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First posted in April 2002, Last revised on June 8th 2011

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until 1884 . 1884-1919 . 1920-1945 . 1945-1990

Precolonial History
The territory the borders of which were drawn by the German colonial power in 1884/1890, which was called Deutsch-Südwestafrika by them, Southwest Africa under South African rule and renamed Namibia then, in a country largely covered by desert, the Namib desert along the Atlantic coast and the Prenamib further inland, which blends into the Kalahari desert of Botswana.
The earliest known inhabitants were the Khoisan, of which the Nama still settle there. Two Bantu tribes immigrated relatively recently, the Herero in the 16th century, the Ovambo around 1800. On early maps, the region is referred to as the Kingdom of Mataman.
The Portuguese explored the coastline in the late 15th century. They left their mark by naming some places, but showed little interest in the inhospitable region. >BR> In 1793, Cape Dutch claimed Walvisbaai, a claim which was ceded to the British two years later. However, the British Colonial Office, at that time, regarded this outpost not worth the expense. English and German missionaries took up their activities in the 1830es respectively 1840es. The British declared Walvis Bay a British possession in 1878, administrated from the Cape Colony.

German Southwest Africa, 1884-1919
German missionaries first became active in the area in the 1840es. In 1883, German businessman A.E. Lüderitz acquired a land concession at Angra Pequena. In 1884 the German government declared a protectorate, which at the Berlin Conference of 1885 was extended to cover the core of what is Namibia today, leaving out the exclave of Walvisbaai on which Britain produced an older claim. The protectorate/colony was called Deutsch-Südwestafrika (German South West Africa), with the capital at Otjimbingwe (1885), since 1891 at Windhuk (founded 1890). The sparsely populated colony attracted German settlers, 3,700 by 1903, 13,000 by 1910.
In 1890, German minister of foreign affairs Caprivi acquired (from Britain) a stretch of land along the Angolan-Bechuana border, the Caprivi strip, to give German South West Africa access to the Zambezi river. The fact is that the German stretch of Zambezi bank is far upstream, above the Victoria falls, at a river stretch which is not navigable.
In 1903, the Nama (also referred to as Hottentots) rose in revolt, under their leader Hendrik Witbooi. In 1904 the Herero Revolt broke out. The German military crushed it mercilessly, driving the Herero into the Kalahari desert (i.e. across the border into British Bechuanaland), where ca. 80% of them perished. Military operations continued until 1907. Diamonds were found in 1908. World War I broke out in 1914; in 1915 German South West Africa was occupied by South African forces.

Mandate of Southwest Africa, 1920-1945
In 1915, German South West Africa was occupied by South African Forces. The League of nations in 1920 officially granted the Union of South Africa a Mandate to administrate the former German colony. In 1919 the Caprivi Strip was integrated into British Bechuanaland. In 1926 a Legislative Assembly was established.
During the mandate period, Afrikaans became the lingua franca of Southwest Africa, today spoken by c.70 % of the population. The spelling of capital Windhuk was adopted to Afrikaans pronunciation, to Windhoek.
With South African rule came immigration from South Africa. The German community stayed in the country; the Afrikaners, new white immigrants and Germans seem to have got along well. Settler mentality favoured racial segregation, as in South Africa. Adolf Hitler found supporters in South West Africa; a square in Windhoek was named Adolf-Hitler-Platz, a curiosity, as it is one of the few places named after him which kept the name after World War II ended.

Mandate of Southwest Africa/Namibia, 1945-1990
World War II had limited impact on South West Africa. In 1946 the League of Nations was dissolved, the United Nations were established as her successor; the U.N. was now responsible for the mandates. The Union of South Africa applied for the mandated territory of Southwest Africa to be incorporated in her territory; the United Nations denied the request.
When South Africa found itself internationally isolated because of it's Apartheid policy, the same also applied for South West Africa. In 1966 the United Nations decided to revoke the UN mandate and in 1968 to adopt the name 'Namibia'. South Africa, meanwhile, chose to ignore UN decisions on South West Africa. In 1966, SWAPO (South West African People's Organization) was founded.
South Africa was not interested in extending the franchise to the non-white population - as the United Nations was pressing for in the mandated territories - and neither interested in releasing the country into independence. South African apartheid policy was also adapted in South West Africa, Homelands were created.
In the 1970es, the SWAPO liberation movement undertook guerilla actions, operating from bases in southern Angola. South Africa retaliated by raiding Southern Angola from South West Africa, and by supporting the UNITA in Angola's civil war.
In the 1980es it became evident that apartheid could not be upheld and the economic sanctions on South Africa had an impact. South West Africa was renamed into Namibia, universal adult suffrage and multiparty democracy were introduced, elections held in 1989 (won by SWAPO) and in 1990 Namibia was released into independence. The Caprivi Strip (1890-1919 part of Deutsch-Südwestafrika, since then technically part of Bechuanaland/Botswana) was reintegrated into Namibia.

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