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Literature on the History of South East Asia
History of China History of Annam
First posted on December 17th 2004, last revised on December 15th 2013

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For 1802-1859/1885, see Cochinchina, Vietnam 1802-1885
For 1859/1885-1954, see French Tonkin 1885-1954, French Indochina 1887-1954
For 1954-1975, see History of North Vietnam
For since 1975, see History of Vietnam
see also History of Mainland Southeast Asia

In western sources published prior to 1945, Vietnam during the years 1500 to French colonization does not appear as one political entity, but instead as three distinct entities - Tonkin (Tonquin, Tongking, Tonking etc.), Annam and Cochinchina. In 1802, the Nguyen Dynasty unified these three (Vietnam 1802-1885). While many contemporary western scholars were aware of this, the names Annam, Cochinchina and Tonkin continued to be used, at imes for the historical region, at times for the entire polity. Modern Vietnamese historiography emphasizes that these were fragments of essentially one greater unit, Dai Viet.
WHKMLA attempts to provide easy access to numerous historical sources, both primary and secondary. For sources on Dai Viet, see History of Vietnam. From 1887 to 1954, Tonkin, Annam and Cochinchina together with Laos and Cambodia formed part of French Indochina.

Historical Atlas : Vietnam Page
Timeline : Tonkin

List of Wars : Vietnam

Students' Paper : Son, Bo Kyung, The History of Persecution of the Buddhist Faith (2011)

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Local History History of Hanoi, from Lonely Planet
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Article Tonkin, from Wikipedia
Article Hanoi, from Wikipedia
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Historical Data Lists of Statesmen from World Statesmen, by Ben Cahoon; from Regnal Chronologies,
Vietnamese History, from LuanPhan, has list of Kings of the various dynasties
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Image Databanks Historic Picture Postcards : Tonkin, from Postcardman
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Document Collections Asia for Educators : Primary Sources with DBQs, Vietnam
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Historical Maps map Tongking, from Meyers Konversationslexikon 1888, posted by Wikimedia Commons
map Indochina, from Scottish Geographical Magazine 1886, posted by Wikimedia Commons
see WHKMLA Historical Atlas, South East Asia, French Indochina, Vietnam pages
Atlas of Vietnam, from Commons Wikimedia
Talessman's Atlas, series of maps of the Eastern Hemisphere 1300 BC - 1500 AD
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Parliamentary Debates foreign Hansard (British Parliament)
Institutions Archives Search ARCHIEVEN.NL for Tonkin
Musea Hanoi Museums, from Haivenu
Libraries National Library of Vietnam, page in Vietnamese
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Vietnam Coins and Paper Notes, from Viet Touch

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