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Literature on the History of South East Asia
First posted on May 8th 2002; last revised on December 19th 2013

The British North Borneo Company, chartered in 1881, took over territorial leases from the Sultanates of Brunei (1866) and Sulu (1878). North Borneo, capital Sandakan (until 1942; after the war : Jesselton), was under British administration except for the period of Japanese occupation 1942-1945. In 1963 British North Borneo was renamed Sabah and joined Malaysia.

North Borneo 1945-1963
North Borneo 1918-1945
North Borneo 1877-1918
North Borneo prior to 1877

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Environmental History

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Stamps Philatelic History of North Borneo and Sabah, from The Sarawak Specialists' Society
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