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First posted on March 26th 2002, last revised on December 2nd 2013

History of Venezuela : Narrative . References : Online Secondary Sources . Online Primary Sources . Bibliographic and Print Sources

For the country's earlier history, see History of the Viceroyalty of Peru, History of the Viceroyalty of New Granada
1498-1527 . 1528-1556 . 1556-1810 . 1810-1819 . 1819-1830 . 1830-1870 . 1870-1918 . 1918-1945 . 1945-1958 . 1958-1973 . 1973-1998 . Since 1998

Discovery and first Spanish Settlement, 1498-1527
The Venezuelan coast was discovered in 1498 by Christopher Columbus; it was systematically explored by Amerigo Vespucci and Alonso de Ojeda. The first Spanish settlements were established at Cumana in 1520 and at Coro 1527, placed under the Audiencia de Santo Domingo.

The Welser Pawn, 1528-1556
Heavily indebted, the Spanish crown in 1528 transferred the territory of Venezuela to a consortium of German bankers lead by the Welser family from Augsburg. Venezuela now saw a series of German governors and conquistadores, among them Ambrosius Alfinger, Georg von Speyer and Nikolaus Federmann. The main goal of the Welsers was to find mythical gold-rich El Dorado, a hope which never materialized. The Germans did not promote ant attempt to introduce settlers.

Spanish Colonial Administration, 1556-1810
In 1556 the Spanish crown again took over the administration of Venezuela. The city of Valencia was founded in 1555, Caracas in 1567, the latter by Diego de Losada. The area, called Captaincy of Venezuela, was now placed under the Audiencia of Santa Fe de Bogota, which again was subject to the Viceroyalty of Peru.
A diocesis was established with seat in Caro in 1531; in 1637 it was transferred to Caracas. It was placed under the authority of the archbishop of Santa Fe de Bogota.
Venezuela's economy was based on agriculture. From the 1620es onward, the export of the Cocoa Bean, from which chocolate is made, was the most profitable export product. Both Spanish immigration and the import of slaves picked up, into a region hitherto rather neglected by the Spanish administration. In 1728, the exclusive rights to trade with Venezuela were given to the Caracas Company (full name : Real Compana Guizpocoana de Caracas), a monopoly harming the economic development of the colony. The monopoly placed Venezuelan cacao plantation owners at a disadvantage; they revolted in 1749. Spain's administration regarded Venezuela (as the other colonies) as a supplementary economy, supplementary to that of the motherland. In 1777, the seat of the Captaincy of Venezuela was moved to Caracas, in 1786 the captaincy was elevated to Audiencia of Caracas. In 1803, the diocesis of Caracas was elevated into an archdiocesis.

Struggle for Independence, 1810-1819
Forced to deal only with the Caracas Company, the cocoa growers had become dissatisfied with the political situation and with the treatment the colony was given by Spain. When Spain lived through a popular war against a French-imposed king and government, Caracas and all of Venezuela emerged as a center of the independence movement. Independence was declared in 1810, and when a Spanish expedition arrived in 1814, much of the fighting took place here. In Simon Bolivar and Antonio Jose de Sucre, Venezuela produced two of the leading figures of South America's independence movement. Independence, as part of Great Colombia (capital Bogota) was achieved in 1819.

Venezuela within Gran Colombia, 1819-1830
Under Spanish rule, the Captaincy of Venezuela had been loosely subjected first to the
Viceroyalty of Peru, since 1718 to the Viceroyalty of New Granada. When independence was discussed all over New Granada, Venezuela declared its independence from Spain in 1811; open rebellion had begun in 1810 under Francisco de Miranda. In 1815, Spain sent an expedition to reestablish Spanish control, which initially was successful. In 1816 Simon Bolivar turned the tide. Venezuela now, in 1819, became a part of the Republic of Gran Colombia, capital Bogota. Meanwhile, the war with the Spanish was still going on; the last Spanish garrison, at Puerto Cabello, surrendered in 1823.
The new Republic soon experienced anarchy, as its proclaimed president Simon Bolivar was fighting the Spanish in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, many factions fighting each other. In 1827 Bolivar returned to Bogota, assuming dictatorial powers and alienating many. In 1830, Jose Antonio Paez declared Venezuela independent from Gran Colombia.

The Republic of Venezuela, 1830-1870
Paez, who served as a president from 1831 to 1835 and again from 1839-1843, was succeeded by Jose T. Monagas.
The next years were characterized by intrigues and open fights in which Puiz attempted to unseat Monagas and vice versa. After two failed attempts to unseat Monagas by force in 1848 and 1849, Paez spent the years 1850-58 in exile. Between 1861 and 1863 he ruled the country as dictator. In 1854, slavery was abolished.

