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First posted on March 26th 2002, last revised on November 27th 2013

History of Suriname : Narrative . References : Online Secondary Sources . Online Primary Sources . Bibliographic and Print Sources

For the country's earlier history, see History of the Viceroyalty of Peru, History of the Viceroyalty of la Plata
1499-1667 . 1667-1795 . 1795-1815 . 1815-1870 . 1870-1918 . 1918-1945 . 1945-1975 . 1975-1992

1499-1667 . The first European on record to visit the coast of Suriname was Alonso de Ojeda in 1499; the uninviting shore - mudbanks, dense tropical forest, extensive swamps, a land almost uninhabited, located in tropical climate, was uninviting. Only in 1593 did Domingo de Vera claim Guyana, the coastal region (including Suriname's neighbours to the west and east) in the name of King Philip II. of Spain.
At the time when the first Dutchmen arrived in 1580, the waters off Guyana were traversed by Spaniards, Dutchmen, Englishmen and Frenchmen who coexisted peacefully, trading with the native Indians. The Dutch Revolt interrupted these good relations for a number of years. The Dutch factory at Parmurbo (Paramaribo) is first documented for 1613. There were also English (1630) and French (1639) attempts to establish settlements in what is modern Suriname, as much as the factory at Paramaribo, without lasting success.
In 1650 Lord Francis Willoughby, Governor of (English) Barbados, sent 40 settlers; the settlement, provided from Barbados, flourished and in 1662 Willoughby was given the land as a grant by King Charles II. ("Willoughbyland"). The English encouraged the immigration and settlement of Jews, whose knowledge of sugar production and refinery was highly appreciated. In 1665 the colony concentrated along the banks of the lower Suriname River had c.5000 inhabitants, and c.50 sugar refineries. Soon the administrative center was fixed at Paramaribo.

1667-1795 . Between 1665 and 1667 the Second Anglo-Dutch War was fought; a considerable part of the action took place in the Americas. While an English fleet, sailing in the name of the Duke of York, took Nieuw Amsterdam (a possession of the Dutch W.I.C.) and renamed it New York, a Dutch fleet under Admiral Abraham Crijnssen appeared off the coast of Suriname; Fort Willoughby surrendered February 26th 1667. In the following negotiations, England offered to return New York for Suriname; the Dutch side politely rejected. The Treaty of Breda thus left New York in the hands of the English, Suriname in the hands of the Dutch - that is to say, of the province of Zeeland, which had financed the fleet Admiral Crijnssen had commanded.
Governor Willoughby of Barbados rejected the Treaty of Breda and, after peace had been concluded, dispatched a force which succeeded in expelling the Dutch; when he was told to hand the colony over to the Dutch (1668), he had many installations dismantled and many of the settlers and slaves had left.
With the economy of Suriname in shambles, the Estates of Zeeland in 1682 sold the colony to the W.I.C., who found the administration too costly; in 1683 the Geoctroyeerde Societeit van Suriname was founded, owned to a third each by the W.I.C., the city of Amsterdam and the family van Sommelsdijck. As first governor, Cornelis van Aerssen van Sommelsdijck was appointed; he found a resident population of 1200 freemen and 2000 slaves. He concluded peace treaties with neighbouring native American tribes (Caribs, Arawaks); the number of sugar plantations quickly grew from 50 to 200. He encouraged immigration; among the immigrants were French Huguenots. The governor was assassinated in 1688. Fort Willoughby was renamed Fort Zeelandia. In 1685, two forts were constructed, Fort Houttuyn and Fort Sommelsdijck, used until 1740 resp. 1748.
While allied England and the Dutch Republic were at war with France 1688-1697 (War of the Grand Alliance), French Admirals de Casse (1689) and de Gennis (1696) in vain attempted to conquer the colony.
New plantation products (tobacco, indigo) were introduced.
During the War of Spanish Succession (1701-1713), England and the Dutch Republic, still allied, again faced the French menace. In 1712 French Captain Cassard ravaged the colony, ending with this act only after he was paid 750,000 guilders. The peace treaties of Rijswijk (1697) and of Utrecht (1713) left Suriname in Dutch possession. In 1734-1747 Fort Nieuw Amsterdam was constructed at the junction of the Suriname and Commewijne Rivers.
After the disaster of 1712 colonial Suriname faced another problem - runaway slaves, numbered 16,000. The plantation economy depended on slave labour, imported from Africa; the runaway slaves formed Maroon communities in the hinterland, hostile to the colonists.
From 1713 onward, Suriname lived through decades of outside peace. New plantation products, such as coffee (1724), cocoa (1733) and cotton (1735), added to the profits; the colony continued to depend on an ever-growing slave population. In 1775, Suriname was visited by 73 ships, which sailed off carrying 16,200,000 pound of sugar, 13,300,000 pound of coffee, 144,430 pound of cotton, 733,000 pound of cocoa. Because of lack of hard currency, until 1761 a "Sugar Currency" was used, i.e. payments were made in bags of sugar. An attempt to introduce a copper currency, the parrot pennies, failed (1678-1679). In 1761 a paper currency, the so-called Playing Card Currency, was introduced (valid until 1828, when a regular currency was introduced).
When the Maroon communities were regarded a threat to the colony's economy, in 1770 Governor Nepveu established a Korps Vrije Negers (Corps Free Negroes), recruited from runaway slaves willing to fight for the colony in return for amnesty, freedom for themselves and their families, and a modest salary. Another Corps, the Zwarte Jagers (Black Hunters) was recruited in 1772 from negro slaves purchased for that purpose by the government. In 1770-1778 and, on a lower scale, later, campaigns against the Cottica Negroes were undertaken, the latter lead by Bonni, Baron and Joli Coeur. Bonni and his men established themselves on the French side of the border Marowijne River; French diplomatic pressure caused the colonial administration to pass some reforms, among which was to permit the activity of Catholic priests in the colony (1786), for the first time in a century.

