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First posted in April 2002, last revised on November 21st 2013

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until 1868 . 1868-1884 . 1884-1966 . since 1966

Until 1868
The Basuto Kingdom was established by King Moshoeshoe (ruler since 1831) , who reorganized remnants of Sesotho-speaking tribes dispersed by raids of the Zulu and Matabele. Moshoeshoe is regarded the founder of a nation with a common language, religion, common social institutions, a judicial court, a council and a powerful army. He selected Maseru, an easily defensible mountaintop natural fortress his capital.
In 1842, Moshoeshoe I. invited French missionaries from the Paris Evangelical Fraternity; they established a station at Morija. In that year, Moshoeshoe I. for the first time applied to the Cape Colony administration for a treaty of protection, which was not granted. A first treaty, though not of protection, was signed in 1843. Soon they came in contact, and often in conflict with Boers settling the Orange river area. In 1854, the sale of alcoholic beverages was forbidden by law. From 1854 to 1859, Basutoland for the first time was a British protectorate. An 1859 law forbade the permanent settlement of Europeans in Basutoland. In 1864 a land conflict between the Orange Free State and Basutoland over territory broke out; the Cape Colony administration refused to side with Basutoland. The Boer-Basuto War (1864-1866) was terminated by the Treaty of Thaba Bosia, in which the Basuto ceded the disputed land; at Boer insistance, the French missionaries were expelled. In 1867, the Basuto again took up arms against the Boers. In 1868, Basutoland was proclaimed a British protectorate.

Since 1868 a British Protectorate, Basutoland was annexed by the Cape Colony in 1871, without the Basutos being consulted. Cape rule was resented, and in 1880/1881 the Basuto rebelled (the Gun War). The Cape Colony decision to disarm the Basuto had sparked the rebellion. In 1882 the government in London was asked to take over the administration. In 1884, Britain placed Basutoland under direct British rule (the Colonial Office).

In 1884, Basutoland was placed under a High Commissioner, who in 1885 also became responsible for Bechuanaland and in 1906 also for Swaziland. British administration was minimalistic; the two British officials were advised to do nothing in excess of the revenue (from local taxation). In effect little was done beyond keeoping law and order. Alcoholism spread, and suppression of the natives by their own chiefs was another problem.
In 1891, Basutoland had a population of 218,000, in 1904 of 349,000. In 1903 a National Council was established.
The Boer War (1899-1902) found Basutoland, though a British protectorate, caught between the fronts.
In 1910, the Union of South Africa was formed. Basutoland was completely surrounded by it. The Union several times applied for the integration of Basutoland and Swaziland; the Colonial Office rejected it every time. In 1910 Basutoland was given a colonial constitution; the Laws of Leronthodi (traditional laws) were codified.
In 1932 to 1934 Basutoland suffered through a drought crisis. As Basutoland did not have many plantations, it was only indirectly affected by the Great Depression. The Pim Report of 1934 criticized abuses by an increasing number of native chiefs, pointed out the necessity of soil conservation, criticized the British policy of non-interference. In 1938 the Native Administration and Native Courts Proclamation was to address that problem. The native chiefs were placed under the supervision of the High Commissioner; 1340 chief courts were replaced by 122 magistral courts.
Basutoland remained under the administration of the High Commissioner for Basutoland, Bechuanaland and Swaziland. The monarchy was left intact; authority, however, lay with the High Commissioner. In 1946 a national treasury was established.

Independence, since 1966
In 1966, the country was released into independence. It took on the name Lesotho.

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