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First posted on March 26th 2002, last revised on December 2nd 2013

History of Guyana : Narrative . References : Online Secondary Sources . Online Primary Sources . Bibliographic and Print Sources

1616-1814 . 1814-1831 . 1831-1966 . Since 1966

European discovery of the coast of modern Guyana 1498. The first European settlement : Essequibo 1616 (Dutch); in 1621 it became property of the West Indische Compagnie. In 1627 a second Dutch settlement was established at Berbice (founded by a Zeelander; not W.I.C. property, since 1720 administrated by the Berbice Society), in 1741 a third one, Demerara (W.I.C.). In 1792 the hitherto separate colonies wewre merged to form the United Colony of Demerara and Essequibo; Berbice remained separate. 1796-1802, 1804-1814 British occupation.

In 1814 the Netherlands ceded Demerara & Essequibo as well as Berbice to Britain. Slave rebellion at Essequibo 1823.

In 1831, Demerara & Essequibo and Berbice were merged to form British Guiana. Slavery abolished in 1834 (apprenticeship system until 1844; then indentured labourers were brought into the country; the first Indians arrived in 1838, the first Chinese in 1853. The decline of the sugar industry began in the late 19th century. Until 1899 Anglicanism was official religion. Autonomy introduced 1953.

Independence 1966. Population rose from 661,000 in 1966 to 867,000 in 2000.

Spelling varieties : Essequebo, Essequibo, Issequebo, Demerara, Demerary, Berbice

Historical Atlas, British Empire - the Caribbean Page

Students' Paper : Yoon, Sung Ah, History of Nutrition in South America (2009)

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