1795-1815 . In 1795 the Dutch Republic was conquered by French revolutionary troops; the Batavian Republic, widely regarded a French satellite (the longest lasting of the 'satellite republics', until 1806) was founded. The Geoctroyeerde Compagnie was disbanded, the administration of Suriname placed under a Committee for the Colonies. France was at war with Britain, and the Batavian Republic was a French ally, thus an English enemy. On the other hand, Prince William of Orange had fled to Britain, continuing to claim the allegiance of the Surinamese administration (Gov. Friderici).
While the Governor supported the Prince of Orange-Nassau, the Raad van Politie (Political Council) leaned toward the Republic. However, the discussion of the liberation of the slaves in France and events in the French Caribbean colonies caused a certain scepticism among the Surinamese plantation owners and administrators toward revolutionary reforms. When a British fleet appeared in 1799, Governor Friderici did not defend the colony, but instead placed it under British Protection.
In 1802 the Peace of Amiensa was signed and Suriname was returned to a Dutch (Batavian) administration. Now Friderici was fired for not having offered any defense against the English.
Peace was of short duration, and in April 1804 an English fleet conquered Suriname (until 1814/15). Under British administration, a number of changes occurred. Slave trade was formally abolished in 1808; the Saramacca Canal opened in 1809, the stretch between Saramacca and Coppename Rivers settled (many Englishmen, Scots etc. among the settlers). On the other hand, some of the British governors used the opportunity to enrich themselves at the expense of the colony.

