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Portugal : the late Kingdom, 1889-1910

King Luis I. died in 1889; he was succeeded by his son, Carlos I. Similar to Spanish practice, the Septembrist or Historical Party and the Regenerators (former Chartists) alternated in government. This system broke down in 1906, when King Carlos I. appointed Joao Franco, an anti-Republican, prime minister; he ruled by decree. A 1908 coup intending to proclaim the republic failed. On Feb. 2nd 1908, King Carlos was assassinated. In a coup on Oct. 3rd 1910, King Manuel II. was deposed, the republic proclaimed.
Relations between monarchist and republican parties were to remain tense for some time; King Manuel II. went into exile.

Portugal's long-standing alliance with Britain was tested in 1890, when Portuguese plans to establish Portuguese sovereignty over a stretch of Central African territory connecting Angola and Moçambique collided with the British Cape-to-Cairo concept; Portugal gave in.

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