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Burma, 1945-1948

Administration . In a 1944-1945 campaign, Burma was liberated from the Japanese, and the country was placed under British Military Administration. Following the defeat of Japan, the military administration faced the opposition of the AFPFL. On January 27th 1947, the Aung San-Attlee Agreement was signed, preparing the way for Burmese independence. On January 4th 1948, Burma was released into independence.

Domestic Events . Various leaders and factions of the AFPFL, which had jointly fought the Japanese during World War II, now competed with each other. In 1947 independence fighter and prominent political leader Aung San was assassinated by a political rival.

Inter-Ethnic Relations . The Panglong Conference of February 1947 resulted in an agreement between the AFPFL wing led by Aung San and representatives of the Shan, Kachin and Chin minorities to jointly oppose British rule and strive for Burmese independence; the conference is regarded the founding act of the Union of Burma.

The Economy . In 1945, Burma produced 2.6 million metric tons of rice, in 1948 5.2 million metric tons (IHS pp.194, 201).

Social History . J. Lahmeyer estimates the population of Burma in 1945 at 15.6 million, the figure for 1948 being 18.1 million.

Cultural History . The Burma National Olympic Committee was formed in 1947 and recognized by IOC the same year.

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