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Literature on the History of South East Asia
Burma Aceh
First posted on January 8th 2005, last revised on May 17th 2010

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The Kingdom of Arakan was established in 1431 with Mrauk U as its capital. It was conquered in 1783 by the Burmese Empire. Arakan was a seafaring nation, engaging in maritime trade and piracy. Arakan was majority Hindu, with a minority Muslim population. Relations with Bengal were poor because the King of Arakan claimed to rule over Bengal, and because of the Arakanese sale of abducted Bengali as slaves. Arakan was in contact with Arabs, Persians, the Portuguese, later the V.O.C. Following the First Anglo-Burmese War, Burma in 1826 ceded Arakan (and Tenasserim) to the E.I.C.; after the British acquisition of the remainder of Burma (1852-1886), Arakan was reintegrated into Burma. Since 1948 part of independent Burma (in 1989 renamed Myanmar). In 1989 Arakan was renamed Rakhine State.

Spelling varieties : Arrakan, Rakan, Arakan, Aracan, Arracan, Aracaon, Arracaon, Arracao

Timeline : Arakan
List of Wars, Burma

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Chronology for Rohingya (Arakanese) in Burma, from Minorities at Risk
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Accounts of History from Wikipedia; from Arakanland; from Banglapedia; John Ogilvy Hay, Arakan Past - Present - Future, posted by Arakan Library; Arakanese History at a Glance, from Rakhapura; Arakanese History, from Arakan Society; A Short Historical Background of Arakan, from Rohingya Times
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Economy & Finances Economy, from Arakanland, on economic history
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Social History
Ethnography Languages of Myanmar, from Ethnologue
Religion Muslim Influence in Arakan and the Muslim Names of Arakanese kings: A Reassessment, by Alamgir M. Serajuddin, 1986
Rohingya History, from Arakan Rohingya National Organisation
Article : Rohingya, from Banglapedia
Chronology for Rohingya (Arakanese) in Burma, from Minorities at Risk; Assessment for Rohingya (Arakanese) in Burma, from Minorities at Risk
Arakan, the Land of Buddhism - A Brief History of Mahamuni, by Khaing Kyaw Kyaw
Local History R. Mukherjee, The struggle for the Bay: The life and times of Sandwip, an almost unknown Portuguese port in the Bay of Bengal in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries, Revista da Faculdade de Letras, Historia Porto, III Serie, vol.9, 2008, pp.67-88
Institutions search Lighthouse Explorer for Myanmar
Environmental History Indo-Malayan Ecoregion, from WWF
Others The Portuguese in the Bay of Bengal, by Marco Ramerini
van Galen, Stephan Egbert Arie, Arakan and Bengal : the rise and decline of the Mrauk U kingdom (Burma) from the fifteenth to the seventeeth century AD, diss. Leiden 2008

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Individual Documents A 1608 letter by King Minrazagri to the VOC; Dutch transcription, Engl. translation, from Arakan Society Website
Historical Maps Talessman's Atlas, series of maps of the Eastern Hemisphere 1300 BC - 1500 AD
Map featuring Arakan, Lower Burma, from Historical Maps of India (Constable 1893)
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The Contemporaries of the Mughals, has a 17th c coin of Arakan
Arracan, pp.804-805 in vol.2 of W. Marsden, Numismata orientalia illustrata, 1825, GB

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