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Literature on the History of Southern Africa
Cape Colony Natal
First posted June 10th 2011, last revised on November 25th 2013

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Until 1848 . 1848-1865
For the country's history since 1865, see History of the Cape Colony

Until 1848
Old maps refer to the Xhosa as the Kaffers, to their country as Kaffraria. The Boers have used the word Kafirs in a derogatory sense, so that it is now regarded politically incorrect. The lands inhabited by the Xhosa have been dubbed Transkei and Ciskei in Afrikaans, referring to the land beyond espectively on this side of the Kei (= stone) river, thus indicating that the settlers came from the west.
The Xhosa people had a common language and religion; their political structure was that of a tribal kingdom. The economy was primarily based on cattle herding.
With the arrival of white settlers (Boers) in the late 18th century, conflicts over land began, which continued after the hitherto Dutch Cape Colony changed into British hands in 1806/1815. In 1834 the land to the west of the Kei River was annexed by the British Cape Colony; in 1848 Great Kaffraria, the land to the east of the Kei River, was annexed by the British.

British Crown Colony, 1848-1865
In 1848 Britain annexed the Transkei region, naming it Great Kaffraria; it was declared a Crown Colony. The British encouraged pursued a settlement policy, encouraging immigrants from Germany and Ireland to come into the country. The Xhosa felt threatened; Xhosa prophetess Nongqawuse called on her people to secure the help of their ancestors by slaughtering their cattle; the subsequent mass slaughter resulted in a famine and mass starvation. In 1865 it was incorporated into the Cape Colony.

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