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First posted on May 8th 2002, last revised on February 8th 2008

The Sultanate of Brunei traces her origins back into the 14th century. At its climax in the 16th century it controlled the northern coast of Borneo as well as nearby islands such as Palawan and the Sulu Archipelago. When the Spanish established their control of the Philippines in 1565 and following, Brunei successfully resisted the Spanish. In the early 19th century, Brunei lost much of its territory to the Rajadom of Sarawak, other territory to the British North Borneo Company, Labuan to Britain. From 1888 to 1984 Brunei was a British protectorate; in 1984 Brunei Darussalam regained independence.

Until into the 19th century, the name "Borneo" was used for both the island and for the Sultanate respectively city of Brunei.

Timeline : Brunei
Historical Atlas, Brunei Page

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