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New Spain V.O.C.
First posted on December 10th 2011

Philippines under U.S. Rule, 1898-1946 . Philippines Independent, 1946-

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1565-1821 . 1821-1863 . 1863-1898
for later history, see Philippines under U.S. rule, 1898-1946, Philippines independent, since 1946
see also Sultanate of Maguindanao, Sultanate of Sulu

The first European navigator to reach the archipelago was Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese who sailed for Spain, in 1521. The line drawn by the Treaty of Zaragoza in 1525 allocated the Philippines to Portugal, but because the Philippines had been named after Spanish crown prince Philipp (who went on to become King Philipp II. of Spain), an exception was made and the islands were allocated to Spain. From 1565 to 1571 the islands were conquered by a Spanish force, and became a dependency of the Viceroyalty of New Spain (Mexico), under the name of Spanish East Indies (with the Ladrones, Carolinas, Palau Islands and temporarily the Moluccas and the Spanish settlement on Taiwan as dependencies). The Captaincy General of the Philippines was established in 1573, the Real Audiencia of the Philippines in 1584. Communication with Spain went through Mexico, and took extremely long.
The outposts on Taiwan, in the Moluccas and on Celebes (Minahasa) were lost in the mid 17th century. A brief British occupation of Manila 1762-1764 caused the Spanish authorities to introduce changes, such as direct communication with the Philippines (since 1766). When Mexico became independent in 1821, the Philippines (with dependencies) became a Spanish colony of their own.

Until 1821, the Philippines were administrated as part of the Viceroyalty of New Spain; in 1821 Mexico declared independence. The Philippines remained Spanish and now were administrated from Madrid.
The Philippines hitherto had been a remote sideland of Mexico, its main economic purpose having been to facilitate the Spanish-Mexican China trade; Manila was an important entrepot for Spanish ships sailing to Canton (China). Now a new administration had to be established for the Philippines, more elaborate than the previous one, and Spain was faced with the question of how to cover its costs.
From 1831 onward Spain gave up the policy of forbidding foreign ships to enter Filipino ports and opened the ports of Zamboanga (1831), Manila (1834), Yolilo (1855) and Cebu (1863) to international trade. This step came in recognition, that illegal trade with foreign merchants was widespread and the legal Spanish trade sluggish. In 1844 foreigners were prohibited to enter the interior.
Filipino landowners were induced by a free market to change from their traditional subsistence farming to production for the market, for export, the main products being tobacco, sugar cane, abaca (Filipino hemp). In 1839 the government granted freedom of occupation and residence to ethnic Chinese; Chinese immigrants, mainly from Fujian, soon dominated the trade in major cities such as Manila. The Spanish-Filipino Bank was established in 1856, the Manila Mint in 1857. The population of the Philippines numbered c. 2.675 million in 1840, c. 3.816 million in 1850.
Filipino society for a long time had been dominated by monks, Augustinians, Dominicans, Franciscans (the Jesuits had been expelled in 1768 and only were allowed to return in 1859), to an extent that historians have coined the expression Friarocracy. Filipinos were barred from entering religious orders; all educational institutions were run by the church; the natives were kept in ignorance of foreign languages (except Spanish), of sciences and engineering, in order to perpetuate the rule of the Spanish.
In 1841 the continued exclusion of Filipinos from priesthood and religious orders caused a revolt, lead by a monk, Apolinario de la Cruz. It was suppressed. Other rebellions had occurred in 1823, 1835 and 1854.
The first newspaper in Manila was published in 1822. In 1860 the country's first Masonic Lodge was founded. In 1863, Manila suffered severe destruction from a major Earthquake.
In the south, Moro Resistance continued. In 1851 the Spanish occupied Jolo, the main island of the Sultanate of Sulu, and fortified the town of Jolo. From 1860 onward, the Spanish authorities employed shallow-draught steel gunboats, which facilitated them to fight Moro piracy in the waters of Mindanao and the Sulu Archipelago more efficiently.

