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First posted on May 13th 2002, last revised on December 15th 2013

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for the history up to 1795, see History of the V.O.C.
for 1795-1949, see History of the Dutch East Indies

Princely States, in 1949 absorbed into Indonesia : Bulungan (E. Kalimantan), Kubu (W. Kalimantan), Kutai (E. Kalimantan), (W. Kalimantan), Paser (E. Kalimantan), Sanggau (W. Kalimantan), Sekadau (W. Kalimantan), Simpang (W. Kalimantan), Sintang (W. Kalimantan) Sukadana (W. Kalimantan), Surakarta, Tayan (W. Kalimantan), Ternate (Maluku), Tidore (Maluku), Yogyakarta

Historic States : Aceh (N. Sumatera), Bali (Buleleng, Klungkung etc.), Banjarmasin (S. Kalimantan), Banten (W. Java), Berau (E. Kalimantan), Bima, Bone (S. Sulawesi, -1905), Bunut (W. Kalimantan), Buton (S. Sulawesi, -1906), Cirebon (Java), Deli (N. Sumatera), Demak (E. Java 1475-1568), Gunung Tabur (E. Kalimantan), Jambi (E. Sumatera), Kediri (Java 1045-1222), Makassar-Gowa (S. Sulawesi, -1906), Mataram I (C. Java 732-1045), Mataram II, (E. Java 1570-1755), Majapahit (Java 1293-c.1500), Meliau (W. Kalimantan); Pajajaran (also Sunda, W. Java 669-1579), Palembang (S. Sumatera), Piasa (W. Kalimantan), Riau, Sailendra (C. Java c.650-852), Selimbau (W. Kalimantan), Siak (E. Sumatera), Silat (W. Kalimantan), Singhasari (Java 1222-1293), Srivijaya , Suhaid (W. Kalimantan)

Historical Atlas : Indonesia Page

Students' Paper : Ha, Sumin, Social Unrest and Urbanization in India, Indonesia and South Korea, 1940s to 1960s (2011)
Students' Paper : Choi, Sang Hyun, Heroes and Villains in the History of Indonesia (2010)

