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Literature on the History of Southern Africa
First posted on June 24th 2011

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A Shona polity in southern Africa (modern Zimbabwe) which existed in the early 16th century when the Portuguese came in contact with it; the Portuguese refered to it as Monomotapa. It was a source of gold; Portuguese trade with the Kingdom of Mutapa was facilitated through the Swahili city of Sofala (present-day Moçambique).
From 1629 to 1663 Mutapa was under Portuguese domination, from 1663 to 1694 a protectorate of the Rozwi Empire, until 1712 again a Portuguese protectorate, then briefly a Rozwi protectorate until independence was restored in 1720, by which time much of its former territory had been lost to the Rozwi Empire. In 1759 following the death of a ruler, the polity disintegrated.

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Whole Country, Historical Map of Monomotapa by Blaeu 1635, posted by Wikipedia
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