The year 1863 marks a turning point in Filipino history, not only because the earthquake of 1863 destroyed Manila Cathedral. An Educational Reform was implemented, which opened the system of higher education to Filipinos and modernized the curriculum.
Offers by King Leopold I. of Belgium to purchase the Philipines (1869-1875) were unsuccessful.
When liberal revolutionaries deposed Queen Isabel II. in Spain, a liberal governor, General Carlos Maria de la Torre, was appointed for the Philippines. He abolished censorship, introduced the right for free speech and free assembly. However, de la Torre was succeeded by a reactionary, Rafael de Izquierdo, who cancelled his predecessor's liberal reforms. In 1872 a rebellion broke out on Cavite island. In 1876 the Sultanate of Sulu was formally annexed.
Filipino intellectuals (some of them having studied in Spain) began agitating for Filipino self-government or independence. In 1889, the newspaper 'La Solidaridad' (solidarity) was first published. In two novels published in 1886 and 1891, Jose Rizal criticized the brutality of the Spanish colonial regime. In 1892, after returning to the Philippines from Spain, he founded the organization La Liga Filipina (the Filipino League); he was arrested the same year; in 1896 he was tried for treason and executed. A secret resistance organization, Katipunan, founded in 1892, in 1896 launched an armed insurrection; the rebels controlled part of the Philippines, the Spanish another part. Rebel leader Aguinaldo proclaimed the Republic of Biak-Na-Bato, but in negotiations agreed to take a large sum of money and leave the country.
The opening of the Suez Canal in 1869, in connection with the new steam ship technology, facilitated much improved connections between the Philippines and motherland Spain; the Philippine Friarocracy was no longer isolated. A first census was held in 1878, further censi followed in 1887 and in 1898, the latter uncompleted. In 1880 Manila was connected with Hong Kong by sea cable. The first Filipino railway line was opened in 1891.
In 1887, a Philippine Exposition was held in Madrid. The Philippine population in the late 19th century was around 5-6 million and grew; figures however are contradictory.

When the Spanish-American War broke out in 1898, part of the Philippines were under the control of insurgents. The Spanish administration in Manila surrendered to the U.S., and Spain ceded the Philippines to the U.S. Guam became a separate U.S. possession; the Northern Mariana Islands and the Caroline Islands, at that time including Palau, were sold to Germany in 1899.

