

1973-1989 . In a 1973 coup supported by the CIA, the Chilean military ousted the democratically elected government headed by Salvador Allende. General Augusto Pinochet was installed as president and ruled dictatorially until 1989. Many Chileans with liberal or leftist sympathies were arrested, as the military justified the coup with the alleged threat of a Communist takeover (as the Communists had been a junior partner in the ousted government, this made little sense). Many of those arrested were never seen again; the authorities used a.o. torture. Many Chileans fled into exile, among others to East Germany.
Santiago's soccer stadium was used to hold many of the political prisoners, many of whom vanished. When the Soviet soccer team was to play a qualifier for the 1974 World Cup in the stadium against host Chile, the Soviet team did not show up, rejecting to play in a place where human rights had been abused; Chile thus qualified for the cup.
World opinion held Pinochet responsible for the atrocities; during the 1970es, his anti-Communist stand ensured him the support of the United States, which continued under the Reagan presidency. With the Cold War deescalating in the latter half of the 1980es, the hold of the military over Chilean society seemed less secure. In 1989 Pinochet resigned.
During the Allende years, the U.S. had dumped their copper reserves on the market, and succeeded in, by drastically reducing the world market price for copper (Chile's main export product), triggered rising inflation in Chile; this inflationcontinued throughout the 1970es, only slowing down in the early 1980es, again accelerating in 1985 (IHS pp.641-642). Chile's copper exports rose from 728,000 metric tons in 1973 to 1,628,000 metric tons in 1989 (IHS p.335). Chile's wines enjoyed rising popularity abroad.

Since 1989 . Administration . In 1989 Chile saw the first democratic elections since 1970. The Concertacion, a broad coalition of democratic parties (Christian Democrats, Socialists, Radical Social Democrats and the Party for Democracy) won the election and was to dominate Chile for more than a decade. The presidency was held by Patricio Aylwin (Christian Democrat, 1990-1994), Eduardo Frei (Christian Democrat, 1994-2000), Ricardo Lagos (Socialist, 2000-2006). In the 2006 presidential election Socialist Michelle Bachelet defeated the Concertation candidate, and assumed the presidency (2006-).
Foreign Policy . Chile joined Mercosur in 1991. Chile did not participate in the military coalitions liberating Kuwait in 1991, invading Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003.

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Others History of Chile Vegetarian Societies, from IVU

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Filmmaking in Chile, from This is Chile
P. Guzman, The Battle of Chile, 1998, Icarus Films
N. White, Chile, the other 9/11, BBC 4
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Supplement to Commerce reports : daily consular and trade reports issued by the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce, Department of Commerce : Chile : June 6 1916, Nov. 10 1916, IA
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Document Surveys The citizen's appeal to the European Parliament : Petitions 1958-1979; Repression in Chile pp.34-35
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Articles Chile, Concepcion (Province), Valparaiso (Province), Linares, Bio-Bio, Talca, Malleco, Llanquihue, Atacama, Tarapaca, Aconcagua, Colchagua, Juan Fernandez Islands, Magellanes, Valparaiso (City), Concepcion (City), Santiago (City), Iquique, Antofagasta, Cobija, Coquimbo, La Serena, Chilean Civil War, Chile-Peruvian War, from EB 1911
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