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Literature on the History of Southern Africa
Cape Colony Transvaal
First posted July 1st 2005, last revised on November 20th 2013

History of Oranje Vrijstaat : Narrative . References : Online Secondary Sources . Online Primary Sources . Bibliographic and Print Sources

until 1854 . 1854-1902 . 1902-1910 . 1910-1994 . Since 1994
For the country's history since 1910, see also History of South Africa

Early History, 1835-1854
In the 1830es, Boers had migrated in the Great Trek from the Cape Colony into the interior to escape the hated British rule, and settled the Orange River valley, without establishing a state authority. In 1848, Sir Harry Smith claimed the region for Britain as the British Orange River Sovereignty.

In 1854, Britain renounced its sovereignty, and the Oranje Vrijstaat (Orange Free State) was proclaimed.
The capital of the free state was at Bloemfontein. It's parliament was called Volksraad (people's council), where only white settlers were represented, it's official language Afrikaans (Cape Dutch).
From 1877 to 1880, Oranje Vrijstaat was British colony again. In 1899, Oranje Vrijstaat joined Transvaal in fighting the British in the Boer War. Occupied in 1900, the Free State was annexed in 1902, now called the Orange River Colony.

British troops occupied the Oranje Vrijstaat in 1900. Britain annexted the state in 1902, rechristening it Orange River Colony. English was introduced as official language next to Afrikaans. The area was under British colonial administration until self-government was restored in 1907.
In 1910, the old name Oranje Vrijstaat (Orange Free State) was adopted again; the Free State joined the Union of South Africa , together with Transvaal, Natal and the Cape Colony.

As Orange Free State Province, part of the Union of South Africa 1910-1961, part of the Republic of South Africa 1961-1994. Apartheid was official law in the Free State.

Since 1994
As the Free State Province, part of the Post-Apartheid Republic of South Africa.

Students' Papers : Kim, Hong, The Boer War as Portrayed in Punch 1898-1900 (2008)

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Artricles : Oranje Vrystaat, Oranjerivierkolonie, from Wikipedia Afrikaans edition
Historical J.N. van Hesteren, Het land van Kruger en Steijn, Transvaal en Oranje-Vrijstaat 1901, IA
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Economic History Society of Southern Africa
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Environmental History Afrotropic Ecoregion, from WWF

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British rule in South Africa : a collection of official documents and other correspondence suggesting the adoption of a policy which shall ensure the peace and progress of the Orange Free State and Transvaal Republic (1868), IA
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Historical W. Douglas MacKenzie, South Africa, its History, its Heroes and Wars 1900, IA; Orange Free State pp.48-70
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Tourist Guides J.F. Ingram, The land of gold, diamonds and ivory; being a comprehensive handbook and guide to the colonies, states and republics of South and East Africa 1889, IA, Orange River Free State and Basutoland pp.79-84
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