The Republic of Venezuela, 1870-1918
In 1870, Antonio Guzman Blanco became president, strengthening the central authority and restoring order. Due to an increasing demand for Coffee on the world market, Venezuela's economy prospered. The revenue was invested in infrastructure projects such as railroads and the modernization of the capital Caracas.
The years after Guzman are characterized by the return of political chaos, a succession of short lived dictators, the most notorious being Joaquin Crespo and Cipriano Castro. The state finances had been mismanaged, and the state had declared it's unwillingness to honour international credits, causing the British, German, Italian and Dutch navy to militarily intervene (Venezuela Claims). Venezuela retaliated by causing a border conflict with British Guyana, which was settled by treaty in 1897.
In 1908, General Juan Vicente Gomez assumed the presidency, another dictator. His rule was to last until 1935 and bring ruthless suppression of political opposition as well as a period of stability and economic recovery.
In World War I, Venezuela stayed neutral, resisting diplomatic attempts by the Entente to lure the country into entering the war.

The Republic of Venezuela, 1918-1945
Dictator Juan Vicente Gomez (since 1908) stayed in power until 1935. His reign marked a period of political suppression and economic recovery, largely due to the emergence of an Oil Industry. Venezuela again became internationally respectable; Venezuela's oil flew through a pipeline to the Dutch island of Aruba (Netherlands' Antilles), where it was refined. After Gomez's death in 1935, democracy was reintroduced. Venezuela stayed neutral through most of World War II, joining the Allies only in 1945.

The Republic of Venezuela, 1945-1958
Administration . The presidency was held by Romulo Betancourt (AD, 1945-1948), Romulo Gallegos (AD, 1948), Carlos Delgado Chalbaud (military, 1948-1950), German Suarez Flamerich (1950-1952), Marcos Perez Jimenez (1952-1958).
Political History . An election agreement between President General Isaias Medina Angarita and exile politician and head of Accion Democratica, Romulo Betancourt, in 1945 fell apart; the military declared itself in rebellion, Betancourt called for a civilian uprising. President Medina gave in; a new military junta was formed, Romulo Betancourt assumed the presidency. A land reform was implemented, the multinational oil companies coerced to accept a 50-50 profit sharing agreement, the illiteracy rate tackled.
In 1947 Romulo Gallegos was elected president; after a few months in office he as ousted by a military coup, headed by Carlos Delgado Chalbaud, who assumed the presidency. In 1950 he was abducted and shot. The junta chose German Suarez Flamerich to succeed Delgado Chalbaud; in 1952 Flamerich was replaced by Marco Perez Jimenez. An election campaign for 1952 was aborted. The Perez Jimenez administration encouraged immigration.
Foreign Policy . Venezuela joined the UN in November 1945, was a founder-member of the OAS. Venezuela did not respond to the call of the UN to come to the aid of South Korea when the latter was invaded by North Korea (Korean War, 1950-1953).
The Economy . In 1947, Venezuela produzed 300,000 metric tons of maize, in 1958 358,000 metric tons (IHS p.186); rice production was 10,000 metric tons in 1947, 98,000 metric tons in 1954, 19,000 metric tons in 1958 (IHS p.186), potato production 15,000 metric tons in 1947, 70,000 metric tons in 1958 (IHS p.186).
In 1945 Venezuela produced 47 million metric tons of crude oil, in 1958 135 million metric tons (IHS p.319).
Venezuela over the years had gradually increased the taxes foreign oil companies had to pay, and during the Betancourt administration coerced the oil companies to accept a 50:50 profit sharing agreement, of which Juan Pablo Perez Alfonso was the mastermind.
The Caracas Stock Exchange was established in 1947.
Social History . In 1945, Venezuela had 4.2 million inhabitants, in 1958 6.8 million (Lahmeyer).
Cultural History . Venezuelan athletes participated in the Summer Olympics of London 1948, Helsinki 1952 and Melbourne 1956. Television broadcasting began in 1952.

