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Literature on the History of South East Asia
History of Annam History of Cambodia
First posted on December 19th 2004, last revised on December 13th 2013

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Historic Kingdom located on the coast of south and central Vietnam, from the 7th to the early 19th century. Champa was engaged in maritime trade, in piracy, in agriculture; it developed the Champa variety of rice, which needs only a short time to mature and allows for two rice harvests per year. The dominant religion was Hinduism; in the 17th century the population converted to Islam. The capital used to be Indrapura. In 1471 it was defeated by Vietnam and lost much of its territory, which from the 16th to the end of the 18th century belonged to Annam. A reduced Champa, concentrated around the estuary of the Mekong, lasted on until into the early 19th century, when it was absorbed by Vietnam. Today, the Muslim Cham form an ethnic minority in Cambodia and Vietnam.

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Students' Papers : Lee, Hye Jin, Maritime History : The South China Sea until the later 19th Century (2012)

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