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Library of Congress, Country Studies : Indonesia
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Indonesian Internet Sites, from National Library of Australia
on History from Virtual Library History at IISG; from Virtual Library Labour History; from Virtual Library Economic and Business History; from Virtual Library Women's History; Category History of Indonesia, from Wikipedia
Organizations International Association of Historians of Asia (IAHA)
Japan Society for Southeast Asian Studies (JSSEAS)
The International Center for East Asian Archaeology and Cultural History (ICEAACH)
Finnish University Network for East and Southeast Asian Studies
Timelines Indonesian Perspective Timeline of Indonesian History, from Sejarah Indonesia , 11 sub-timelines, illustrated, very detailed
Timelines Other Perspective from timelines.ws, a website exploiting US newspaper articles, very detailed on the 20th century; from BBC News
Accounts of History Indonesian Perspective History, from Indonesian Embassy, Ottawa; from Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Washington
Profiles of Indonesia, fromEmbassy of the Republic of Indonesia, London; scroll down for history
Other Perspective from Lonely Planet
History of Indonesia, from Wikipedia; from Crime and Society. A Comparative Criminology Tour of the World (Robert Winslow)
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James Ross Corcoran, The Jingju-Wayang encounter : China and Indonesia during the Cultural Revolution and the Gestapu coup and countercoup
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Historiography Indonesian Perspective Kwa Chong Guan, Rewriting Indonesias History. The Future in Indonesia's Past (2006)
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Domestic Policies Article : Transmiugration Program (Transmigrasi), from Wikipedia
Foreign Policy Articles Indonesia-Malaysia Confrontation (Konfrontasi), ASEAN, Asian-African Conference (Bandung Conference), East Timor-Indonesia Relations, Australia-Indonesia Relations, People's Republic of China-Indonesia Relations, Indonesia-United States Relations, Indonesia-Israel Relations, Indonesia-Papua New Guinea Relations, from Wikipedia
James Ross Corcoran, The Jingju-Wayang encounter : China and Indonesia during the Cultural Revolution and the Gestapu coup and countercoup
Military Wars of Indonesia, from ACED
Armed Conflicts Report - Indonesia/Aceh, from Ploughshares
Armed Conflicts Report - Indonesia/Maluku, from Ploughshares
Recently Ended Conflicts - Indonesia/East Timor, from Ploughshares
Recently Ended Conflicts - Indonesia/West Papua, from Ploughshares
Recently Ended Conflicts - Indonesia/Kalimantan, from Ploughshares
Recently Ended Conflicts - Indonesia/Sulawesi, from Ploughshares
Global Security : Indonesia Special Weapons Guide, Military Guide, Intelligence Agencies
Orders, Decorations and Medals of Indonesia, from ODM
Category : Military History of Indonesia, from Wikipedia
Katherine E. McGregor, Case Study : The Indonesian Killings of 1965-1966 , from Online Encyclopedia of Mass Violence
Java 1945-1946, from Britain's Small Wars
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Economy & Finances A Global History of Currencies : Indonesia; What is the Indonesian Rupiah ?, from Go Currency
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The Economic History of Indonesia, from Economic History Encyclopedia
The Political and Economic History of Indonesia, by Thayer Watkins
History of Shell in Indonesia; Company History, from Pertamina; Indonesia Energy Profile, from Energy Information Administration
Mines and Communicites : Indonesia
Evolution and History of the Indonesian Aviation Industry, from Indonesian Aerospace
Indonesia's Long and Rich Tobacco Growing History, from Wismilak Cigars
Illegal Logging - History and Lessons from Indonesia, by Sato Yuichi
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Bas van Leeuwen, The Role of Human Capital in Endogenous Growth in India, Indonesia, and Japan 1890-2000, IEHC 2006
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Search Company History, Funding Universe : Company Histories for Indonesia
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Global Integrity : Indonesia 2004, Indonesia 2006
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Alcohol and Drugs History Society : Indonesia
Indonesia - History of the Third Sector, Indonesia : History of Philanthropy, from Philanthropy and the Third Sector in Asia and the Pacific
Crime and Society. A Comparative Criminology Tour of the World : Indonesia
Ethnography General Languages of Indonesia (742), from Ethnologue
Minorities at Risk - Indonesia, entries Acehnese, Chinese, Papuans
Country Report : Indonesia, from
U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (Reports 1997-2005)
Migration Information Source : Indonesia
Indonesia, from Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre
World Directory of Minorities and Indigenous Peoples : Indonesia
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Prevent Conflict : Indonesia
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Indonesia, from International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies - Cemetery Project
Catholic Church in Republic of Indonesia, from GCatholic
Article : Islam in Indonesia, from Wikipedia
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History of Regions see Aceh, Bali, Siak
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Kirsten Marie Brown, Decentralization & Ethnic Regionalism in Indonesia: The Case of Minahas, Diss. Univ. of Hawai'i 2002
Local History History of Jakarta (Batavia), from Berita Jakarta, from Wikipedia
History of Surakarta (Soerakarta), from Wikipedia
History of Surabaya (Soerabaja), from Wikipedia
History of Yogyakarta, from Wikipedia
History of Bandung, from Bandung City Homepage
History of Medan, from Wikipedia
History of Makassar (Ujung Padang), from Wikipedia
Structures, Institutions History of Railways in Indonesia, from Keretapi
Education in Indonesia, from Wikipedia; History of the University of Indonesia, from Wikipedia
Article Jakarta Stock Exchange, from Wikipedia
Article Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (Jakarta), from Wikipedia; Dutch East Indies; Indonesia, from Airline History
Structurae : Indonesia; Search Lighthouse Depot for Indonesia
Culture & Science Article Indonesian Language, from Wikipedia
Online books on History of Indonesian architecture, from ArchNet
Indonesia, from UK Food Online, a culinary histiory of Indonesia
Article Indonesia at the Olympics, Category Sport in Indonesia, from Wikipedia
Biographies List of Indonesians, from Wikipedia
Environmental History Indo-Malayan Ecoregion, from WWF; Australasia Ecoregion, from WWF
Disaster History by Country : Indonesia, from Relief Web; Category Disasters in Indonesia, from Wikipedia
Others International Boundary Studies, search for Indonesia
Historians say pandemic flu hit Indonesia in 1918, from Bird Flu Information Center

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Lists of Ambassadors Canadian Ambassadors to Indonesia 1952-, from MOFA Canada; U.S. Ambassadors to Indonesia, from NNDB; Chinese Ambassadors to Indonesia, from PRC MOFA; List of Ambassadors from the United Kingdom to Indonesia 1953-, from Wikipedia; Liste der Botschafter der Bundesrepublik Deutschland in Jakarta (Indonesien), from Wikipedia German edition; Embajadores de Mexico en Indonesia, from Acervo Historico Diplomatico
List of Canadian Heads of Post, click Indonesia
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The Indonesia / East Timor Documentation Project, from National Security Archive
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Constitutions Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia of 1945 (1989), from ASNIC
Laws List of Ratifications of International Labour Conventions by Laos, from ILO, 16 docs. since 1950
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Proclamation of Independence, Aug. 17th 1945, from Serajah Indonesia, in Bahasa Indonesia
Perhimpunan Indonesia, May 1945, Aan het Nederlandse Volk (Address to the People of the Netherlands), posted by Weduwe van Indie, in Dutch
UN General Assembly 3rd Session 1948-1949, Resolution No.274
Individual Documents State Historians conclude US passed names of Communits to Indonesian Army which killed at least 105,000 in 1965-1966, from National Security Archive
Historical Maps responsible institutions The National Agency for Surveys and Mapping of Indonesia (BAKOSURTANAL)
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Batavia 1920, 1935, Niehorster
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Moluccas 1935, Niehorster
Ambon (Amboina) 1941, Niehorster
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