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Literature on the History of South East Asia
Burma Cambodia
First posted on May 17th 2002, last revised on December 13th 2013

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for earlier history, see Ayutthaya . Sukhothai
for regional history, see Sultanate of Pattani . Nakhon Si Thammarat (Ligor) . Phuket (Junk Ceylon) . Satun
see also History of Mainland Southeast Asia

Until the 14th century
From the 9th to the 14th centurty, the territory of modern Thailand was part of the Khmer Empire, which had its center at Angkor (modern Cambodia). The Thai, believed to be driven out of present-day Yunnan and adjacent regions by the Mongol conquest of Nanzhao (Dali), which was completed in 1253, migrated southward, establishing the Kingdoms of Sukhothai in 1238, of Lanna in 1262, of Ayutthaya in 1351.

From the 14th century until 1782
Sukhothai was absorbed by Ayutthaya in 1583, Lanna in 1774.
The Burmese conquest of Ayutthaya in 1767 marks a turning point in Thai history. Briefly Thonburi served as capital (1767-1782). Siam, as the country was called, recovered.
The first Portuguese embassy arrived in 1511; a treaty between Portugal and Siam was signed in 1516. The Portuguese established trade factories in Ayutthaya and in other places in Siam. The first V.O.C. embassy arrived in 1608; a treatyu between the V.O.C. and Siam was signed in 1616. The V.O.C. established a trade factory in Ayutthaya.
In 1662 Pope Alexander VII created the Vicariate Apostolic of Siam; the Missions Etrangeres de Paris were charged with its establishment and maintenance. In 1680 the French East India Company (est. in 1664) established contact; Siam sent embassies to France in 1680, 1684, 1686, 1688. The first French embassy arrived in Siam in 1685. French engineer Lamarre, at Siamese request, built a fortress in Bangkok. The French garrison at Bangkok was taken and France's influence curtailed in the 1688 Revolution.

The E.I.C. (British) conquest of Tenasserim (1824), Lower Burma (1852) and Upper Burma (1886), the French acquisition of Cambodia (1859), Cochinchina (1863), Annam, Tonkin (1885) made the position of Siam ever more precarious. In 1893 France took possession of Laos. In 1907/1909 French Indochina and British Malaya were expanded at the expense of Siam. Siam was able to maintain her independence as a buffer state.

since 1932
In 1932 a coup d'etat marks the begin of a policy of modernization. The country was renamed Thailand.
In World War II (1941) Thailand was coerced into becoming a Japanese ally. While Communist guerillas successfully fought the governments in South Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, in Thailand the armed forces remained in control of the country. In 1954 Thailand was one of the founder nations of SEATO, in 1967 of ASEAN.

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National Museum in Thailand
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