Portugal 1700-1789

Portuguese Independence Regained : the House of Bragança, 1640-1700

Portugal, in Dynastic Union with Spain since 1580, revolted in 1640, headed by John of Bragança, who was to become King John IV. The Portuguese were able to expel the Spaniards; yet the Spanish kings repeatedly attempted to reestablish Spanish control, and Spain recognized Portuguese independence as late as 1668.
The Portuguese could trust on their English alliance. In 1661 on the occasion of the marriage between English king Charles II. and a Portuguese princess, Catherine of Bragança, BOMBAY was ceded to England as dowry. When ceding from Spain, Portugal managed to hold on to what was left of it's colonial empire - southern BRAZIL, ANGOLA, MOÇAMBIQUE, GOA, TIMOR, MACAO. But during the past decades the Dutch had considerably damaged the Portuguese overseas Empire, had taken Ceylon, Malacca, the Spice Islands, Batavia and nortwestern Brazil. Here, at least, the Portuguese were able to regain territory lost; by 1654, they again were in possession of all of Brazil.

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