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First posted on November 27th 2010

The territory of modern Venezuela was conquered by Spain in the early 16th century. Since the mid 16th century part of the Audiencia of Santo Domingo (Viceroyalty of New Spain). Between 1717 and 1777 the provinces of Caracas, Cumana, Guyana, Trinidad and Margarita were transferred from the Audiencia of Santo Domingo to the Viceroyalty of New Granada. The Captaincy General of Venezuela, with Caracas as capital, was established in 1777. In 1802 Spain ceded the island of Trinidad (to Britain. In 1823 Venezuela achieved independence as part of Gran Colombia; in 1830 Venezuela declared independence from the latter..

Provinces : Venezuela (Coro, Caracas, established 1526),
Trinidad (established 1532; in 1595 merged with Guyana to form Trinidad-Guyana),
Cumana (established 1568 by uniting New Andalucia and Paria; in 1633 New Catalonia was formed out of parts of Venezuela and New Andalucia, until 1777 under Audiencia of Santo Domingo),
Margarita (est. 1525),
Guyana (est. 1530, 1591-1731 formed united province of Trinidad de Guyana, 1731-1762 integrated into province of New Andalucia, 1762- Comandancia de Guyana, until 1786 under Bogota, since under Caracas,
La Grita established 1570; 1607 Merida annexed, 1676 Maracaibo (hitherto part of Venezuela) annexed, in 1777 placed under Audiencia de Santo Domingo, in 1786 Province of Barinas split off.

In pre-independence sources, Venezuela is often simply referred to as Terra Firma, of which it formed part.

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