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Region VII
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The Iberians and Celts The Carthaginians The Carthaginian Conquest The 2nd Poenic War in Spain

Further Roman Conquests Roman Provinces : Hispania Tarraconensis Roman Provinces : Baetica Roman Provinces : Lusitania

Spain under Roman Rule
before 200 A.D.
Spain under Roman Rule
A.D. 200 - 410
Spain's Christian Community The Collapse of Roman Rule
5th Century

Barbarian Spain
The Visigothic Kingdom of Tolosa
Barbarian Spain
The Suevi in Galicia
Barbarian Spain
The Vandals in (V)Andalusia
Barbarian Spain
The Alans in the Algarve

Visigothic Supremacy Byzantine Invasion

The Arab Conquest Umayyad Spain Asturias

Taifa Emirates, Almoravid and Almohad Spain El Cid Early Reconquista Feudalization of Spain Spain and the Catholic Church

Leon Navarra Castile Aragon and Catalonia

The Rise of Portugal Granada, the last Moorish Kingdom Aragonese Overseas Expansion

Christianization of the Conquered Regions Exodus of the Jews Monetarization of the Economy

Portugal 1385-1580 Henry the Navigator Union of Castile and Aragon Cristobal Colon

Spain and the Habsburgs The Treaty of Tordesillas Spain, protector of Christianity The Spanish Army

The 16th Century
Foreign Policy
Establishment of the Colonial Empire Consequences of the Bullion Import Consequences of Military Defeats

Spain in the 30 Years War Portugal Regains Independence, 1640 Spain declining Colonial Losses

War of Spanish Succession Bourbon Spain Portugal in the 18th Century Gibraltar British Spain's Colonial Empire in the 18th Century

The French Revolution
Impact in Spain
The Kingdom under Joseph
Popular War
The French Revolution
Impact on Portugal
Portugal under British Protection 1808-1814

Spain 1814-1848 Portugal 1815-1851 Spain's Colonial Empire, 1814-1848

Late 19th Century
Spain 1849-1898 Portugal 1851-1910 The Spanish-American War
and after, 1898-1914
Spanish Colonial Acquisitions in Africa The Portuguese Colonial Empire

World War I, 1914-1918
Spain in World War I Portugal in World War I

1920es and 1930es
Spain 1918-1936 The Spanish Civil War Portugal 1918-1939

World War II, 1939-1945
Spain Portugal Gibraltar

Era of Dictators, 1945-1974
Spain under Franco
Portugal 1945-1974
Late Dictatorship
Disintegration of
Spain's Colonial Empire
Disintegration of
Portugal's Colonial Empire

Democratization, 1975-1989
Spain Portugal Andorra Gibraltar Ceuta and Melilla

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