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First posted in April 2002, last revised on January 30th 2009

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until 1894 . 1894-1968 . Since 1968

Until 1894
Under the pressure of the Zulu, in 1815 the Dlamini moved northward across the Pongola River, into what is called Swaziland today. Under King Sobhuza I. they adopted the military strategy of the Zulus. In 1836, in the Battle of Lubuya, the Dlamini defeated the invading Zulu. In 1839, King Sobhuza I. died and was succeeded by his son Mswati; the name Dlamini changed to Swazi, after their new ruler. In 1845 the first mission station among the Swazi was established. In 1860, Coenraad Vermaak acquired the first Boer land concession on Swazi territory (basically the Swazi did not regard it a land concession, believing at that time to be engaged in a trade deal). In 1868, Mswati died; he was succeeded by son Ludvonga; the latter was poisoned in 1874.
In the latter half of the 19th century, Swaziland found itseld sandwiched between the Boer Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek, Portuguese Moçambique, British Natal and Zululand. In 1881 the Pretoria Convention was signed between the Cape Colony and the Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek (Transvaal) concerning Swaziland (1st Swaziland Convention); a second such convention followed in 1884.

In 1894, Swaziland became a protectorate of the Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek (Z.A.R., or Transvaal). in 1895 the Z.A.R. appointed a Resident Special Commissioner. During the Boer War, Swaziland was neutral. In 1900/1902, Swaziland continued to be administrated from Pretoria, now the capital of (British occupied) Transvaal. The Swaziland Administration Proclamation of 1904 formally placed Swaziland under the administration of Transvaal. In 1906, Swaziland petitioned to be declared a separate colony and to be separated from Transvaal; in 1907 the administration was transferred to the High Commissioner of South Africa. In 1907 a Land Ordinnance was published; one third of the land was allocated to the Swazi. In 1908 a Swazi delegation travelled to London to protest the effective partitioning of the country.
When the Union of South Africa was established in 1910, Swaziland did not become part of it. But in 1910, Swaziland joined in a customs and currency union with South Africa.
In 1900, Swaziland had a population of 750 whites, 28,000 Swazis. In 1907, whites held 44 % of the arable land, all mines and factories.
The Union of South Africa requested repeatedly that Swaziland was incorporated; the British Colonial office refused every time. Many Swazis worked in the gold mines of the Witwatersrand.
In 1921, the European Advisory Council was established as a political forum in which the white settlers were represented. It was dissolved in 1960. In 1950, the Swaziland Native Administration Proclamation was proclaimed. Political parties emerged in the early 1960es : the Sw. Progressive Party 1960, the Sw. Democratic Party 1962. On March 1st 1962, the equality of the races was proclaimed. In 1963, limited self-government was introduced, in 1966 the monarchy restored. A constitutional assembly in 1963 failed to agree on a constitution, so a constitution was octroyed by the British administration in 1964; it was replaced by a new constitution in 1967. On Sept. 6th 1968, the Kingdom of Swaziland was released into independence.

Independence, since 1968
In 1968, the Kingdom of Swaziland was released into independence. The capital was established at Mbabane. In 1973, King Sobhuza II. cancelled the constitution adopted by the British and reintroduced traditional rule.
Swaziland is a member of the Commonwealth, of the OAU and of the United Nations. It has close ties to South Africa, on which it is economically dependent.

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