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Portugal, 1926-1939

In 1926 a coup d'etat launched the begin of the dictatorship of JOSE OSCAR FRAGOSO CARMONA who was to rule until 1951.
Portugal, still largely agricultural; for the impoverished rural population, emigration (mostly to Brazil) had always been an option. The post-war economic crisis did not have a great effect on Portugal, as there were no war damages and the country had little industry. During the democratic years, emigration continued.
Sidonio Pais pursued a policy of economic austerity, as opposed to the liberal printing of money during the late republic. The Great Depression of the early 1930es hit Portugal severely. One answer to the problems was to focus more on the country's long neglected African possessions, predominantly Angola and Mocambique. Portugal remained neutral when Spain fought it's Civil War (1936-1939); most of the Spanish lands just across the Portuguese border were held by Franco's nationalists.
Since 1932, ANTONIO DE OLIVEIRA SALAZAR was prime minister and the dominant political figure. The dictatorship was, by opponents, characterized as fascist : Portugal had introduced concentration camps and forced labour, thus mobilizing the unemployed in infrastructure projects. Political opponents had been persecuted and maltreated.

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