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First posted on December 10th 2011, last revised on December 13th 2013

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1898-1916 . 1916-1935 . 1935-1941 . 1941-1946
for earlier history, see Philippines under Spanish rule, 1565-1898
for later history, see Philippines independent, since 1946
see also Sultanate of Maguindanao, Sultanate of Sulu

In 1898 Emilio Aguinaldo returned from his brief exile and he again took the lead of a rebellion. Spain faced another rebellion simultaneously on Cuba, and soon the Spanish-American War broke out. The Filipino rebels controlled most of the Philippines; in 1898, Aguinaldo proclaimed the independence of the Republic of the Philippines. On Dec. 10th 1898, in the Treaty of Paris, Spain ceded her claims to the Philippines to the US. Spain further sold the Caroline and Mariana Islands except Guam (U.S.) to Germany in 1899.
The United States did not recognize the Aguinaldo administration and sent troops to 'pacify' the islands. The US forces, with superior arms, were victorious; after two years (1899-1901), the forces loyal to Aguinaldo weree defeated. Resistance lasted longest in the Sulu Islands (until 1906).
The US administration quickly implemented a number of administrative, judicial, educational reforms, thus terminating a several century old Spanish tradition and replacing it by modern institutions modeled after American ones. A bicameral parliament was introduced (1902), church and state were separated, church lands confiscated and later sold. In 1903, the Philippine Peso was introduced as national currency. In 1906, Spanish was replaced by English as the official language. The first parliamentary elections were held in 1907.
In the US opinions over America's colonies were divided. Conservatives, mostly Republicans, favoured a longer period of US rule in which the Philippines were to be developed economically as well as politically. Progressives, mostly Democrats, favoured an early release of the islands into independence.
Under Governor F.B. Harrison (1913-1921) a Filipinization of the Administration took place, as increasingly Filipinos were appointed to administrative positions until they outnumbered Americans by far.
The Philippines experiences a continued, sustained population growth, from c. 7.6 million in 1903 to c. 10.3 milion in 1918.
The colonial status of the Philippines resulted in access of Filipino products to the US markets, as all trade restrictions quickly were removed. There was some immigration of Chinese and Japanese workers. Unlike the established colonies in South East Asia, the Philippines did not experience the establishment of large plantation by immigrants from the mother country.
In 1901 a network of submarine telegraph cables was laid in Philippine waters. The Philippine Olympic Committee was formed in 1911 and recognized by IOC in 1929.

Administration . In 1916, U.S. Congress passed the Philippine Autonomy Act (Jones Law). It created a Filipino-only bicameral legislature consisting a Senate and a House. Manuel L. Quezon served as President of the Philippine Senate 1916-1935. His authority was limited by that of the U.S. Governor General of the Philippines.
Since 1907, the Philippines were represented in U.S. Congress by a Resident Commissioner.
In 1934, U.S. Congress passed the Philippine Independence Act; following a plebiscite the Commonwealth of the Philippines was established in 1935.
World War I . In 1918 25,000 Filipinos served in the U.S. Army in Europe.
The Economy . In the years under US administration, the area under cultivation steadily increased (1916 : 1.2 million hectares planted with rice, in 1935 2.0 million hectares (IHS p.158)). Main agricultural products were rice, sugar cane, maize, copra, Manila hemp; main livestock held hogs, water buffalo and cattle. In 1916, the Philippines produces 0.9 million metric tons of rice, in 1935 1.8 million metric tons (IHS p.194).
In 1920, the Philippines had 8,300 passenger cars and 2,700 commercial vehicles in use; the respective numbers for 1935 were 27,000 and 16,000 (IHS pp.756-757).
Social History . Jan Lahmeyer gives population estimates of 9.5 million for 1916 and 14.7 million for 1935.
Cultural History . In 1917 the Adventist University of the Philippines was established in Cavite.
Manila hosted the 4th Far Eastern Games in 1919, the 7th Far Eastern Games in 1925 and the 10th Far Eastern Games in 1934.
Filipino athletes participated in the Summer Olympics of Paris 1924, Amsterdam 1928 and Los Angeles 1932. Swimmer Teofilo Ildefonso won bronze medals in 1928 and 1932.

Status . In 1934, the US Congress passed the Tydings-McDuffie Act, which foresaw Filipino independence after a 10-year period of transition. In a 1935 plebiscite, the Filipino electorate approved a new republican constitution; independence was foreseen for 1944. The Commonwealth of the Philippines were largely autonomous; the US administration was set to withdraw.
Administration . A constitution was adopted in 1935, and, following presidential elections, Manuel L. Quezon became the first president of the Commonwealth of the Philippines (1935-1944).
Since 1907, the Philippines were represented in U.S. Congress by a Resident Commissioner.
The Economy . In 1935, the Philippines produced 1.8 million metric tons of rice, in 1941 1.3 million (IHS p.194).
Social History . Jan Lahmeyer gives population estimates as 14.7 million in 1935 and 16.9 million in 1941.
Cultural History . Filipino athletes participated in the Summer Olympics at Berlin 1936. Runner Miguel White won bronze in the 400 m hurdles.

Japanese Invasion . Hours after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the Japanese invasion of the Philippines began. The Japanese landed to the north and south of Manila, the US-Philippino forces being pinned down on Bataan Peninsula, where they found themselves under a constant air and artillery bombardment. US commander Douglas MacArthur was ordered to evacuate (with Philippino President Quezon); on leaving, he proclaimed "I shall return". Bataan fell in May, the island of Corregidor in June 1942. The soldiers were interned in P.O.W. camps; many died from harsh treatment, poor sanitary conditions, physical exhaustion or infectious disease.
Administration . In 1935 the Commonwealth of the Philippines had been established, been promised independence for 1946. Manuel Luis Quezon served as first president of the Commonwealth of the Philippines, since 1935. In consequence of the Japanese invasion, he moved into exile to Washington (January 3rd 1942).
A pro-Japanese administration was established in 1943, first headed by Jorge B. Vargas, President of the Executive Commission of the Philippine Council of State, and, following the general elections, since October 1943 by President Jose P. Laurel. A new constitution had been drafted in 1943.
In the course of the liberation, the administration of the Commonwealth of the Philippines returned from U.S. exile on Oct. 20th 1944 (President Sergio Osmena, 1944-1946).
Japanese Treatment of the Philippines . The Philippino population felt little sympathy for the Japanese who demanded submission, the delivery of rice, raw materials and forced Labour.
Resistance . Resistance against the Japanese was strong, and partisans controlled large areas in remote regions. Most effective were the Hukbalahap, the resistance organization formed by the CPP (Communist Party). The Filipino Chinese had a resistance organization of their own, the Huaqiao Warriors.
Liberation . In October 1944, US forces landed on Leyte, in February Manila was liberated. Fighting continued until the Japanese surrendered in Sept. 1945. MacArthur turned over government to President Osmena. Japan surrendered on August 15th 1945. Full independence was granted in 1946.

Students' Papers : Lee, Jin Hyuck, The Den Haag Peace Conference 1899-1900 as Portrayed in Punch, has reference to the Philippino-American War (2008)

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