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Literature on the History of Southern Africa
History of Southern Africa
First posted on May 18th 2012, last revised on November 19th 2013

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1818-1838 . 1838-1887 . 1887-1910 .
For the country's later history, see History of Natal, History of South Africa

Zulu Kingdom 1818-1838
Early in the 19th century, the Zulu, a Bantu people living in what is today the Natal Province of South Africa, established a powerful army, consisting of units (Impis) of highly disciplined foot soldiers armed with shields and Assegais, short-shafted spears with large iron blades. Under King Shaka (1817-1828) the Zulus spread panic among their enemies and potential victims, causing a wave of migration. The Zulus systematically subjected tribes living in their vicinity, forcing them to pay tribute (cattle). In 1824, Shaka 'ceded' the coastal stretch of Natal to the British, who established Port Natal. If fact, the British were tolerated by the Zulu. In 1821, Mzilikazi broke with Shaka and lead his followers, known as the Matabele, into the interior. Defeated by the Boers, he established the Matabele Kingdom in what is Zimbabwe today.
Shaka's successor Dingane (1828-1840) had Boer leader Piet Retief and 60 of his followers massacred in 1837. In the subsequent war, the Zulu were defeated by a much smaller Boer force in the Battle of Blood River (1838); the Boers established the Republic of Natalia. The Zulu withdrew to the area north of the Tugela River, an area known as Zululand, where they continued to rule.

Zululand 1838-1887
The Zulu Kingdom was established in 1818. Based on a new strategy of highly disciplined, fast-moving infantry units armed with Assegai and shield, the Zulu created such fear among their neighbours that many tribes moved away from the area (Mfekane). By the time of the arrival of the Boers (Great Trek, 1835), much of the Veld was thinly populated, and the Boer Republics were established on the margins of Zulu territory. With the establishment of the British colony of Natal (1843), Zulu territory was limited to Zululand - the territory east of Buffalo River. An 1879 British invasion, despite the Zulu victory at the Battle of Isandlhwana, resulted in a British victory. Zululand was divided into 13 petty kingdoms.

Part of Natal 1887-1910
In 1887, Zululand was annexed into Natal. In 1906, the Zulus rebelled against British rule (Bambatha Rebellion). As part of Natal, Zululand in 1910 became part of the Union of South Africa. Following the death of King Dinuzulu (1913), Britain did not recognize his successor.

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