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History of Paraguay : Narrative . References : Online Secondary Sources . Online Primary Sources . Bibliographic and Print Sources

For the country's earlier history, see also History of the Viceroyalty of la Plata.
1536-1811 . 1811-1870 . 1870-1918 . 1918-1945 . 1945-1954 . 1954-1989 . Since 1989

Colonial History, 1536-1811 . Spanish expeditions (Sebastian Cabot in 1527) exploring the La Plata region in the early 16th century intended to find a new route to Peru, such a route being offered by the Parana-Paraguay river system. In 1536, both the cities of Buenos Aires and Asuncion were founded, by Juan de Ayolas and Domingo Martinez de Irala, the latter ruling Paraguay until 1556.
Buenos Aires soon was given up due to pressure from hostile Indios. The remaining population was moved to Asuncion, which became the administrative center of the La Plata colony. From Asuncion, new Spanish cities were established in modern Argentina, such as Tucuman (1565), Rosario and Cordoba (1573) and, again, Buenos Aires (1580). Asuncion remained the capital of the La Plata colony until it was split in two provinces in 1617, in Argentina (Buenos Aires) and Paraguay (Asuncion). The Diocesis of Asuncion had been established in 1547. Paraguay was treated as being part of the Viceroyalty of Peru, the capital of which was Lima; communication between Asuncion and Lima was poor.
Since late in the 16th century the Jesuits were active in the area, establishing Missions in Indio territory, most successful in the rain forest region of Paraguay and adjacent Brazilian territory, among the Guarani. The oldest mission within Paraguay was San Ignacio Guazu (1616). The Guarani were converted to Catholicism and adapted to Spanish methods in agriculture and the crafts. There economy was based on communal property; the missions were economically competitive and successful. Their language continued to be Tupi Guarani.
With the growth of the colony in Argentina and the decline of Peru's mining industry (i.e. Bolivia's), Paraguay's strategic importance diminished, and the area was neglected by Spanish authorities. In 1721, a revolt of the Comuneros lead by Jose de Antequera was successful, Paraguay virtually independent for the following decade.
In the 1750es, the Jesuit missions came under attack by settlers envious of their commercial success and keen on forcing the Indios protected by the missions to work for them; the missions were dissolved by force, the Jesuits expelled.
In 1776 the Viceroyalty of the Rio de la Plata was formed, capital Buenos Aires. Paraguay with Asuncion was allocated to La Plata. In 1811, Paraguay declared independence from Spain.

1811-1870 . In 1811, Spanish rule in Paraguay was terminated, to be succeeded by a chain of dictators ruling the country in the following decades, Jose Gaspar Rodriguez Francia (1811-1840), Carlos Antonio Lopez (1842-1862) and the latter's son, Francisco Solano Lopez.
Francia (1811-1840), after having secured Paraguayan independence in a conflict with Argentina, pursued a policy of strict isolation; foreigners were barred from entering the country. The dominating political stream was Anticlericanism; relations with the Papal State were cut.
His successor Carlos A. Lopez opened the country; under him a Europeanization took place.
Paraguay meanwhile was regarded a backward country. Francisco Solano Lopez in 1865 provoked a war in which the small, thinly populated country faced a coalition consisting of Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. Although the Paraguayan army held out against numerically superior and better equipped forces, the result was a disaster. Paraguay lost more than half of it's population. The war ended in 1870; only about 28,000 Paraguayan men are said to have survived it.
Domestically, Paraguay, under Dictator Jose Gaspar Rodriguez de Francia, underwent a radical social restructuring. Garcia was regarded as honest, just, modest; the changes implemented transformed Paraguay from a colonial society into a nation. The cohesion thus prepared enabled Paraguay to hold out in the war against Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay 1865-1870.
In Paraguay, large estates (haziendas) were almost non-existent. The state was the largest landowner who rented land to farmers. Schools were established in every village, the Catholic Church nationalized.

1870-1918 . After the war was concluded in 1870, Paraguay was occupied by the allied forces for another 5 years. The country was given a republican constitution (1870). The political institutions established during the decades of dictatorship, which had made seem the existence of Paraguay a threat to their neighbours, were dismantled.
In 1874 the Colorado Party was formed, representing the landowning elite; in 1887 the Liberal Party was established. The Colorados ruled until 1904, the Liberals from 1904 to 1940. Paraguay had many short-lived governments, 4 alone in 1912 (administrations formed by members of the same party).
Paraguay's economy developed slowly, the country encouraged immigration, both minute in comparison with its big neighbours Argentina and Brazil. In World War I Paraguay stayed neutral, as the country had a small but influential community of German immigrants. In 1889 the University of Asuncion was founded. In 1897 the Diocesis of Asuncion was elevated into an Archdiocesis.