The Republic of Venezuela, 1958-1973
Administration . The presidency was held by Romulo Betancourt (AD, 1959-1964), Raul Leoni (AD, 1964-1969), Rafael Caldera (COPEI, 1969-1974).
Political History . Riots in 1958 caused dictator Perez Jimenez to flee the country in 1958. Two presidents, in short terms, presided over transition to democracy. Accion Democratica won the elections of 1959 and 1964. Venezuela took a greater degree of control of the oil industry (minister of energy Juan Pablo Perez Alfonzo).
When President Betancourt ordered a military revolt to be crushed in 1962, FALN, a leftist guerilla organization, was formed. Betancourt ordered Communist MPs to be arrested. A split in the AD made possible the electoral victory of COPEI leader Rafael Caldera in 1968. He granted amnesty to guerillas on the condition that they gave up their subversive activities, and thus pacified the country.
Foreign Policy . Venezuela was a founder-member of OPEC in 1960. An assassination attempt on Betancourt in 1960 was financed by the (rightist) dictator of the Dominican Republic. It became apparent that Cuba had armed the Venezuelan rebels in 1962; relations with Cuba deteriorated. President Betancourt established the Betancourt Doctrine, denying diplomatic recognition to any country the government of which had been created in the course of a military coup. Relations with the U.S., which had been poor due to Venezuela's policy of taking control of the oil industry, improved as both governments were concerned because of Cuba (Cuban Missile Crisis 1962); Cuba continued to support the FALN guerilla (Machurucuto Incident 1967).
The Economy . In 1958, Venezuela produced 358,000 metric tons of maize, in 1973 454,000 metric tons (IHS p.186); rice production was 19,000 metric tons in 1958, 302,000 metric tons in 1973 (IHS p.186), potato production 70,000 metric tons in 1958, 124,000 metric tons in 1973 (IHS p.186).
In 1960 Venezuela (minister of energy Juan Pablo Perez Alfonzo) created the Venezuelan Petroleum Corporation as an organization to oversee the country's oil industry, and was a founder-member of OPEC.
In 1958 Venezuela produced 135 million metric tons of crude petrol, in 1973 175 milion (IHS p.320).
Social History . In 1958, Venezuela had 6.8 million inhabitants, in 1973 11.2 million (Lahmeyer).

Venezuela, 1973-1998
Administration . The presidency was held by Rafael Caldera (COPEI, 1969-1974), Carlos Andres Perez (AD, 1974-1979), Luis Herrera Campins (COPEI, 1979-1984), Jaime Lusinchi (AD, 1984-1989) and Carlos Andres Perez (AD, 1989-1993), Roman Jose Velasquez (non-party, 1993-1994), Rafael Caldera (COPEI, 1994-1999).
Political History . Venezuela increased the oil price in 1973 and nationalized the oil industry in 1975-1976. During the first Andres Perez presidency, Venezuela entered on a policy of state-planned industrialization and the establishment of a welfare state, as well as environmental protection. The end of the First Oil Crisis in 1981 drastically reduced Venezuela's oil revenue and thus affected the policies of the Herrera Campins administration. When Andres Perez assumed the presidency, Venezuela was in a dire economic crisis, and in order to obtain foreign credit, had to severely cut welfare expenses, which caused street protests and riots. In 1992 two coup attempts failed.
Foreign Policy . Venezuela, a founder-member of OPEC in 1960, played an active role in bringing about the First Oil Crisis in 1973. The Andres Perez administration supported the democratic parties in Spain, most notably PSOE, during the country's transition from dictatorship to democracy. In 1985 and in 1996 Pope John Paul II. visited Venezuela.
The Economy . In 1973, Venezuela produced 454,000 metric tons of maize, in 1998 983,000 metric tons (IHS p.186); rice production was 302,000 metric tons in 1973, 771,000 metric tons in 1973 (IHS p.186), potato production 124,000 metric tons in 1973, 322,000 metric tons in 1973 (IHS p.186). In 1973 Venezuela produced 175 million metric tons of crude petrol, in 1997 157 milion (IHS p.320).
Social History . In 1973, Venezuela had 11.2 million inhabitants, in 1998 23.2 million (Lahmeyer).

Venezuela, since 1998
Administration . The presidency is currently held by Hugo Chavez (since 1999).
Political History . Chavez in 1992 had led a failed coup attempt; he won the 1998 election on a program promising to address the problems of the country's poor and underprivileged. A vocal critic of the U.S., he advocates state control over the economy and the necessity of a welfare state. He polarized Venezuelan society. While western media tended to show the protest of incensed opponents of Chavez' policies, mainly from the urban middle class, Chavez won reelection in 2000 and 2006, because he enjoys the support of the poor. He curtailed freedom of the press.
Foreign Policy . Hugo Chavez established friendly relations with Cuba, used increased oil revenues (since 2003) to support governments in Latin America and beyond emphasizing domestic interests (protectionism, welfare state) over a free trade policy, for example in Bolivia. Hugo Chavez was a vocal critic of the U.S., of president Bush and of neo-liberalism.
The Economy . The drastic rise in the oil price since 2003 has greatly altered Venezuela's economic situation; the country, from the verge of bankrupcy, now can afford welfare programs and an active foreign policy (handouts of cheap oil).
Social History . In 1973, Venezuela had 23.2 million inhabitants (Lahmeyer), 26.0 million in 2007.

Students' Paper : Yoon, Sung Ah, History of Nutrition in South America (2009)
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