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Literature on the History of South East Asia
Burma Thailand
First posted on January 9th 2005, last revised on April 22nd 2010

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see also History of Siam / Thailand, History of Burma / Myanmar

The province of Tenasserim in 1793 was ceded by the Kingdom of Siam to the Kingdom of Burma, which again ceded it to the East India Company in 1826 (Bengal Presidency). In 1858 the E.I.C. territories became British Crown Colony. Following the British acquisitions of Lower Burma (1852) and Upper Burma (1886), Tenasserim was attached to Burma, which was separated from British India in 1937.

Timeline : Tenasserim

List of Wars, Burma

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Accounts of History A.P. Phayre, History of Burma : including Burma proper, Pegu, Taungu, Tenasserim, and Arakan : From the earliest time to the end of the first war with British India, 1883, IA
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Military History J.J. Snodgrass, Narrative of the Burmese War, 1827, GB
Th.T. Baker, The recent operations of the British forces at Rangoon and Martaban, 1852, IA
Economy & Finances H. Falconer, Report on the Teak Forests of the Tenasserim Provinces , 1852, IA
F. Mason, The natural productions of Burmah ; or, Notes on the fauna, flora, and minerals of the Tenasserim, 1850, IA
Social History
Ethnography Languages of Myanmar, from Ethnologue
J. Anderson, The Selungs of the Mergui Archipelago, 1890, IA
W.G. White, The sea gypsies of Malaya : an account of the nomadic Mawken people of the Mergui Archipelago with a description of their ways of living, customs, habits, boats, occupations, etc., 1922, IA
History of Regions A Brief History of the Mergui Archipelago, from Burma Adventures
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Historical Maps Map featuring Andaman, Nicobar, Tenasserim, from Historical Maps of India (Constable 1893)
An atlas of the southern part of India, including plans of all the principal towns & cantonments, reduced from the grand trigonometrical survey of India, shewing also the Tenasserim provinces, 1854, IA
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Secular Article Tenasserim, from EB 1911
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Parliamentary Debates Hansard (British Parliament)
Travelogues The Itinerary of Ludovico di Varthema of Bologna from 1502 to 1508, translated primary source, SEAS 2004, posted on IA
C. Fedrice of Venice, Account of Pegu in the 1560s, SEAS 2004, IA
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Coins Tavoy, Mergui, Tenasserim, pp.806-807 in vol.2 of W. Marsden, Numismata orientalia illustrata, 1825, GB

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