1918-1945 . After World War I, Paraguay continued to see numerous short-lived governments. The Liberals ruled until 1940, then to be succeeded, after a coup, by the Colorados. In 1932 Bolivia, striving to gain a port on the navigable Paraguay river, provoked a war over the ill-defined border to Paraguay. Against expectations, Paraguay's army gained the upper hand, and when the war was ended in 1935, Bolivia had lost most of it's Chaco province to Paraguay.
The war had exhausted tiny Paraguay, both militarily and economically.
Paraguay joined the League of Nations in 1935. In 1936 the Communist Party was outlawed. Through most of World War II, it remained neutral, declaring war on Germany in 1945.

1945-1954 . Between 1940 and 1948, Paraguay saw a stable government under President Higinio Morigino. The country recovered economically, its infrastructure was improved. Paraguay is bilingual, Spanish and Guarani being the official languages.
The country became a founding member of the United Nations.
In 1948, Morigino's dictatorship was overthrown. Morigino's Colorado Party dominated, the Liberals having been a tolerated and controlled opposition.
"This landlocked shoebox of a country has the most resonantly martial history in South America, a passionate patriotism, no TV, no stock exchange, and no income tax. Paraguay is one of the least-known nations in the world, far off the beaten track, derelict and remote." .. John Gunther, 1964

Administration . Dictatorship under General Alfredo Stroessner from 1954 to 1989.
Political History . Stroessner's Colorado Party dominated, the Liberals having been a tolerated and controlled opposition. In 1960 a Christian Democratic Party was formed. In 1967 a new constitution was introduced.
Foreign Policy . Following the establishment of the Communist Castro dictatorship on Cuba, the U.S., fearing the spread of Communism in Latin America, supported anti-Communist regimes in the region; the Paraguayan dictatorship, while exposed to international criticism because of her infringement in the citizens' civil liberties and because of her poor human rights record, escaped political isolation. In the 1980es the U.S. administration shifted away from supporting military dictatorships in Latin America, and the end of the Stroessner dictatorship coincided with the fall of Communism in Eastern Central Europe (1989).
The Economy . Paraguay is landlocked; much of the country is covered by tropical rainforest. When Stroessner began his presidency, the infrastructure was poor, the population density low, the economy mainly based on agriculture. In the 1970es hydroelectric power stations were constructed, agricultural production expanded. Wheat production rose from 2,000 metric tons of wheat in 1954 to 7,000 in 1964, 35,000 in 1974, 140,000 in 1984 to 432,000 in 1989 (IHS p.184). Soy beans and cotton were grown for export. The country suffered from the oil crisis; Paraguay's main trade partners are Argentina and Brazil. The Bolsa de Valores in Asuncion (stock exchange) was established in 1977. Until 1963, the import of Coca Cola was not permitted.
Social History . The country's population rose from 1.53 million in 1954 to 1.81 million in 1962 (census), 2.35 million in 1971 (census), 3.47 million in 1983 (census), 4.18 million in 1989 (J. Lahmeyer).

Since 1989
Administration . Dictator General Afredo Stroessner retired in 1989; he was succeeded by Andres Rodriguez Pedotti 1989-1993, J.C.M. Wasmosy-Monti 1993-1997, R.A.C. Grau 1997-2001, L.A.G. Macchi 2001-2005 and O.N.D. Frutos since 2005, all from the Colorado Party (ANR-PC). The presidency of A.R. Pedotti marks the transition from military dictatorship to parliamentary democracy.
Foreign Policy . Paraguay did not participate in the Operation Desert Storm (Kuwait 1991), the international force in Afghanistan since 2001, the Coalition of the Willing (Iraq 2003). Paraguay was a founder member of Mercosur in 1991.
The Economy . Paraguay exports agricultural products such as soybeans, cotton, grain, cattle and sugar, further timber and electricity.
Social History . The country's population rose from 4.18 million in 1989 to 5.21 million in 1998 (J. Lahmeyer); the estimate for 2007 is 6.66 million.

Historic Encyclopedias on Paraguay, 1809-1915

Students' Paper : Yoon, Sung Ah, History of Nutrition in South America (2009)

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