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First posted on May 13th 2002, last revised on December 2nd 2010

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1624-1804 . 1804-1870 . 1870-1918 . 1918-1945 . Since 1945

The coast of Guyana was discovered in 1500. The French settled at Sinnemary in 1624, at Cayenne in 1643. In 1664 the Dutch took Cayenne. The Treaty of Breda 1667 awarded the area to France. The Dutch again took Cayenne in 1676, but the French under D'Estrees retook it the same year.
During the French revolution, French Guiana served as a penal colony as well as a place of political exile.
French Guiana is an inhospitable stretch of territory, for the most part covered by tropical rain forest. There were sugar plantations along the coast. The area became famous for another product, Cayenne Pepper.

During the Napoleonic Wars, the colony was occupied by the British. In 1815, it was returned to France. With France definitely abolishing slavery in 1848, the plantation economy of French Guiana declined. Sugar production had already decreased, as France, since the beginning of the century, had a thriving beet sugar industry.
The main importance of the colony now lay in Devil's Island, an infamous prison located off the coast of Guiana. Since 1852 French Guiana again was used as a penal colony. In 1855, gold was discovered.

French Guiana's main importance was serving as a penal colony for France. Colonel Alfred Dreyfus, wrongly accused of treason, served several years on infamous Devil's Island.
The exploitation of the colony's Bauxite deposits began.

French Guiana continued to serve as a penal colony until 1939. By then, more than 70,000 convicts had been deported to French Guiana. The horrible conditions under which they had to live were made public in 1932 and caused an outcry, which lead to the termination of the practise. In 1930, the inland region was separated from French Guiana under the name Territoire d'Inini and given an own administration.
During World War II, while much of France was occupied by Germany, the colonial administration nominally stayed loyal to the Vichy administration (there was little contact, though) until Governor Felix Eboue - he was governor of several French colonies simultaneously - took the side of de Gaulle's government-in-exile on August 26th 1940.

Since 1945
French overseas department since 1946. Launching site for the Ariane rockets sent into orbit by the European Space Agency.

Students' Paper : Yoon, Sung Ah, History of Nutrition in South America (2009)

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