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Literature on the History of South East Asia
History of Malaysia Pahang
First posted on December 24th 2004, last revised on December 17th 2013

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for history prior to 1511, see Srivijaya, Malacca
split-offs : Siak (1725), Singapore (1819), Riau-Lingga (1819), Pahang (1853)
see also Unfederated Malay States, History of Malaya, History of Malaysia

The predecessor of the Sultanate of Johor is the Sultanate of Malacca (est. around 1400). The Portuguese conquest of Malacca in 1511 caused the Sultan to establishe a new residence - Johor.
In 1641 the alliance of V.O.C. and Johor drove the Portuguese out; the V.O.C. was to hold Malacca, Johor the hinterland.
In 1818 the Sultanate of Riau-Lingga split off Johor. In 1819 Johor ceded the island of Singapore to the E.I.C. (Bengal Presidency, Straits Settlements). In 1824 Britain and the Netherlands signed a treaty in which the the Netherlands, successor of the V.O.C., ceded Malacca to the British, and both countries agreed on the delimination of their spheres of interest in such a manner, that the mainland territories of Johor fell into the British sphere, the Sultanate of Riau-Lingga with Indragiri into the Dutch sphere.
In 1851 Pahang was split off from the Sultanate of Johor.
An unofficial British protectorate since 1819, until 1942 (mainland) Johor was one of the Unfederated Malay States. From 1945 to 1963 part of the Federation of Malaya, since 1963 part of the Republic of Malaysia.

Spelling varieties : Johor, Johore, Jor, Jehor, Yohor, Yhor

Historical Atlas, Malaya Page

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Tour Guides
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