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First posted on March 26th 2002, last revised on November 26th 2013

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For the country's earlier history, see History of the Viceroyalty of Peru.
1820-1830 . 1830-1870 . 1870-1918 . 1918-1945 . 1945-1970 . Since 1970

Ecuador during the fight for Independence and as part of Grand Colombia, 1820-1830 . Spanish conquest of the territory of modern Ecuador in the 1530es; establishment of the Royal Audiencia of Quito in 1563. From 1563 to 1717 and from 1723 to 1739 it was subordinate to the Viceroyalty of Peru, from 1717 to 1723 and from 1739 to 1822 to the Viceroyalty of New Granada.
The quest for independence from Spain began in 1820, when Esmeraldas was the first province to declare it; many other provinces soon followed. Most importantly, patriots gained control of Guayaquil that year. The Spanish held on to Quito and Ecuador became a battleground. Both old ties to New Granada and the desperate need for military support and leadership made the new authorities in Guayaquil appeal to Simon Bolivar, the president of newly independent Gran Colombia. In 1822 the revels in Ecuador joined the Republic of Gran Colombia
Ecuador now became the battleground in a war involving three parties, the Royalists (Spanish), the Argentinians under General San Martin, campaigning in/from Peru, and the Colombians commanded by Gen. Sucre. Quito was liberated in 1822; Bolivar annexed Quito and Guayaquil for Gran Colombia that year.
In 1824/25, the Spanish forces in Peru were decisively defeated. Meanwhile, Bolivar had imposed martial law over Ecuador, ruling with heavy hand. This causes an anti-Bolivarian rising in Lima/Peru. Rebel forces occupied parts of Ecuador. In 1829, Colombian troops under Sucre defeated the Peruvians, Colombian authority over Ecuador was restored.

Early Independence, 1830-1870 . While Ecuador was a battlefield, the political decisions were made by foreigners - Colombians, Spanish royalists, Peruvians. Bolivar and his staff, in order to finance/organize the struggle for independence, ordered taxation, enforced conscription, cantonment and severe punishments in case of violations. Soldiers excesses added to the suffering of the people.
When Bolivar's rule was challenged all over Gran Colombia in 1830, The Department of Quito, renaming itself Ecuador, followed Venezuela's example and declared independence from Gran Colombia. It was soon joined by Guayaquil and Cuenca. The independence was financed by British credits.
A new constitution was passed, reserving the right to vote for men with property and education. The Indios were declared wardens of the clergy. In 1832, the Galapagos islands were annexed.
Factional fighting continued, as unpaid troops, local administration chiefs pursued their own agenda. In addition, Ecuador found itself in a conflict with Peru over the countries' borders. Ecuador's civil war ended in 1836 with a victory of the Conventionales over the Restauradores; with Jose Vicente Rocafuerte Rodriguez assuming the presidency, independence (from Colombia) is finally secured. In 1840, Ecuador's independence was recognized by Spain.
The country still lacked political stability, The constitution was frequently changed (2nd, 1835, 3rd 1843, 4th 1845, 5th 1851, 6th 1852, 7th 1861, 8th 1869), the armed forces interfered in the democratic process by not recognizing presidential authority (1845, 1850), to which the invasion of mercenary troops lead by disgruntled Ecuadorian politicians (Flores 1852, Urbina 1865) and armed insurrections (1864) only added. War declared by Ecuador on Colombia in 1862 and 1863 (ending in two military defeats, without border changes) did not help either. Regarding the political structure of Ecuador, a dichotomy emerged, Quito becoming the center of the conservatives and Guayaquil the center of the iberals. Ecuador, caught in factional fighting, was the object of ambitious politicians, the political aims of whom were often difficult to separate from personal ones. The country lacked the belief in a common good, the willingness to invest trust in (other) politicians and in the constitution.
In 1832, the border to Colombia was fixed by treaty, Ecuador ceding territory north of the Carchi river. In 1853 Peru annexed the upper Amazon region, disputed by Ecuador.
In the 1830es, under president Rocafuerte, the state introduced a public education system. In Guayaquil, a steamship was built in 1840. Slavery was abolished in 1851. In 1857, cocoa production peaked.

1870-1918 . Political instability (assassination of Pres. Moreno 1875, a rebellion centering in Guayaquil, soon taking power, the 9th constitution passed in 1878, civil war in 1883, 10th constitution pased in 1884, revolution in 1885, again civil war 1895/96, 11th constitution passed in 1897, 1905 coup d'etat, 1906 civil war, 1906 12th constitution, revolution 1913) continued.
The border disputes with Peru, and less frequent, with Colombia, again and again turned into hot conflicts; many treaties being signed, no permanent solution was found and Ecuador's relation with Peru remained tense.
The years of troubles saw a frequent change in the policy toward the church, with the banishment, readmittance and again banishment of the Jesuit Order etc. In 1900, the Registry Office was introduced, taking this responsibility out of the hands of the church.
In 1884 a new currency was introduced, the Sucre (1 Sucre = 100 centavos), replacing the old Peso (1 Peso = 8 Reales). In 1907, Ecuador's economy suffers from a sharp fall in the price of cocoa (the country's major export product). In 1908, the railroad between Guayaquil and Quito began operation, rising from sea level (Guayaquil) to 2.800 m (Quito). In 1914, oil was found.
Late in World War I, Ecuador joined the Entente. No troops were dispatched.