1815-1870 . Suriname now stretched from the lower Corantijn to the lower Marowijne river; it's inland borders, until today, being ill-defined. The colony received relatively little attention from the Dutch Ministry of Colonial Affairs, which was occupied which the much more populous and profitable Dutch East Indies.
Paramaribo became the seat of the administration of the colony, which included other coastal settlements such as Nieuw Nickerie, Waterloo, Nieuw Amsterdam, Albina. In 1866 the colony was given a parliament of its own.
The country continued to depend on sugar exports; coffee gained in importance. The plantation system continued to depend on slavery, which was not abolished until 1863. According to the law of July 1st 1863, in Suriname 33,000 slaves were set free. Their former owners were compensated with 300 hfl. per freed slave.
While slave trade formally had been abolished in 1808, slaves were smuggled into the country; the slave trade was only suppressed in 1826. With the plantation economy dependent on slave labour, legislation was passed which outlawed freeing a slave. In 1848 Paramaribo was declared a free port.
Runaway slaves had fled into the rainforest, where they had established villages of Bosnegers (forest negroes). Spending much of their time in canoes, they developed arms stronger than legs. Dissatisfied slaves continued to cause trouble, such as the great fire of Paramaribo 1832.
Even in the main colony, Dutch settlers were outnumbered by African slaves, their descendants and coloureds. This colonial society had developed a creole language, Sranan.

1870-1918 . The liberation of the slaves in 1863 forced Suriname's plantation owners to reorganize. After working another 10 years on the plantations (enforced, but paid) the ex-slaves left the plantations in 1873. To replace them, contract labourers were brought into the country, first Indians from Calcutta (1873-1916), since 1890 Javanese from the Dutch East Indies. Chinese immigration (from Java) had already begun in 1853. In return for the passage they had to work for a number of years on the plantations. Many of them later established shops, restaurants etc., soon playing a vital role in the colony's economy.
Between 1853 and 1939, 74,000 contract labourers were brought into the country, 47 % from British India, 44 from the Dutch East Indies, 4 % from the West Indies, 3 % from China, 1 % from Madeira, source Nationaalarchief Suriname.
A decline in sugar prices - the consequence of the production of beet sugar - and the difficulty to keep workers on the plantation - resulted in more and more sugar plantations going out of business, often converted into petty farming villages.
Now, the adjacent rain forest was examined for it's wealth in natural products (timber) and minerals. In Dec. 1916, the Suriname Bauxite Company was founded, exploiting the colony's bauxite deposits.
The Netherlands stayed neutral during World War I. Yet, as the countries surrounding the Netherlands were fighting each other for four years, the Netherlands and its colonies suffered. Communications between the motherland and Suriname became both more difficult and costly.

1918-1945 . In 1922, Suriname was declared an integral part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, a decision which had far-reaching consequences : the Surinamers were granted Dutch citizenship. When the country gained independence in 1975, a considerable part of the population moved to the Netherlands.
The economy continued to go through a period of transition, as the sugar industry continued to decline. From Dutch perspective, Suriname turned from an asset into a liability. During the Great Depression, Hunger Riots broke out in Paramaribo (1931).
When German troops occupied the the Netherlands in May 1940, both the royal couple and the Dutch government fled, establishing a government-in-exile. Suriname stayed loyal to queen and government-in-exile, refusing to recognize the Dutch administration installed by the Germans.
A German ship, the Goslar, anchoring off Paramaribo at the time of the occupation of the Netherlands by German troops, was sunk on the order of its captain to avoid it falling into Dutch hands, the wreck being a lasting reminder of World War II in Suriname. US troops landed in Suriname to protect the colony's bauxite industry, partially US owned (1940) and of strategic importance.

1945-1975 . In 1949, the Netherlands granted independence to Indonesia. Of it's once vast colonial empire, only Netherlands' New Guinea (until 1963), the Netherlands' Antilles and Suriname remained. In 1954 a Statute was passed, redefining the status of the former colonies, now overseas parts of the empire.
The administration of Suriname shifted from treating the area as a dependent economy supplementary to that of the motherland to an administration serving the interests of the population. Universal suffrage had been introduced in 1948. Political parties emerged in 1950, reflecting the ethnic friction of the population. Suriname had self-government. In 1968 the University of Suriname was opened.
In 1973, negotiations regarding the full independence of Suriname were started. Independence was granted on Nov. 25th 1975. With Suriname gaining independence, about a third of the Surinamese population emigrated to the Netherlands (130,000).
At the time of its independence (after the emigration wave to the Netherlands), Suriname had 360.000 inhabitants, 40 % of whom of Creoles (of mixed descent), 30 % Hindustanis, 12 % of Javanese descent, 9 % Maroons (of African descent), 2 % native Americans, 1.5 % Chinese, a few thousand Europeans. The capital Paramaribo had 18.000 inhabitants.
Religiously the population was divided into ca. 25 % Hindu, ca. 20 % of Catholics, Protestants and Muslims each.

