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Denmark Norway
First posted on March 24th 2002, last revised on December 8th 2013

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Archeological findings indicate that the islands were first settled in the 4th to 6th century A.D.
Discovered by the Vikings in the late 8th century, settled ca. 825. The island group's Thing assembled at Tinganes, close to which the island group's bishopric was established at Kirkjubodur. The Faroe islands were dependent on Norway since 895. The thing decided on the acceptance of Christianity in 999. In 1035 the Faroe Islands recognized Norwegian sovereignty.

The Faroe Islands used to be a Norwegian sideland. Yet Norway was the junior partner in her Dynastic Union with Denmark. Foreign policy was a prerogative of the king, who resided in Copenhagen; the sidelands in the North Atlantic (the Faroes, Iceland, Greenland) came to be administrated from Copenhagen. In 1676 the island group, as a feudal estate, was granted to Frederik von Gabel (-1708); between 1709 and 1720 it was administrated by a committee of three; between 1720 and 1775 the Faroes and Greenland were treated as one province; in 1776 the Faroes were separated from Greenland and allocated to Sjaelland province.
The reformation was introduced in the Faroes per decree - against the resistance of Amund Olafson, the last Catholic bishop - the Faroese bishopric abolished; the now Lutheran community was to be headed by a provost. The Danish kings turned trade with the islands into a Monopoly which after repeatedly changing hands in 1709 was granted to the Royal Danish Monopoly (owned by the king himself). For the protection of the islands' capital, Torshavn, Fort Skansin was built.

In 1816, the Faroe Islands were administratively separated from Sjaelland; the administration was headed by a Prefect, a position to which usually Danes were appointed.
The 19th century is the period of national awakening on the Faroe Islands. The small islands community spoke a distinct Faroese language; its written form - grammar and orthography - were established in the mid 19th century, leaning on Icelandic, the alphabet of which was adopted (V.U. Hammershaimb).
In 1854 the Lagting, a provincial parliament, was established.
In 1856 the monopoly of the Royal Trade Monopoly (since 1709) was abolished; the Faroese, long dependent on Danish shipping, began to purchase ships (1872ff), at first for the purpose of fishery, establishing a small merchant fleet of their own. Population in 1870 9,992, in 1880 11,220 (Meyers).

The Faroes were given Home Rule in 1890. A national movement emerged. The first political parties were established in 1906. In 1900 the Faroese population was c. 16,000 - almost all Lutherans.

The Faroe Islands population increased from 19,600 in 1916 to 26,000 in 1938.
The Faroese football (soccer) federation was established in 1930.

In 1940, the British occupied the Faroes and Iceland to make sure the Germans would not establish footholds there. Under British occupation, the Faroese Landsting was given the right to pass legislation, giving the islands political autonomy. While formally remaining part of the Danish monarchy, the Faroes' ties to Denmark lay, for the remainder of the war, on ice.
Contacts with the motherland Denmark were severed for the remainder of the war; the Faroes had to issue their own banknotes and come up with provisorical postage stamps due to the unavailability of supplies from Copenhagen.
During WW II, British engineers built Vagar Airport in 1942-1943.

since 1945
Political Status . When the Faroese, in a 1946 referendum, voted for independence, the King of Denmark used his prerogative to declare the Faroese parliament dissolved; the islands were granted home rule in 1948. In 1973 the Faroese postal administration began the issuance of Faroese postage stamps. For 2001 another referendum on Faroese independence was scheduled. When Denmark hinted that annual subsidies by the Danish state would cease upon independence, the referendum was cancelled.
Infrastructure . In 1963, Vagar Airport (constructed in 1942-1943 as a military airport and no longer used after the war) was opened as a civilian airport.
The Economy . When Denmark joined the EEC in 1973, the Faroe Islands stayed out. In 1992 the economic recession of the fishing industry resulted in the failure of the fishermen's cooperative bank, which exacerbated the recession; emigration to Denmark increased. In 2001 the Faroe Islands had a population of almost 47,000 inhabitants. The Faroes, in 2005, expressed their interest in joining EFTA; this was not possible according to EFTA statutes; only independent states qualify as members. Oil has been found under the sea near the Faroes, and the development of a future Faroe Islands oil industry is expected (as of 2006).
Culture . In 1948 the first bible translation into Faroese was published. In 1957 the Faroese Writers Association was founded. In 1965 the University of the Faroes, at Torshavn, opened. Faroese tv broadcasting began in 1984.
Since 1988 the Faroese soccer team competed in qualifiers to European and World championships; in 1990 the Faroese defeated Austria 1-0.

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