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Literature on the History of South East Asia
Burma Thailand
First posted on January 11th 2005, last revised on May 18th 2010

The Shan States include Baw (Maw), Hopong (Hopon), Hsahtung (Thaton), Hsamöngkem (Thamaingkan), Hsawnghsup (Thaungdut), Hsenwi (Theinni ; North Hsenwi and South Hsenwi), Hsihkip (Thigyit), Hsipaw (Thibaw), Kehsi Mangam (Kyithi Bansan), Kengcheng (Kyaingchaing), Kenghkam (Kyaingkan), Kenglön (Kyainglon), Kengtung (Kyaingtong), Kokang, Kyon, Kyawkku Hsiwan (Kyaukku), Laihka (Legya), Lawksawk (Yatsauk), Loi-ai (Lwe-e), Loilong (Lwelong), Loimaw (Lwemaw). Manglon, Monghsu, Mawkmai (Maukme), Mawnang (Bawnin), Mawson (Bawzaing), Mongkawng (Mogaung), Mongkung, Mongleng (Mohlaing), Monglong, Mongmit (Momeik), Mong Nai (Mone), Mongnawng, Mong Pai (Mobye), Mong Pan, Mong Pawng (Maing Pun), Mongping (Maingpyin), Mongsit (Maingseik), Mongtung (Maington), Mongyang (Mohnyin), Mongyawng,Namhkai (Nanke), Namhkok (Nankok), Namhkom (Nankon), Namtok (Nantok), Namkhok-Nawngwawn, Panglawng, Pangmi, Pangtara (Pindara), Pwehla (Poila), Sakoi, Samka, Tawngpeng, Wanmaw (Bhamo), Wanyin (Banyin), Wuntho (Wynn Tho), Yawnghwe (Nyaungshwe), Ywangan (Yengan)
From 1886 to 1948 part of British Burma. From 1948 to 1962 part of the Union of Burma which provided a degree of autonomy for the states. The Wa States were used by Kuomintang Chinese forces as a base of operations against the PRC. Development of the Golden Triangle.
Since 1962 Burma saw constitutional changes which resulted in centralization, the disregard of regional autonomy and democratic rights & institutions.

Timeline : Shan

List of Wars, Burma

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The Shan States of Burma : Toyotas, Traders and Tribes, by Leslie Nevison
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Historical Data Lists of Statesmen Shan and Karen States, from World Statesmen
List of Shan State Rulers, from Wikipedia
Population Figures Historical Population Statistics : Myanmar, Provinces, from Population Statistics
Documents Image Databanks
Archival Deposits Search National Archives (UK)
Constitutions, Laws
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