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Literature on the History of South East Asia
Vietnam South Vietnam
First posted on December 20th 2004, last revised on December 15th 2013

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For the time before 1802, see Champa, Annam, Tonkin
For 1802-1859/1885, see Cochinchina, Vietnam 1802-1885
For 1859/1885-1954, see French Tonkin 1885-1954, French Annam 1885-1954, French Tonkin 1885-1954, French Indochina 1887-1954
For since 1975, see History of Vietnam
see also History of Mainland Southeast Asia

In 1954 France withdrew from French Indochina; Cambodia, Laos, North Vietnam and South Vietnam were released into independence. South Vietnam consisted of the territory of French Cochinchina and a large part of French Annam (to the south of 17 degrees northern latitude). However, France had lost control of its possessions in Indochina in (1941) 1944. Following the end of Japanese occupation (1945) and of the Nationalist Chinese Military Administration (1946), the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (covering historic Annam and Tonkin, claiming, but not controplling Cochinchina) was declared; in 1950 it was recognised by both the USSR and the PR China.
The French attempted to restore colonial rule, were back in contyrol of Hanoi in 1947; in 1949 the French installed Bao Dai as the Emperor of the Associated State of Vietnam (including historical Annam, Cochinchina and Tonkin), but left the French remained in control of the armed forces.
The Vietnamese Communists who had fought the French, had achieved military victory at Dien Bien Phu 1954, and at the negotiation table in Paris had "only" been given North Vietnam, longed for the unification of the country under Communist rule. North Vietnam supported the Viet Cong, a Communist organization formed in South Vietnam to subvert and overthgrow the country's regime and to unify with the north. The escalating Vietnam War from 1968 onward saw North Vietnam being targeted by U.S. air raids. The U.S. withdrew in 1973; In a brief offensive in 1975, Viet Cong forces took Saigon; the Republic of Vietnam ceased to exist, Vietnam was reunified.

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