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Guide to the Records of the U.S. Senate at the National Archives, The Journey of the Philippine Archives Collection, Chapter 12. Records of the Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs and Predecessor Committees, 1816-1968
Laws secular, general Recopilacion de las Leyes de Indias, 1680, posted by Archivo Digital de la Legislacion en el Peru, in Spanish
Recopilacion de las Leyes de Indias, vol.1 1681, vol.3 1681, vol.4 1681, index 1681, in Spanish, GB
Recopilacion de las Leyes de Indias, vol.1 1756, vol.4 1756, in Spanish, GB
Recopilacion de las Leyes de Indias, vol.1, 1774, vol.2, 1774, vol.3, 1774, in Spanish, GB
Recopilacion de las Leyes de Indias vol.1, 1791, vol.2, 1791, vol.3, 1791, in Spanish, GB
J. Rodriguez San Pedro, Legislaci? ultramarina, 1868, in Spanish, GB
Biblioteca de legislaci? ultramarina en forma de diccionario alfab?ico, 1844, in Spanish, GB
secular, special Real ordenanza para el establecimiento e instruccion de intendentes de exercito y provincia en el Reino de la Nueva Espana, 1786, in Spanish, GB
Constituciones, y ordenanzas, para el regimen, y govierno del Hospital Real, y General de los Indios de esta Nueva Espana, 1778, in Spanish, GB
Arancel de los derechos parroquiales en las Islas Filipinas publicado con su traduccion tagala, 1890, in Spanish and Tagalog, SBB
The ordinances of the mines of New Spain, 1825, in Spanish, GB
Reales ordenanzas para la direccion, regimen y gobierno del importante cuerpo de la mineria, 1783, in Spanish, GB; also from Biblioteca Universia
ecclesiastical Estatutos, y ordenaciones de la Santa Provincia de San Gregorio de Religiosos Descalzos de la regular, y mas estrecha observancia de N.S.P.S. Francisco de Philipinas: dispuestas, y ordenadas por el compromisso de el Discretorio, y Diffinitorio en el Capitulo Provincial celebrado en nuestro convento de Nuestra Se?ra de los Angeles de la ciudad de Manila el dia 8 del mes de Iunio del a? de 1726 : Y mandadas dar ?estampa por el Ministro Provincial, y Venerable Difinitorio el a? de 1730, 1730, in Spanish, GB
Estatutos de la Santa y apost?ica Provincia de San Gregorio Magno de Filipinas de religiosos menores descalzos de la regular y mas estrecha observancia de nuestro padre S. Francisco: dispuestas y ordenadas en virtud de breves apost?icos y derechos can?ico y regular, 1870, in Spanish, GB
Treaties U.S. Bureau of Insular Affairs, Philippine Islands: Acts of Congress and Treaties Pertaining to the Philippine Islands in Force .. (1920), posted on Internet Archive
Consular Reports Report on the Commercial Relations of the United States with All Foreign Nations Philippine Islands : Manila, pp.156-160, Ponce pp.154-156 in 1857, GB
Document Collections Coleccion de documentos ineditos relativos al descubrimiento, conquista y organizacion de las antiguas posesiones Espanoles vol.2, 1862, vol.3, 1863, vol.5, 1865, vol.6, 1866, vol.8, 1867, GB
Coleccion de autos acordados de la Real audiencia chancilleria de Filipinas: Y de soberanas y superiores disposiciones que afectan al ramo de justicia o conviene tengan presentes los jueces que reunen a la vez el caracter de gobernadores de provincia. Publicada por dicho superior tribunal, vols.1-2, 1865, GB
Documentos para la historia de la administracion de filipinas, 1891, in Spanish, GB
Cartas de los padres de la compana de Jesus de la Mision de Filipinas, 1895, IA
Individual Documents Real Cedula de ereccion de la Compania de Filipinas de 10 de marzo de 1785, GB
Historical Maps Maps of the Philippines, from PCL, UTexas
Map : Languages of the Philippines, from Wikipedia
Atlas of the Philippines, from Wikimedia Commons
Talessman's Atlas, series of maps of the Eastern Hemisphere 1300 BC - 1500 AD
F. Blumentritt, Ethnographic Map of the Philippines 1890, posted by Austrian-Philippine Website
Map Manila 1851, from PCL, UTexas
Map Manila and Suburbs 1898, from PCL, UTexas
Map Manila 1898, provided by Emerson Kent
J. Algue, Atlas of the Philippine Islands, 1900, IA
Encyclopedia Entries
Secular Article Philippine Islands, pp.475-477 in vol.14 of Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1797, GB
Article Philippine Islands, pp.275-276 in vol.16 of Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1823, GB
Articles Philippinen, Cebu, Luzon, Manila, Mindanao, Palawan, Sulu, from Meyers Konversationslexikon 1885-1892, in German
Religious Article Philippine Islands, Cebu, Jaro (Iloilo), Manila, Palawan, Zamboanga, from Catholic Encyclopedia 1907-1914 edition
Ostindien, pp.677-696 in vol.2 of C.Fr. Staeudlin, Kirchliche Geographie u. Statistik, 1804, in German, GB
Economic Philippine Islands, pp.426-433 in vol.2 of W. Milburn, Oriental Commerce, 1813, GB
Entry : Philippinische Inseln, pp.587-588 in vol.3 of Leipziger Handwörterbuch der Handlungs-, Comptoir- und Waarenkunde, 1819, in German, GB
J. Chr. Nelkenbrecher, Allgemeines Taschenbuch der Münz-, Maass- und Gewichtskunde für Banquiers und Kaufleute (General Manual on Coinage, Measurement and Weights, for Bankers and Merchants) Berlin 1832, in German, entries Manila, posted by DTBSWS
Gülich, Gustav von, Geschichtliche Darstellung des Handels, der Gewerbe und des Ackerbaus der bedeutenden handeltreibenden Staaten unserer Zeit (Historical Description of Trade, Industry and Agriculture of the Important Trading States of Our Time), Jena : Frommann 6 vol.s 1830-1845, chapter : Das vormals Spanische Amerika : Philippinen, vol.4 1844 pp.89-91, posted by DTBSWS
E.G. Balfour, The cyclopaedia of India and of Eastern and Southern Asia, commercial, industrial, and scientific; products of the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms, useful arts and manufactures (1885), vol.1, vol.2, vol.3, posted on Internet Archive; search for Philippines
Political The Philippine Islands, pp.25-35 in vol.8 of T.G. Smollett, The present state of all nations, 1769, GB
Geographical Article : Philippines, pp.285-294 in vol.6 of A.A. Bruzen de la Martiniere, Le grand dictionnaire geographique et critique, 1736, in French, GB
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Of the Philippine Islands, pp.29-32 in J. Carver, The new universal traveller: containing a full and distinct account of all the empires, kingdoms, and states, in the known world 1779, GB
Of the Caroline, Bashee, Philippine and Pelew Islands, pp.141-162 in vol.1 of J. Payne, Universal geography formed into a new and entire system 1794, GB
De Philipijnsche Eilanden, pp.450-463 in vol.3 of J.H. Tuckey, Aardrijkskunde voor den Koophandel, 1819, in Dutch, GB
The Phillipine Islands, pp.79-83 in J.H. Moor, Notices of the Indian archipelago & adjacent countries, 1837, GB
The Philippines, pp.243-273 in vol.14 of E. Reclus, Universal Geography, n.d. [1876-1894], IA
The Philippine Islands pp.294-295 in J. MacFarlane, Economic geography, c. 1910, GB
Ethnological Manilla, Mindanao pp.200-202 in S. Morewood, A Philosophical and Statistical History of the Inventions and Customs of Ancient and Modern Nations in the Manufacture and Use of Inebriating Liquors, 1838, GB
The Philippine Natives pp.220-222 in A.H. Keane, The World's Peoples: A Popular Account of Their Bodily & Mental Characters , 1908, GB
Historical The Present State of the Oriental Islands, pp.92-112 in vol.1 of Th. Salmon, Modern history or the present state of all nations, 1744, GB; The Present State of Mexico : Trade with the Philippines, pp.216-217, in vol.3 of Th. Salmon, Modern History or the Present State of all Nations, 1746, GB
The Philippines, pp.394-403 in A General history of the several nations of the world , 1751, GB
Les Philippines, pp.118-133 in J.J. Vaissette, Geographie historique, ecclesiastique et civile, 1755, in French, GB
Philippine Islands, pp.235-237 in vol.64 of G. Sale, An Universal history, from the earliest account of time 1765, GB
F. Sonnerat, Of the Philippines and Moluccas 1782, posted by Austrian-Philippine Website
Philippine Islands, p.387 in vol.2 of S. Maulder, The history of the world: comprising a general history, 1856, GB
Parliamentary Debates Hansard (British Parliament)
Exhibition Catalogues E. Taviel de Andrade, Historia de la exposici? de las Islas Filipinas en Madrid el ano de 1887, 1887, in Spanish, GB
Tariffs Manilla (and back, from the U.K.) - 420 days, p.148 in : Ellis' British Tariff for 1832-1833, 1835, GB
Tour Guides
Travelogues C.L.F.F. Renouard Sainte-Croix, Voyage commercial et politique aux Indes Orientales, aux iles Philippines, a la Chine, avec des notions sur la Cochinchine et le Tonquin pendant les annees 1803, 1804, 1805, 1806 et 1807, 1810, in French, GB
M. de Poterat, Journal d'un voyage au Cap de Horn, au Chili, au Perou, aux iles Philippines, et a la cote de Nouvelle Espagne, 1815, in French, GB
Bowring, John, A visit to the Philippine Islands, 1859, SBB
LeGras, Alexandre, Description des iles et des passages, compris entre la partie nord de l'ile Luçon et des iles du Japon, 1857, in French, SBB
A. Marche, Luçon et Palaouan: six annees de voyages aux Philippines , 1887, in French, IA
A. Craig, The former Philippines thru foreign eyes, 1917, IA
Residence Memoirs R.M. Micking, Recollections of Manilla and the Philippines during 1848, 1849, And 1850 (1851), IA
P.P. de la Gironiere, Twenty Years in the Philippines, 1854, IA (1819-1839)
Institutions Archives The National Archives, from WikiPilipinas
Musea National Museum of the Philippines
Monuments Tentative List : Philippines, World Heritage List, scroll down for the Philippines; from UNESCO World Heritage
The Philippines Index, from Showcaves
Libraries National Library of the Philippines; Article : National Library of the Philippines, from Wikipedia
Libraries in the Philippines, from LibDex, 23 entries
National Symbols Flags, Coats of Arms
Coins, Banknotes Coins of Spanish Philippines, from Oriental Coins Database
Stamps Rare Philippines Stamps, from Sandafayre Stamp Gallery; Philippines stamps issue 1852-1882, from Stamps Catalogue 1840-1920 by Evert Klaseboer

