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Literature on the History of South East Asia
Vietnam Thailand
First posted on May 4th 2002; last revised on December 13th 2013

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see also History of Lanxang 1353-1707, History of Champassak, History of Luangprabang, History of Viangchan (Vientiane), History of French Indochina
see also History of Mainland Southeast Asia

Until 1353
Prior to the 14th century much of the territory of modern Laos formed part of the Khmer Empire. The Tai migration and conquest in the 13th to 14th is believed to have caused in the emergence of a new socio-political structure : vassal monarchies, and a division into the ruling Lao and the ruled Khmu. The older view that the Lao, like the Tai, have immigrated, has been replaced by the view that both the Lao and Khmu descend from the previous population, believed to have consisted of Mon and Proto-Khmer. Historical evidence attests the presence of Hinduism (Saivism) in the region for the 9th century AD.

Lan Xang, 1353-1707
From 1353 to 1707 the region was under the control of the Kingdom of Lan Xang, the territory of which extended to both banks of the Mekong. By the 16th century, Theravada Buddhism had become the dominant religion.

Era of Partition, 1707-1893
In 1707 it was split in three (soon four), the Kingdoms of Luang Prabang (1707-1949), Viang Chan (1707-1828) (Vientiane), the Principality of Phuan (1707-1946) and the Kingdom of Champassak (1713-1946). During this period of partition, Siam attempted to extend its suzerainty over the Laotian kingdoms; it annexed Viang Chan in 1828; Luang Prabang, Phuan, Champassak became Siamese vassals. Sustained effort of Catholic missionaries to proselytize among the Lao began in 1858; the forst protestant missionary arrived in 1872.

French Protectorate, 1893-1954
In 1893 France established a protectorate over Laos, which was integrated into French Indochina. The French abolished slavery and ended legal discrimination against certain ethnic minorities. A rebellion begun by Ong Keo in 1901 under his successor lasted on until 1937. From 1940 (France occupied by Germany) to 1945, in nominally French French Indochina Japan was in control. When Japan faced imminent defeat, the status of the monarchy of Luang Prabang was elevated over its rivals; France formally restored (hitherto ceremonial) the monarchy in 1949.
French influence concentrated on the few urban centers. By the end of colonial rule, the large majority of the population was still illiterate, and only a small minority adhered to Catholicism. Positions in the administration were often held by Vietnamese immigrants (who had a better education).
Jan Lahmeyer gives population figures for Laos of 364,000 in 1890, 1,350,000 in 1940, 2,103,000 in 1954.

Kingdom of Laos, 1954-1975
In 1954 France withdrew from Indochina, and Laos was declared an independent Kingdom. From independence onward, the Vietnam Conflict was also fought on Laotian territory. Laos, in 1959-1962, pursued a policy of neutrality in an attempt to end the fighting. As the Ho-Chi-Minh-Trail passed through Laotian territory, in 1970 the country being drawn into the Vietnam War, in 1975 the Communist Pathet Lao took control of government and country, and the Lao People's Democratic Republic was proclaimed. During the war, a number of Laotians, esapecially members of the Hmong minority (Montagnards) collaborated with the U.S.; many of them left the country at the end of the war; significant communities of Laotians exist in the U.S. (230,000) and France (140,000).
In 1959 the first South East Asian Games were held in Laos.

Lao PDR, since 1975
Since 1975, Laos is an ally of Vietnam. While most Communist regimes fell in 1989-1991, those in Laos and Vietnam stayed in power, and adopted a Chinese style policy of reforming their economy to integrate it into a capitalist world economy (New Economic Mechanism, 1986). Laos being landlocked and having a comparatively low population density, it lacks behind Vietnam in its economic development.
The 2009 South East Asian Games were held in Laos.
Jan Lahmeyer gives population figures of 3,024,000 in 1975 and 4,974,000 in 1998. By July 2011 it was estimated at 6,480,000.

Historical Atlas : Laos Page

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