Historical Atlas
South America

Brazilian States : Alagoas
Brazilian States : Amapa
Brazilian States : Amazonas
Ascension, see St. Helena
Brazilian States : Bahia
Brazilian States : Ceara
Brazilian States : Espirito Santo
Falkland Islands
French Guiana
Brazilian States : Goias
Brazilian States : Maranhao
Brazilian States : Minas Gerais
Brazilian States : Mato Grosso
Brazilian States : Para
Brazilian States : Paraiba
Brazilian States : Parana
Brazilian States : Pernambuco
Brazilian States : Piaui
Brazilian States : Rio de Janeiro
Brazilian States : Rio Grande do Norte
Brazilian States : Rio Grande do Sul
Brazilian States : Rondonia
Brazilian States : Roraima
Brazilian States : Santa Catarina
Brazilian States : Sao Paulo
Brazilian States : Sergipe
St. Helena
Tristan da Cunha, see St. Helena

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