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First posted in April 2002, last revised on November 17th 2013

History of Maravi/British Central Africa/Nyasaland/Malawi : Narrative . References : Online Secondary Sources . Online Primary Sources . Bibliographic and Print Sources

Maravi Confederacy . 1889-1907 . 1907-1953 . 1953-1963 . Since 1964

Maravi Confederacy
The Maravi Confedewracy was established by Bantu people immmigrating into the valley of the Shire River (flowing out of Lake Nyassa) around 1480 A.D. It flourished into the 18th century, extending into stretches now belonging to Zambia and Mocambique.
In the 19th century the neighbouring Yao raided on them, selling captive Maravi on the slave markets of Kilwa and Zanzibar. In the 1860es, Islam was introduced into the area through contact with Swahili slave traders.
In 1859 the region was visited by David Livingstone; protestant missionaries established stations in 1873. A British consul was sent there in 1883.

British Central Africa Protectorate, 1889-1907
A British Consul for the territories north of the Zambezi, Captain Foote, was present in the Maravi Federation since 1883, stationed at Blantyre. There was a conflict with Mlozi, an Arab slave trader, and the Yao tribes under his influence. In 1885, the African Lakes Company began acquiring treaties which granted them far reaching rights over the area. In 1889, with the Portuguese also undertaking expecitions in the area, Britain declares the Shire Highlands Protectorate, which was extended in 1891 to form the Nyasaland Districts Protectorate (including the Ngonde Kingdom further north and the Chikulambyene in the South), in 1893 rechristened the British Central Africa Protectorate (until 1907). In 1891 an expedition was undertaken against Yao chiefs and slave raiders Mohandanji and Mponda; in 1897 the protectorate was regarded pacified. Commissioner, between 1891 and 1897, was Sir Henry Hamilton Johnston; he established the protectorate's administration, police force, signed treaties with indigenous chiefs. He pursued a policy of granting land to prospective plantation farmers and mining entrepreneurs/companies, which was to provide an economic structure capable to supply the proitectorate with a revenue basis. This land policy deprived the natives of the best lands, took advantage of the natives' inexperience with legal procedures. In addition, the natives were burdened with a hut tax. Resistance was organized on the tribal level, ineffective, and easily suppressed; the last Jumbe (Swahili chief, residing at Nkhotakota), was deported in 1905.
Meanwhile the missionaries had had some success; some natives were ordained ministers, among them John Chilembwe who even was sent to the US to study theology. Appalled by the racism of the white settler community, many of these native ministers founded separate communities for African christians.
H.H. Johnston received a salary from Cecil Rhodes' British South Africa Company, which had acquired a majority of shares in the African Lakes Company. In 1904 British Central Africa was placed under the administration of the Colonial Office.
Blantyre was the economic and cultural center of the protectorate; it had been established as a mission station in 1876. Zomba in the Shire Highlands was selected as residence of the governor and administrative center of the protectorate. Plantations were established, where coffee was grown. A railway was built, connecting the protectorate with the Portuguese port city of Beira (Mocambique) completed only in 1935.

Nyasaland Protectorate, 1907-1953
In 1907, the British Central Africa Protectorate was renamed into Nyasaland. The administration was seated at Zomba. The Executive Council and the Legislative Council were established, the latter a consultative body (the authority to make decisions lay solely with the governor), consisting of ex-officio and appointed members, all white and male. Charged with the representation of African interests was a (white) missionary.
In 1908 Blantyre was connected by rail with Nsanje (a port on the Shire river, accessible by seagoing ships through the lower Zambezi), a connecting the European community in Nyasaland had looked forward to.
In 1912 the colony became self-supporting for the first time and balanced its budget throughout the first World War. The main export products were cotton, tobacco, rubber and coffee. A poor harvest (the best lands being planted with crops for export) caused famine among the native population. In 1914, c. 40,000 Nyasalanders worked abroad, mostly in the mines of South Africa and Rhodesia.
The seat of administration and residence of the British governor was Zomba, in the Shire Highlands. The Central African Coumcil, formed of representatives from Northern, Southern Rhodesia and Nyasaland, functioned as an advisory and consultative body. Further there were Executive and Legislative Councils nominated by the crown (since 1907).
The principal exports were Tobacco and tea. Since 1935, the protectorate was connected by railway with the port of Beira in Portuguese Mocambique. In a 1945 census, the population was established at 2,044,707 Africans, 2,940 Asiatics and 1,948 Europeans, the latter mostly British nationals. In 1949 (SEAYb. p.873) wages for native labour were given as follows : farm boys 12s. 6d. per month plus food, house boys 12s. 6d. to 20s., cooks 15s. to 30s., skilled artisans 20s. to 150s., clerks 25s. to 250s. Native labour was praised as "the best in Southern Africa", but at the same time "hardly sufficient to maintain local industries". Educational institutions were insufficient in number and equipment; the British administration invested little in the infrastructure, as it was keen to balance the colony's revenues and expenses.

Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland 1953-1963
In 1953, the British Colonial Office decided to establish the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, with it's seat of administration in Salisbury (modern Harare, Zimbabwe), a measure which was described in 1949 as "desired by the European population, resented by the Asiatic and native population" (SEAYb 1949 p.873). This measure was carried through, despite the protest of the people of Nyasaland.
African political organizations were founded, most importantly the NAC (1944, Nyasaland African Congress) and the MCP (1959, Malawi Congress Party); African Provincial Councils (est. 1944-1945) the first consultative bodies to which native representatives could be elected. In 1949 the first native and the first Asian representatives were appointed to the Legislative Council, in 1959 the first native to the Executive Council.
1959 was a year of crisis, as the MCP, pressing for independence, organized non-violent resistance and the government declared state of emergency. Countrywide elections in 1961 were won by the candidates of the MCP. Dr. Kamuzu Banda was appointed prime minister in 1963. In 1963, the federation was dissolved; in 1964, independence declared. Nyasaland became the Republic of Malawi.

Independence, 1964-
Domestic Policy . In 1964, Malawi proclaimed independence. In 1966 the constitution of a republic was adopted. As the country's first president, Hastings Kamuzu Banda was elected (-1994). His rule turned authoritarian; still as p.m., in the September 1964 Cabinet Crisis he broke with several cabinet ministers. Factually, Malawi was a one-party-state; in the 1966 elections the ruling party candidates ran unopposed. In 1971 the elections were cancelled by president Kamuzu Banda, who simply appointed the members of parliament and assumed presidency for life.
1965 and 1967 rebellions were suppressed. In 1975 the nation's capital was moved from Zomba to Lilongwe.
Dr. Banda is described as one of Africa's few conservative politicians in that period. Many white settlers remained in the country; their representation in parliament, until 1973, was guaranteed by a representative appointed by the president. Malawi entertained good relations with South Africa.
The Economy . Economic policy of independent Malawi focussed on the improvement of the infrastructure, the development of the nation's education system, on developing agriculture. Malawi did not enter any experiments in the direction of establishing a socialist society. However, an economic Africanization policy targeted Malawi's Asian minority (of c. 12,000), which controlled many of the nation's businesses. A 1978 law limited their residence to urban areas.
Political turmoil in neighbouring Moçambique caused the influx of refugees; the closure of the border with Moçambique had a serious impact on landlocked Malawi.
Upon independence in 1964, Malawi had a population of 3.79 million; a 1977 census counted 5.54 million, by 1998 the figure reached 10.5 million (Lahmeyer), the estimated figure for 2009 is 15.9 million (Wikipedia); an almost 3-fold increase since independence. In 2005 Malawi proclaimed a national disaster - the Malawian Food Crisis, still ongoing.
Foreign Policy . Malawi entertained good relations with South Africa and Taiwan and received foreign aid from many western nations as well as Taiwan. Malawi's reluctance to join the proposed African boycott of Apartheid South Africa resulted in the deterioration of her relations with neighbouring African nations, Zambia, Tanzania, and, since 1975, Moçambique.
The war for independence and the succeeding civil war in Moçambique had an impact on the landlocked nation, as her supply lines through Moçambique were jeopardized, a refugee problem emerged and the combattants at times violated her borders.
Since 1975 Malawi was surrounded by states hostile to the South African Apartheid regime; the small nation of Malawi, however, did not alter her South Africa policy.
Recent Developments . Malawi is a multiethnic state where a number of languages are spoken, Chichewa, Lomwe, Yao, Sena. The government promotes the use of Chichewa as language of administration and education. In addition, English is spoken.
In a referendum in 1993, multiparty democracy was introduced. A year later, Banda was voted out of office.

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