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Literature on the History of South East Asia
Sumatra Borneo
First posted on December 24th 2013

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see also V.O.C., Dutch East Indies, 1795-1949, Indonesia

Java is Indonesia's 6th largest island. The tropical, moist climate and the exceptionally fertile volcanic soil of Java permit 4 harvests per year, which explains the island's high population density. The population, without Madura, in 2011 numbered 138 million. Ethnically, the population consists of the indigenous Sundanese (West Java), Javanese (Central, East Java), Madurese (Madura, East Java) and Balinese (East Java), as well as if descendants of immigrants, most notably the Chinese.

Homo erectus (Java Man) lived on the island 1.700.000 BP. During the Pleistocene, at least temporarily Java was connected with the Asian continent by a land bridge. During the Holocene, Java was an island. The megalithic site of Gunung Padang (West Java) is dated 6500 to 4800 BP.

Early History
Hinduism was influential during the early centuries CE, followed by Buddhism. The Hindu temple at Prambanan and the Mahayana Buddhist temple at Borobudur were both built in the 9th century CE. A number of inscriptions from the 8th and 9th centuries have been found, in Sanskrit language and Pallawa script or in Old Malay language and in Kawi script. Javanese kingdoms first are recorded in the 4th century; the 8th century Sailendra dynasty (credited for the construction of Borobudur) is of historical importance. However, documentation is scanty and the period remains "nebulous".

Precolonial History
The Sunda Kingdom (also called Pajajaran, capital Banten; West Java) lasted from 669 to 1579. In Central Java, Sailendra was succeeded by Kahuripan (1019-1045), Kediri (1045-1222) and Singhasari (1222-1292). Singhasari is credited for having brought about the decline of the Second Srivijaya in the Pamalayu Expedition of 1288. A Yuan expedition destroyed Singhasari in 1292; it was succeeded by Majapahit (1293-1527).
Majapahit controlled territory outside Java, most notably on Borneo. In the 15th century, Majapahit declined; Islam spread; the Sultanates of Cirebon (1445) and of Demak (1475) seceded.

During the 16th century, Islam became the dominant religion on Java; the Sultanate of Banten was established in 1527 and by 1579 had taken over the historical position of the Sunda Kingdom. In 1527, the Sultanate of Mataram replaced Majapahit. The conflict between Islam and Hinduism for political domination lasted longest in the eastern region of Blambangan (until 1580).
The Sultanate of Banten inherited Majapahit's territories on Borneo; it also ruled Lampung on southern Sumatra.
The Portuguese arrived in the early 16th century and established trade with Banten. The Portuguese did not construct any forts on Java. In the early 17th century, Dutch, English, French and Danish traders arrived, Banten being the most important trade center of that time. The Dutch V.O.C. in 1619 took possession of Jakatra, which it renamed Batavia and made the capital of her colonial empire. The V.O.C. was to become the leading force in regional maritime trade. On the occasion of succession conflicts in Mataram, the V.O.C. was asked to provide military assistance and in return was granted territory (Parahyangan, in Dutch : De Preanger, 1677/1705). The V.O.C. introduced a plantation economy (sugar, coffee). In 1743 the V.O.C. acquired Surabaya. In 1755 Mataram split into the Empire of Yogyakarta and the Sultanate of Surakarta. The V.O.C. declared bankrupcy in 1795.

Java within the Dutch East Indies
During the British occupation (1811-1816) the British authorities annexed the Sultanate of Banten (1813); now only two indigenous polities were left, Surakarta and Yogyakarta. Political reform had begun under governor Daendels (1808-1810) and continued under the British administration (Raffles) and after 1816 by the administration of the Dutch East Indies. In 1825-1830 a war against Surakarta and Yogyakarta was fought. In 1830 the cultuurstelsel (cultivation system) was introduced, which in essence meant the colony exploiting forced labour. New plantation products were introduced, most notably tea and opium. It was abolished in 1870.
Java was the core of the Dutch East Indies, Batavia its capital. The Dutch development of a plantation industry on Sumatra (Deli), of an oil industry on Sumatra, brought with it the importation of contract labour, most notably Javanese.

Java within Indonesia
Following World War II, several independence movements emerged in various parts of Indonesia. In 1947-1949 the Dutch tried to reestablish control (as the Dutch believed, revenue extracted from the colony was necessary to finance reconstruction in the Netherlands). Java (with 60 % of Indonesia's population, as of 2011) remained the center of the polity of Indonesia, the borders of which had been created by Dutch colonial rule. During the Sukarno and Suharto administrations (1949-1997) the policy of Transmigrasi was pursued, a program to resettle large numbers of Javanese and Madurese on less populated islands such as Sumatra and Borneo.

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Historical Polities R. Cribb, Digital Atlas of Indonesian History :
Airlangga's Kingdom, 11th Century, Singhasari's Empire Outside Java, Majapahit's Empire on Java, Majapahit's Overseas Empire, Java, the first half of the 16th century - the Rise of Demak, Java 1550-1594, Java 1595-1625, Mataram at the height of its power, early 17th century, Java in turmoil, 1676-1681: the Trunajaya rebellion, Mataram truncated: Amangkurat II and his rivals, 1681-1704, Mataram's Overseas Empire, (Central) Java after the Treaty of Giyanti, 1755, Java 1705-1768 : The Expansion of Dutch Rule, Java War 1825-1830, Princely states (Vorstenlanden) of central Java after 1830, VOC civil administration in central and east Java, 1792
Mapas Imperiales, scans, scroll down for Imperio de Kediri, Imperio de Majapahit, Imperio Islamico de Mataram, Imperio de Mataram, Imperio de Singhasari
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Map : Sunda Kingdom, from Wikipedia
Map : Mataram 1830, from Wikipedia
Map of Majapahit Empire
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(Central) Javanese territories ceded to the colonial governments of Daendels and Raffles, 1808-1812, Java Administrative Divisions at the conclusion of Daendels' rule (1811), 1832-1860, 1867-1900, 1901-1924, 1925-1931, Administrative Divisions in Central Java 1857, 1931, Jawa Tengah Administrative Divisions 2007, Yogyakarta Administrative Divisions 2007, Administrative Divisions in Eastern Java 1857, 1931, West Java : Colonial Political Divisions, 1730-1808, Administrative Divisions in West Java, Mid 19th Century, 1931, Jawa Barat Administrative Division 2007, Banten Administrative Division 2007,
Economy R. Cribb, Digital Atlas of Indonesian History :
Opium Monopoly in Java in 1881, Areas of Java under irrigated rice cultivation (sawah), ca 1937,
Religion R. Cribb, Digital Atlas of Indonesian History :
Islamization of Java 1480-1546,
Infrastructure R. Cribb, Digital Atlas of Indonesian History :
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Yogyakarta : Museum & Monument, from YogYes
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Official Symbols Flags, Coats of Arms
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