1975-1992 . Administration . The presidency was held by J.H.E. Ferrier 1975-1980, by H.R. Chin A Sen (NRP) 1980-1982, by L.F.R. Misier 1982-1988, by R. Shankar (VHP) 1988-1990, by J.S.P. Kraag (NPS) 1990-1991, by R.R. Venetiaan (NPS) 1991-1996. The Prime Ministership was held by H.A.E. Arron (NPS) 1973-1980, by H.R. Chin A Sen (NRP) 1980-1982, by L.A.E. Alibux (PALU) 1983-1984, W.A. Udenhout 1984-1986, P.S.R. Radhakishun (BVD) 1986-1987, J.A. Wijdenbosch (NDP) 1987-1988; then the post of PM was abolished.
The civilian government was toppled twice by military coups lead by Desi Bouterse in 1980. Elections were held in 1987, which resulted in the win of the opposition parties; the government formed by them was toppled by a 1990 coup by Bouterse; elections again were held in 1991.
Foreign Policy . Suriname joined the UN in 1975. Suriname is involved in border disputes with Guyana and with French Guiana. The killing of 15 opponents of the Bouterse dictatorship in 1982 resulted in the Netherlands and the U.S. cutting aid to the country; Dutch aid resumed in 1988 after a democratic government had been installed.
Domestic Policy . Upon independence a significant portion of the population left for the Netherlands. The country lacked a democratic tradition; the population traditionally was broken up in strata, upon ethnic lines; a national identity was lacking. Many political parties competed for power.
The coup of 1980 was justified by the resolution to end the (alleged) corruption of the previous regime, and to raise the standard of living. The new regime soon banned opposition parties, ruled dictatorially, in 1982 alienated the nation's aid donors. Economic difficulty forced the government to move toward reintroduction of democracy in 1985; a Maroon rebellion erupted in 1986. Elections in 1987 were won by the opposition, the new government ousted by a coup in 1990, a new election again won by the opposition in 1991, an end to the Maroon Rebellion negotiated in 1992.
The Economy . Suriname depended heavily on the aluminum industry. The Bouterse dictatorship caused the interruption of the payment of foreign aid 1982-1988 by the Netherlands and the U.S., but tried to compensate for the loss by leaning on Cuba and Libya, and developed a new source of income by drug trafficking, for which Boutserse later was tried (1999).
Social History . Jan Lahmeyer gives the estimated population of Suriname for 1974 as 381,400, for 1975 as 364,500, for 1976 (low) as 354,400, for 1980 (census) as 354,900, for 1985 as 383,500, for 1992 as 403,300.