1918-1945 . Political instability (Indian uprising 1923, revolution 1925, 13th constitution passed 1929, army rebellion 1931, civil war 1931/32, 14th constitution 1938, 1939 12th constitution reinstated, 1941/1942 war with Peru over border claims, 1944 army rebellion, 1945 15th constitution passed) continued.
In the 1920es, Ecuador's economy was in a crisis, effected by the crisis the world economy found itself in after World War I, a fungus attacking the cocoa tree affected production. Increased competition and the Great Depression further reduced the country's exports. In 1934 Ecuador introduced social security.
In 1942 Ecuador terminated diplomatic relations with the Axis Powers, permitted the U.S. to establish bases on Ecuadorian territory. German, Italian and Japanese nationals were detained, German etc. institutions closed down. Ecuador did not actively participate in the war overseas. The border conflict with Peru 1941/42 was not part of World War II.

1945-1970 . Political instability (presidential coup d'etat 1946; 16th constitution passed 1946; insurrection 1956, 1959, coup d'etat 1961, 1963, 1966 revolt at Univ. of Quito, 17th constitution passed 1967) continued, although the years 1948-1960 saw a continuity of constitutional rule and less political unrest than in other periods of Ecuador's troubled history.
In the 1950es, Ecuador lived through a banana boom. In 1955 Ecuador claimed a 200 mile exclusive fishing zone, causing a conflict with the U.S.A. Beginning in 1964, oil exploration (Texaco) increased. The nation's currency, the Sucre, was devalued in 1961 and 1970.
In the mid 1960es the Huasipungo System, according to which an Indio was given a small plot of land by a landlord in exchange for his labour and a low wage, was abolished and the Indio permitted to own land outright. Ecuador used the Galapagos Islands as a penal colony.
Ecuador, staunchly anti-communist, began to reconsider it's foreign policy, as political maverick and 5-time president Jose Maria Velasco Ibarra was an outspoken critic of the United States and the fishery conflict lingered on.

Since 1970 . Administration . The presidency was held by Jose Maria Velasco Ibarra 1968-1972, then by dictator Guillermo Rodriguez 1972-1976, followed by dictator Alfredo Poveda 1976-1979, by democratically elected Jaime Roldos Aguilera 1979-1981, Osvaldo Hurtado 1981-1984, Leon Febres Cordero 1984-1988, Rodrigo Borja Cevallos 1988-1992, Sixto Duran Ballen 1992-1996, Abdala Bucaram 1996-1997, Fabian Alarcon 1997-1998, Jamil Mahuad 1998-2000, Gustavo Noboa 2000-2003, Lucio Gutierrez 2003-2005, Alfredo Palacio 2005-2007, Rafael Correo since 2007. 1981-2000 and since 2000, Ecuador is a functioning democracy; since 1996 no president has lasted his full term of 4 years. Ecuador adopted new constitutions in 1996 and in 1998.
Political History . As elsewhere in Latin America, the military dictatorship 1972-1979 was part of the Cold War, the dictators being supported by the U.S., and taking an anti-Communist stand. Democratic governments since 1979 have attempted, with varying emphasis, to open the country's economy and to address the social problems, poverty both urban and rural, and the situation of the country's ethnic minorities. Demonstrations of indigenous Ecuadorians forced President Jamil Mahuad to resign in 2000. The democratic governments also were threatened by occasional military coup attempts respectively revolts (2000).
Foreign Policy . During the dictatorship 1972-1979, Ecuador was closely allied to the U.S.; following the restoration of parliamentary democracy, Ecuador took a more distant stand to the U.S.; Ecuador sent a team of athletes to the Summer Olympics held in Moscow in 1980, thus boycotting the boycott. 1991. Ecuador did not participate in the military coalitions liberating Kuwait in 1991, invading Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003. In 1995 Ecuador and Peru fought a brief war, the Cenepa War, over disputed border territory. Ecuador enjoys associate status with Mercosur (established in 1991).
The Economy . Inflation, by comparison to other Latin American economies, was moderate until 1987 when it accelerated (IHS p.661). Oil production in 1970 was 193,000 metric tons, rose to 10 million metric tons in 1973, remained at 8-10 million until 1982, at 14-15 million 1985-1991, at 19-20 million 1995-1997 (IHS p.320). Cocoa production rose from 54,000 metric tons in 1970 to 100,000 metric tons in 2000, coffee production from 72,000 metric tons in 1970 to 134,000 metric tons in 2000 (IHS p.223). Rice production rose from 232,000 metric tons in 1970 to 1.24 million metric tons in 2000.
Social History . The population of Ecuador in 1970 is estimated at 5.96 million; the census of 1974 counted 6.52 million, the census of 1982 8.06 million, the census of 1990 9.64 million, the census of 2001 12.09 million (Lahmeyer). The 2007 estimate is 13.55 million.

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