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Makassar Buton
First posted on January 14th 2010, last revised on May 8th 2010

The state which later became known as the Sultanate of Bone was established in the 14th century. An ally the V.O.C.
Since 1945/1949 part of the Republik of Indonesia. The Sultanate was dissolved in 1960.

Alternate spellings/names Bone, Boni, Bony

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Country Profiles Article : Bone State, from Wikipedia
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Timelines Search Google News Archive for Bone, click Timeline
Timeline of Indonesian History, from Sejarah Indonesia , 11 sub-timelines, illustrated, very detailed
Accounts of History on Celebes Article : Sulawesi : History, from Wikipedia
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on Bone Article : Bone State, from Wikipedia
Specific Periods
Administrative History
Military Articles Eerste Boni-expeditie (1824), Tweede Boni-expeditie (1825), Eerste Boni-expeditie van 1859, Tweede Boni-expeditie van 1859-1860, from Wikipedia Dutch edition
Economy & Finances Eastern Passage to China through Macassar Strait, pp.568-583, Islands, Bays etc. near the south-east part of Celebes pp.628-636, from James Horsburgh, The India Directory : Or, Directions for Sailing to and from the East Indies, China, Australia, vol.2 1852, posted by Internet Archive
Ethnography Bugis - History and Cultural Relations, from Every Culture
Article : Buginese Language, from Wikipedia
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Biographies Joannes Rambaldo, from van der Aa, Biografisch Woordenboek der Nederlanden

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Search Geheugen van Nederland voor Boni; Search Tropenmuseum for Boni; site in Dutch
Archival Deposits Memories van Overgave, from IDC Publishers; pdf file contains table of contents which lists Boni
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Document Collections Nick Habermehl, List of V.O.C. Shipwrecks, from Treasure Net
Historical Maps Map of Celebes, Buton etc. from 1646, Sir Robert Dudley, posted by Sanderus Maps
Encyclopedia Entries
Secular Article : Boni, Bugis, from EB 1911
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Bugis Bay, p.411 in W. Milburn, Oriental Commerce, or, The East India Trader's Complete Guide, 1825, GB
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