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Burma Ayutthaya
First posted on April 16th 2010

From the 9th to the 14th centurty, the land of modern Thailand was part of the Khmer Empire. The Thai, believed to be driven out of present-day Yunnan and adjacent regions by the Mongol conquest of Nanzhao (Dali), which was completed in 1253, migrated southward, establishing the Kingdoms of Sukhothai in 1238, of Lanna in 1262, of Ayutthaya in 1351. Sukhothai was absorbed Ayutthaya in 1583, Lanna in 1774.
The Burmese conquest of Ayutthaya in 1767 marks a turning point in Thai history. Briefly Thonburi served as capital (1767-1782). Siam, as the country was called, recovered.
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Students' Paper : Choi, Eun Suk, History of Buddhism in South East Asia

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Historical Data Lists of Statesmen List of Thai Monarchs : Kingdom of Sukhothai, from Wikipedia
Documents Image Databanks Images of Sukhothai, from Fotosearch
Category : Sukhothai, from Wikimedia Commons
Historical Maps see here
Talessman's Atlas, series of maps of the Eastern Hemisphere 1300 BC - 1500 AD
Institutions Musea Museum Websites Ramkhamhaeng National Museum, Sukhothai, from Discovery Thailand
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National Symbols Flags, Coats of Arms Seal, from Wikimedia Commons
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