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Literature on the History of South East Asia
Celebes Lesser Sunda Islands
First posted on December 22nd 2013

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see also V.O.C., Dutch East Indies, 1795-1949, Indonesia

The Molucca Islands (Maluku in Bahasa Indonesia) are located between Celebes and New Guinea. The most important islands are Halmahera (Jailolo, Gilolo), Ternate, Tidore, Bacan, Macian, Ambon, Ceram (Seram), Buru.

The earliest pleistocene settlement took place before 30.000 BP; the first usage of domesticated plants 13.000 BP. Animals from other islands were introduced to the Moluccas during the late Pleistocene and early Holocene. The spice trade began before 3600 BC, as a clove has been found at an archaeological excavation in Syria; pottery and metal objects were used on the Moluccas at least since 2000 BC (Spriggs).

Early History
The Moluccas attracted foreign traders from an early time, and with them it is believed that Hinduism reached the islands.

Precolonial History
The Kingdom of Gapi (predecessor of Ternate) was established in the 13th century; conversion to Islam took place in the late 15th century. Indonesia's oldest mosque, the Wapauwe mosque on Ambon, was built in 1414.

Contrary to public perception, Magellan did not intend to circumnavigate the globe; he wanted to find a "Spanish" route to the Moluccas. Moluccan spices (cloves, nutmeg, mace) were highly sought after and could generate huge profit when sold in Europe. The Portuguese, from their stronghold in Malacca (since 1511) and the Spanish, from Mexico, later from the Philippines (since 1565) tried to establish footholds on the islands. They also tried to convert the local population to Christianity. Soon after its establishment in 1602, the V.O.C., in alliance with locals, took on the Portuguese and Spanish, and established a monopoly on the Moluccan spice trade; the regional V.O.C. headquarters were Ambon and Ternate. The V.O.C. took only small areas under their control; local politices, most notably the Sultanates of Ternate and Tidore, continued to exist; their influence spread beyond the Moluccas, with Ternate exercising sovereignty over significant parts of Celebes, and the Sultanate of Buton, and Tidore exercising sovereignty over parts of New Guinea. From 1683 the Dutch exercised indirect control.

The Moluccas within the Dutch East Indies
During the British occupation (1811-1816) the Moluccan monopoly on clove production was broken; the British would introduce them to Zanzibar.
The Dutch East Indies continued to apply a combination of direct and indirect rule. In the 19th century, missionaries were permitted to establish missions and schools. A significant Protestant community emerged on the Moluccas. The mission schools produced graduates who would serve in positions in the lower administration all over the Dutch East Indies. During the Japanese occupation (1942-1945), there was active resistance on the Moluccas.

The Moluccas within Indonesia
Following World War II, several independence movements emerged in various parts of Indonesia. In 1947-1949 the Dutch tried to reestablish control (as the Dutch believed, revenue extracted from the colony was necessary to finance reconstruction in the Netherlands). Numerous Moluccans served in the new Dutch administration and in the armed forces. When the Netherlands recognized Indonesian independence in 1949, the new Indonesian authorities regarded the Moluccans as collaborators (while the Moluccans regarded the new Indonesian administration as consisting of men who had collaborated with the Japanese during the war). On the Moluccans, distrust of the Javanese was wide-spread; an independent South Moluccan Republic was proclaimed. It was conquered by Indonesian forces in 1950. About 12500 Moluccans were transferred to the Netherlands, where South Moluccan Exile Government was maintained.
Since 1950 the Moluccas are a province of Indonesia. In 1999 they witnessed an outbreak of violence between the regional Christian and Muslim communities.

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Organizations The Islamic Manuscript Association (TIMA)
Ternate Heritage Society [despite English language title, in Bahasa Indonesia]
Museum Maluku, Utrecht, NL; homepage in Dutch/Bahasa Indonesia
Landelijke Steunpunt Educatie Molukkers (LSEM)
Siwalima (Site of Moluccan exile organization)
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Institute of the Malay World and Civilization, Sari 1999-2009, partly in English, partly in Bahasa Malaysia
Tribal Arts 1994-2004
Cakalele CAKALELE is a journal devoted exclusively to publishing the results of research in and about Maluku, as well as the Maluku communities scattered through Indonesia and the Netherlands.
Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association 1979-
Moussons. Recherche en sciences humaines sur l'Asie du Sud-Est
General Accounts On Southeast Asia Nicholas Tarling, The Cambridge History of Southeast Asia, 4 vol.s, Cambridge : UP (1992) 1999, KMLA Lib.Sign. 959 T188c
On Borneo Encyclopaedia Britannica, 15th edition, Macropaedia, Vol.21, pp.213-245 Article Indonesia KMLA Lib.Sign. R 032 B862h v.21
Steven Drakeley, The History of Indonesia, Westport CT : Greenwood 2005, KMLA Lib.Sign. 959.8 0763h
Specific Topics
Historical Atlasses Jan M. Pluvier, Historical Atlas of Southeast Asia, Leiden : Brill 1995 [G]
Yearbook Entries

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