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First posted in April 2002, last revised on November 18th 2013

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until 1884 . 1884-1996 . since 1966

Precolonial History, to 1884
In 1836 the first Boer settlers arrived in the area; in 1840 followed by British missionaries, among them Robert Moffat, who translated the bible into Setswana. In 1840, Selegama, chief of the Bamangwato, repeatedly repelled Matabele incursions. His successor Khama III.. (since 1872; he was baptized in 1860) applied for British protection in 1882 (he was concerned about Matabele raids as well as about the unrest caused by the discovery of gold at Tati). Khama III. outlawed alcohol consumption, wizardry, polygamy, the practise of paying for brides.
The first christian missions were established in Bechuanaland in 1872.

British Protectorate, 1884-1966
In 1884 Britain declared a protectorate over Bechuanaland - a thinly populated stretch of land, mostly Kalahari desert, in central southern Africa. The reason for Britain claiming it was predominantly to prevent it to fall to Germany, which was establishing it's colony of German Southwest Africa (modern Namibia) in 1884. The stretch of land south of the Molopo River in 1885 was annexed by the Cape Colony.
In 1888, Cecil Rhodes obtained a treaty from Lobengula, King of the Matabele; in 1889, his British South Africa Company obtained a royal charter permitting him to establish colonies - Mashonaland, and since 1893 Matabeleland, as well as Barotseland north of the Zambezi soon came under the British South Africa Company's administration. The transit route from the Cape Colony (Kimberley) through southeastern Bechuanaland became the lifeline for the emerging colony of Rhodesia.
The administrative capital of Bechuanaland was established at Mafeking. Southern Bechuanaland was annexed by the Cape Colony in 1885, creating the unique situation that the capital of what remained of the Protectorate of Bechuanaland was located outside it's territory.
Much of what is today eastern Botswana was also claimed by Matabeleland; in 1887 Samuel Edwards, an agent of Cecil Rhodes, obtained a concession for mining in the area which later was transferred to Tati Concessions Limited; the region was integrated into the Bechuanaland Protectorate.
In 1891 the British High Commissioner for South Africa was charged with the administration of B.; from 1891 to 1930 the British administration pursued a minimalistic approach.
In 1895 the British South Africa Company applied for the incorporation of Bechuanaland into its territory; three Tswana chiefs, among them Khama III., visited London and successfully protested against the plan.
A railway line was built, which diminished the economic effects of the transit on Bechuanaland; soon afterwards, the Boer republics of Transvaal and Oranje were conquered in the Boer War (1899-1902), opening an alternative route through Transvaal.
When the Boer War broke out in 1899, a Boer force laid siege to Bechuanaland's capital Mafeking (which was located in the Cape Colony); Mafeking, under the command of Lord Baden Powell, held out.
For 1904, Bechuanaland's population was estimated at 130,000 - spread over a territory of a million square km.
In 1914, World War I broke out. German Southwest Africa quickly was occupied by South African troops.
From 1919 onward, the Caprivi Strip, which had been ceded by Britain to Germany in 1890, on paper a part of SWA, was administrated as part of Bechuanaland.
In 1920 an European Advisory Council (7 members) and a Native Advisory Council (max. 35 members) were appointed to assist the Resident Commissioner, who himself was under the direction of the High Commissioner for Basutoland, the Bechuanaland Protectorate and Swaziland. Khama III. died in 1923.
Until 1932 the protectorate's currency was based on the Gold Standard. In 1932 the Pim Report observed widespread poverty, malnutrition, poor health condition, lack of qualified administrative personnel, lack of funds for infrastructure projects. The British Colonial Administration then approved a nudget of 177 million Pounds Sterling.
In 1933 an African court found a white man guilty of raping an African woman; he was sentenced to whipping. The High Commissioner responded by dispatching 200 troops; King Tshekedi Khama was deposed. The European colony in Bechuanaland, however, sided with him, and so Tshekedi Khama was reinthroned.
More than 10,000 Bechuanas served in World War II, in Syria and other areas of the Middle East. In 1941 a military camp was established as Lobatse.
After World War II the British implemented constitutional reforms, granting the country's population voting rights.
A 1938 petition of the white population of the Tati District for incorporation into Southern Rhodesia was not approved.
A 1946 census counted a population of 252,869, of whom 2,325 were Europeans, 96 Asiatics and 1,708 'coloureds'. The protectorate had a training center for African teachers. South African law was applied in the protectorate. In 1940 a dairy industry was established.
Seretse Khama, son of King Tshekedi Khama, while studying in Britain, married an Englishwoman. He then was refused permission to return to his homeland; in 1948 his father Tshekedi Khama was forced to leave the country. Both returned in 1956.
In 1950, the European and Native Advisery Councils were combined to form the Joint Advisory Council. In 1961 is was renamed Legislative Council, with widened authority. Half of the members were whites, half were blacks, at a time when 3,200 whites and 317,000 natives inhabited Bechuanaland. In 1961 a constitution was passed, replaced by another constitution in 1965, which foresaw Home Rule. Transition to independence was smooth. In 1965 the capital was moved from Mafikeng (located in South Africa) to Gaborone. In 1966, independence was declared.

Independence. since 1966
Independence was declared in 1966, and Botswana found itself a state with a black majority government surrounded by countries where the white minority ruled - South Africa, Southwest Africa, Rhodesia.
Botswana, aware of it's economic dependence on South Africa, pursued a moderate policy, publicly condemning South Africa's Apartheid policy, but not taking any action directed against it's southern neighbour. The country's recent history is characterized by peace and stability, which facilitated economic growth. Tourism is a major industry.
In the 1970es, the South African Army used the Caprivi Strip as a basis from where it supported the Angolan UNITA rebels. A separate Caprivi administration was established, complete with flag. It was internationally not recognized; Caprivi was outside of Botswanan control. In 1990, when Namibia became independent, Botswana ceded the area to Namibia.

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