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Literature on the History of South East Asia
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First posted on May 20th 2002, last revised on May 16th 2010

In 1887, France created the Indochinese Union (French Indochina) out of her colonies and protectorates in South East Asia, viz. French Cochinchina (since 1863), Cambodia (since 1863), French Annam (since 1885), French Tonkin (since 1885). Laos was to join in 1893, Gwangzhouwan (alternative spellings Kouang Tcheou Wan, Kwangchowan, a port located in the Chinese province of Guangdong) was associated 1898-1946.
From 1940 to 1944 the area was only nominally under French rule; Japan exercised real control, from 1944 to 1945 also in its own name. Following the Japanese surrender the campaign of regional Communist organizations for independence began. French control of the major cities was restored by 1946-1947. French Tonkin, French Annam and French Cochinchina were united to form Vietnam (either as the Democratic Republic of Vietnam 1945-1954 as the Viet Minh wanted to have it, or as the Associated State of Vietnam under Emperor Bao Dai, which the French supported).
The crushing defeat in the Battle of Dien Bien Phu 1954 caused France to withdraw from Indochina. French Indochina was partitioned in the Kingdoms of Cambodia, Laos, the Empire of (South) Vietnam (monarchy abolished in 1955) and the Democratic Republic of (North) Vietnam.

For the history of Cambodia, Luang Prabang, Champassak, Viangchan, prior to French Rule, click the individual country ; for the history of Cochinchina 1802-1863, Annam and Tonkin 1802-1885 see Vietnam 1802-1885

Timeline : French Indochina
Historical Atlas : French Indochina Page

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Accounts of History General Sanderson Beck, Vietnam and the French 1800-1950
Specific Periods / Events 1941-1945. Indochina at the Crossroads, by Thomas Beamish
E.J.J. Diquet, Annam et Indo-Chine française: I. Esquisse de l'histoire annamite. II. Role de la France en Indo .. (1903) in French, posted on Internet Archive
Military Brigade Française d'Indochine S.R., from Amis de la Madeleine
Franco-Thai Conflict in WW 2, from Weird Wars
Economy & Finances Articles French Indochinese Piastre, from Wikipedia
Economic Statistics on Vietnam during its Colonial Period, by J.P. Bassino
Article : Banque de l'Indochine, from Wikipedia French edition
Religion Chronology of Catholic Dioceses : Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, from Kirken i Norge
Buddhism in Vietnam, by Jeff Barlow, from Wikipedia
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Buddhism in Laos, from Wikipedia
Islam in Cambodia, from Wikipedia
History of Regions see under History of French Annam, French Cochinchina, French Tonkin (Tongking), Cambodia, Laos
Local History History of Saigon, from Yahoo Travel; from HVVT, from Wikipedia
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Institutions History of the Ecole Francaise d"Extreme Orient, from IIAS
Trolleys in French Indochina : Hanoi, Saigon, from Tram Views of Asia
Indo-China, from Airline History
Others Yong En En, The Failure of Communism to take root among the Cambodians and the Lao before 1945 reflected the Success of a French Divide-and-Rule Policy which pitted these Groups against the Vietnamese. It also reflected the Fact that the Confucian Base of Vietnamese Culture made them more receptive to Marxism. Theravada Buddhist Base of Cambodian and Lao Culture,, NUS History Society e-Journal

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Indochine : Documents, from Academie Rheims
Yosuke Matsuoka Japan's Foreign Minister's Address at Opening of Thai-French Indo-China Border Dispute Mediation Conference, Tokyo, February 7, 1941, from Words of Peace, Words of War
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Final Declaration of the Geneva Conference on the Problem of Restoring Peace in Indochina, July 21, 1954 and the United States' Statement of Unilateral Dissent. from McGraw-Hill
Historical Maps collections see here
Cartotheque et Chronologie, from Dossier Indochine by Academie Rheims
Canby Publications, Cambodia : Historical Map Index
Historical Maps Archive : Historical Maps of Indo-China
Indochine Souvenir : Cartes
Links Belle Indochine, Cartes
French Indochina, Modern Map of French Indochina 1859-1939, J. de Salas Vara del Rey
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Detail, Modern
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Tour Guides, Travelogues Madrolle, Guide du voyageur: Indo-Chine, Canal de Suez, Djibouti et Harar, Indes Françaises, 1902, in French, IA
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Official Symbols Flags, Coats of Arms Flag, from FOTW; from Flags of French Asian & Near Eastern Territories : Far East
Coins, Banknotes Banknotes of French Indochina from World Currency Museum; of French Indochina from Ron Wise's World Paper Money; from Numismatic Image Gallery; Indochine Paper Notes, posted by Thuan D. Luc
Coins and banknotes from Vietnam and French Indochina, from Art Hanoi, from Coin Pictures 1892-1943, scroll down

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