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Historical Retana, Wenceslao Emilio, Bibliografia de Mindanao, 1894, SBB
J.T. Medina, Bibliograf? espanola de las Islas Filipinas (1523-1810) 1897, IA
A.G.S. Josephson, Bibliographies of the Philippine Islands, 1899, IA
Biblioteca Filipina : o sea catalogo razonado de todos los impresos, tanto insulares como extranjeros, relativos a la historia, la etnograf?, la linguistica, la botanica, la fauna, la flora, la geologia, la hidrografia, la geografia, la legislacion, etc., de las Islas Filipinas, de Jolo y Marianas, 1903, in Spanish, IA
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General Accounts on South East Asia Nicholas Tarling, The Cambridge History of Southeast Asia, 4 vol.s, Cambridge : UP (1992) 1999, KMLA Lib.Sign. 959 T188c
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Specific Topics Cesar Adib Majul, Muslims in the Philippines, University of the Philippines Press 1999 [G]
James Francis Warren, The Sulu Zone 1768-1898, Quezon City : New Day (1981) 1985 [G]
Sources William Henry Scott, Prehispanic Source Materials for the Study of Philippine History, Quezon City : New Day (1984) 2000
Historical Dictionaries Ester G. and Joel M. Maring, Historical Dictionary of the Philippines, Metuchen N.J. : Scarecrow 1973 [G]
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