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Literature on the History of South East Asia
First posted on May 15th 2002, last revised on December 16th 2013

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for earlier history, see Malacca -1511, Malacca 1511-1824, Johor
for regional history, see also History of Labuan, Singapore
see also Malay Peninsula -1895, History of Malaya, History of Malaysia

In 1786 the E.I.C. acquired Penang (from the Sultanate of Kedah), in 1819 Singapore (from the Sultanate of Johor) and in 1824 Malacca (from the Netherlands). In 1826 these three possessions were combined as the Straits Settlements, and they were placed under the Presidency of Bengal. In 1867 the Straits Settlements were declared a separate Crown Colony. The Cocos (or Keeling) Islands (hitherto under Ceylon) were placed under the Straits Settlements in 1886, Labuan in 1906. Frim 1942 to 1945 the Straits Settlements (except for the Cocos Islands) were under Japanese occupation. In 1946 the Straits Settlements were dissolved. The Cocos Islands and Christmas Island until 1957 were administered by Singapore and since by Australia. Labuan became part of British North Borneo. Penang and Malacca joined the Federation of Malaya (1946) and in 1963 the Republic of Malaysia. Singapore in 1963 joined Malaysia, only to be expelled from the latter in 1965.

Timelines : Straits Settlements; Singapore
Historical Atlas, Straits Settlements Page

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Links, on History
Timelines see here
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Specific Periods
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Governors of the Straits Settlements, from Singapore Infopedia
The India List and India Office List, 1905, GB
British Governors of the Straits Settlements, from Penang Traveltips
Statistical Data Population Figures Singapore, from Population Statistics at Univ. Utrecht
Malaysia, Administrative Divisions, from Population Statistics at Univ. Utrecht; data for Melaka, Pulau Pinang
History of Census Taking in Singapore, from Statistics Singapore, scroll down
Report on the census of the Straits Settlements, taken on the 5th April 1891, posted by NUS, by Sabrizain
Documents Historical Newspapers Newspaper Singapore (1831-2006)
Search University of Malaya Common Repository for "Straits Settlements Government Gazette"; has numerous issues of 1922
Sejarah Melayu Librar, click : News & Dispatches. Has articles from 1783 to 1951
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National Library Singapore, Singapore National Album of Pictures
The Straits Settlements in Postcards, from Singapore Archives Online
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Masruddin, Old Photos of Malaysia, uncommented
Historic Photos of Liberation, Malaysia Militarum
Rod38, Old Penang Island, photos; dotphoto : Old Penang Photos
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Trolleys in Malaysia : Penang, from Tram Views of Asia
Trolleys in Singapore, from Tram Views of Asia
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Archival Deposits A Sense of History: a select bibliography on the history of Singapore, Official Records
NUS Libraries, Executive Government (before 1867), Executive government (1867-1965)
The Straits Settlements : Annual Reports 1855-1941, advertisement posted by Archive Editions
Tamotsu Nishizawa, Historical Statistical Materials on Malaya in London
Search Janus for Straits Settlements
Search National Archives (UK) for Straits Settlements
Search New Zealand Electronic Text Centre for Straits Settlements
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The acts and ordinances of the Legislative council of the Straits Settlements, from the 1st April 1867 to the 7th March 1898, IA
Cases Heard and Determined in Her Majesty's Supreme Court of the Straits Settlement 1808-1884 vol.1 : Civil Cases 1885, vol.3 : Magistrates' Appeals 1886, vol.4 : 1885-1890 Civil, Ecclesiatical .. Appeals 1890, IA
Document Collections
Individual Documents British trade in certain colonies. Reports on British trade in British West Africa, Straits Settlements, British Guiana, and Bermuda, furnished to the Board of trade by the honorary correspondents of their commercial intelligence branch in those colonies 1913, IA
Report on the Progress of the Straights Settlement, from 1859-60 to 1866-67. 1867, IA
Wikisource, Straits Settlement and Johore Territorial Waters Agreement of 1927
Historical Maps see here
An atlas of the southern part of India, including plans of all the principal towns & cantonments, reduced from the grand trigonometrical survey of India, shewing also the Tenasserim provinces, 1854, posted on Internet Archive, has Malacca, Singapoor map
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Encyclopedia Entries
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see also articles on Singapore, Malacca, Penang
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On Malacca (1824-1946) :
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On Penang (1786-1946) :
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Parliamentary Debates Hansard (British Parliament)
Tour Guides
Memoirs Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore Story, 1999, 680 pp., memoirs of Singaporean PM until 1965, has chapter on Japanese occupation
Institutions Archives National Archives of Singapore
Arkib Negara Malaysia
Musea Penang Museum, Penang Islamic Museum
Virtual Museum Melaka
National Museum Singapore
Labuan Museum
Libraries National Library, Singapore
National Library of Malaysia
National Symbols Flags, Coats of Arms Flag, from FOTW
Coins, Banknotes Banknotes of the Straits Settlements, from Ron Wise's World Paper Money
Coins of the Straits Settlements, from Coin Pictures
Stamps Rare Straits Settlements Stamps, from Sandafayre Stamp Gallery; Straits Settlements stamps 1867-1902, from Stamps Catalogue 1840-1920 by Evert Klaseboer

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