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First posted in April 2002, last revised on November 25th 2013

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1505-1752 . 1752-1880 . 1880-1975 . Since 1975

At the time of Vasco da Gama's exploration of East Africa's coast, the ports of Sofala, Quelimane and Moçambique were thriving; Sofala was the outlet of the Mwanamutapa Kingdom in the interior (in modern Zimbabwe) which exported gold.
In 1505 the Portuguese occupied the city of Moçambique and established a factory in Sofala. In order to exclude Swahili traders from the Mwanamutapa gold trade, the Portuguese established trading posts at Sena and Tete on the Zambezi river (1531) and in Quelimane (1544). Several attempts to conquer Mwanamutapa (1569-1572, 1574) failed; in the early 17th century the Portuguese managed to gain imnfluence at the court of Mwanamutapa.
Portugal's interest in the East African coast lay in the domination of Mwanamutapa's foreign trade. Portugal's trading posts in East Africa were administrated from Goa (India) until 1752.

In 1752, Portugal's possessions on East Africa's coast were separated from Portuguese India and placed under a Captain General, residing in the city of Mo&cecedil;ambique (which in time gave it's name to the country). The Portuguese began to trade slaves (mainly destined to the French Mascarene islands, Mauritius and Reunion). The Portuguese also introduced corn and the cashew nut, both from the Americas, to Mocambique.
With the loss of Brazil in 1822 and slave trade being outlawed, Portugal's politicians focussed more on their African possessions. The concept of a Portuguese Empire in Africa was formulated in the 1830es and some steps were undertaken to penetrate the country, but the Portuguese hold was not felt much beyond the coast and along the banks of the lower Zambezi river.

During the Scramble for Africa in the 1880es, Portugal had to cede much of the territory it claimed in East Africa to Cecil Rhodes' British South Africa Company respectively British East Africa Company. But Portugal's claim over Moçambique, at least for the time being, was internationally recognized by the Berlin Conference of 1885.
Moçambique's infrastructure was developed, much with British assistance, for British Central Africa/Nyasaland and Northern Rhodesia both depended on railroads and roads connecting these areas with the ports of Beira and Mocambique.
The colony of Moçambique was not yet centralized, communication between the various Portuguese outposts difficult. The individual provinces (Inhambane 1895-1914, Lourenço Marques 1895-1920, Quelimane 1914-1922, Tete (1913-1914), Zambezia (1894-1917) issued their own stamps, as did the Moçambique Company (1892-1942) and the Nyassa Company (1897-1929).
In 1907, the capital was moved from Moçambique to Louren&ccdedil;o Marques (modern Maputo) on the Delagoa Bay. In 1912 slave trade, for long Moçambique's most important trade, was outlawed.
During the prewar years, Germany was interested in extending it's colonial possessions. In 1898 Britain and Germany signed a first agreement concerning Portugal's colonies in Africa. The idea was to partition it into British and German spheres of influence. In 1911 negotiations on the partition were renewed, and concluded in 1913. As the British side insisted on the agreement to be published, and the Germans refused to do so, the agreement was never implemented. The Licango River would have formed the border between both spheres of interest.
In 1914 World War I broke out. Portugal remained neutral. When German East Africa became untenable in 1916, German commander Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck switched to a guerilla strategy. Disregarding Portuguese neutrality, his Askari troops at times took up positions in Northern Moçambique. Portugal found itself at war with Germany. In the peace treaty of Versailles, the small border town of Kionga, formerly German East Africa, was awarded to the Portuguese and incorporated into Moçambique.
After World War I, the administration of the Colony of Moçambique was centralized. Under the Salazar regime, immigration from Portugal increased, plantations established, the infrastructure improved.
Laurenço Marques traditionally had great importance for Transvaal's im- and exports, facilitated by the Pretoria-Lourenço Marques railroad. In 1928 the Moçambique Convention of 1909, regulating these economic ties as well as labour migration from Moçambique to South Africa, was renewed. In 1926 a total of 126,000 Moçambicans worked in South Africa, 96,266 of them in the gold mines.
In 1929, the Portuguese Government assumed the administration of the territories north of the Lurio River, hitherto administrated by the Companha do Nyassa.
In 1941 the charter of the Moçambique Company expired and was not renewed, the Portuguese government taking over the administration of the company's territories. From January 1st 1943, Mocambique was divided in 4 provinces - Sul do Save (Lourenço Marques and Inhambane), Manica and Sofala (ex-Moçambique Co. territory), Zambezia (Quelimane, Tete), Niassa. In 1940 the native population numbered 5,030,179; the 'coloured' non-native population (1945) 60,115, and 31,221 Europeans lived in the colony. In the 1940es, principal export products included timber, sugar, copra, cashew nuts and cotton. Local industries included sugar refining, cotton ginneries, soap and furniture production. During these years, the colony had a balanced budget.
World War II had limited impact on Moçambique, as Portugal stayed neutral and no Axis-held territory was close.
While Britain undertook steps to prepare its colonies for independence, such as granting African representation in parliament and universal adult suffrage, Portugal, continuously under the rightist Salazar regime, had no intention to grant independence to its colonies. Formally, Moçambique had been proclaimed an Overseas Province in 1951.
By 1964, Madagascar (1960), Tanzania (1961/64), Malawi and Zambia (1964) had declared independence and achieved black majority rule. The country's neighbours to the southwest and south, Rhodesia and South Africa, had white minority regimes which excluded the black majority from political participation and which supported Portuguese colonial rule.
The FRELIMO was founded, an organization of independence fighters with a socialist agenda. It was supported by the Soviet Union and its eastern European allies. The Frelimo began a guerilla war which lasted for decades.
In 1972, Moçambique was declared a Self-Governing Province. In 1974 Portugal's aging rightist government was toppled by the Velvet Revolution; in Moçambique, a cease-fire was arranged and preparations were made to release the country into independence.

Since 1975
In 1975, Moçambique became independent. A socialist republic was proclaimed, the capital Lourenço Marques renamed Maputo.
Many of the white settlers left the country. Moçambique permitted the ZANU, ZAPU (rhodesian independence fighters) and the ANC (South African independence fighters) to establish bases on it's territory. South Africa retaliated by providing assistance to the RENAMO, a guerilla force fighting the Frelimo government.
The civil war in Moçambique escalated, at times limiting the government influence to the capital city of Maputo. It caused widespread destruction.
In 1984, Moçambique normalized it's relations to South Africa. Many Moçambicans worked in South Africa's gold mines. The country also began to reprivatize many industries which had been nationalized in the 1970es. In 1992, the civil war was ended by an accord betweem Frelimo and Renamo; multiparty democracy was introduced and free elections were held.

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