Students' Paper : Yoon, Sung Ah, History of Nutrition in South America (2009)
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Economic Data Siddharth Chandra, 2009-07-28, "Replication data for: Wage Data for Netherlands West Indies (Suriname), 1915 -1920", http://hdl.handle.net/1902.1/15298 World-Historical Dataverse
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History of French Guiana, Suriname, Guyana, from World History Archives
Modern Newspapers Newspapers and News Media : Suriname, from ABYZ; from Online Newspapers, from World Newspapers (links)
Online Yearbooks - Suriname Entries Statesman's Year-Book, Netherlands, Colonies : Surinam 1890, pp.778-780, IA, 1891, pp.782-784, IA, 1892, pp.792-793, IA, 1894, pp.792-793, IA, 1895, pp.792-793, IA, 1896, pp.792-793, IA, 1898, pp.791-793, IA, 1899, pp.837-839, IA, 1903, pp.924-925, IA, 1913, pp.1090-1091, IA, 1919, pp.1093-1095, IA, 1921, pp.1119-1120, IA
Staatskalender Jaarboeken van het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden, GB
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Inventaris van de op Suriname betrekking hebbende stukken in het Stadsarchief Amsterdam
Constitutions, Laws List of Ratifications of International Labour Conventions by Suriname, from ILO, 28 docs. since 1976
Feestelijke viering Verdrag van 10 oktober 1760 in voorbereiding (Celebration of Treaty of Oct. 10 1760 in preparation), from De Ware Tijd
Resolutie betreffende de huwelijken van de Joodse bevolking in Suriname 1703 (Resolution concerning Marriages among the Jewish Population in Suriname, 1703), from Regelgeving in de Nederlanden (Herman de Wit), in Dutch
Wetboeken en Reglementen voor de Kolonie Suriname, 1868, in Dutch, GB
Verordeningen toepasseelijk op alle Nederlandsche bezittingen in West Indië; pp.1013-1020 in vol.5 of G. Luttenberg et al., Register der wetten en besluiten, betrekkelijk het openbaar bestuur ion de Nederlanden over het tijdperk van 1798 tot en met 1839, 1843, GB
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List of Treaties between the Suriname government and various tribes, 1749-1809, posted by ndyukaliba
Treaty of Oct. 10 1760, paraphrased in Dutch, posted by ndyukaliba
Consular Reports Supplement to Commerce reports : daily consular and trade reports issued by the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce, Department of Commerce : Dutch Guiana, Oct. 4 1920, IA
Chamber of Commerce Reports
Document Collections Proclamation Liberation of the Slaves, Oct. 3rd 1862, posted by Roel van Veen, in Dutch
Singi-Boekoe vo da Evangelische broedergemeente na Suriname-Kondre, 1853, GB
Nederlandsch constitioneel archief van alle koninklijke aanspraken 1-4, 1846, GB
Verzameling van stukken aangaande de Surinaamsche aangelegenheden, vol.1, 1845, vol.2, 1846, in Dutch, GB
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collections Atlas of Suriname, from Wikimedia Commons
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Suriname Maps, PCL, UTexas
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South America, Modern Languages of South America, from TITUS
South America 1800, 1816, 1827, 1900, 1901-2010, by J. de Salas Vara del Rey
Map : America del Sur, 1799, from Historical and Political Maps of the Modern Age, administrative regions, in Spanish
South America, Contemporary South America 1826, from World Maps Online
South America 1905, from Zonu
Suriname, Modern
Suriname, Contemporary
detail, hindsight/modern Paramaribo, from Mapsget
detail, contemporary Suriname in Kaart gebracht, from Geheugen van Nederland
Paramaribo 1916-1917, from PCL, UTexas
Encyclopedia Entries
General Article Guiana, from EB 1911, scroll down for Dutch Guiana; Classic Encyclopedia, Internet Archive Wayback Machine
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Kingdom of the Netherlands 1813- : Staten Generaal Digitaal, in Dutch
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Residence Memoirs A. Kappler, Sechs Jahre in Surinam, oder Bilder aus dem Militärischen Leben dieser Kolonie, 1854, in German, GB
Institutions Archives, Musea, Libraries Nationaal Archief Suriname, in Dutch
Suriname, from Repositories of Primary Sources : Latin America (UIdaho)
Official Symbols Flags, Coats of Arms Flag, from FOTW; Coat of Arms, from International Civic Heraldry
National Anthem, from David's National Anthem Reference Page
Coins, Banknotes Geldzaken (Monetary History), from suriname.nu, in Dutch
Suriname banknotes, from World Currency Museum, from Ron Wise's World Paper Money
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Stamps Catalogue Suriname Stamps 1873-1915, from Stamps Catalogue 1840-1920 by Evert Klaseboer

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